Ivan Gazidis has big plans to take Arsenal back to the top

Arsenal are currently at their lowest point since the arrival of Arsene Wenger 22 years ago, but there is definitely an ongoing plan to drag Arsenal back amongst the big boys very quickly. Ivan Gazidis has been given more powers to recruit the very best footballing experts to the club and reverse our recent decline.

Sven Mislintat has already come in to revamp our scouting networks, and the top legal expert and contract negotiator Huss Fahmy has been recruited and will work alongide our latest arrival Raul Sanllehi who is joining us as head of football relations.

When Gazidis announced his appointment he said: “In the past three years we have supplemented our team with more top-class expertise across every aspect of our football operations.

“Raul’s appointment is another important step in developing the infrastructure we need at the club to take everything we do to the next level. Raul has extensive contacts across the football world and has been directly involved in some of the biggest transfers in Europe in recent years. We look forward to him bringing that expertise to Arsenal.”

Why would Mislintat leave Dortmund for Arsenal? Why would Sanllehi leave Barcelona for Arsenal? Surely they must believe that the Gunners are very serious about becoming one of the best teams in the world again?

Sanllehi was recently arrived at the club, and he hinted that there are still further improvements to be made. He said: “When Ivan (Gazidis) explained the ideas he has got for the club and the people he wants to bring in, it was impossible to turn it down,”

“[I’m] extremely excited about this new project in my life. Very happy to be at one of the top clubs in Europe. A club that everyone looks at.

“It was a no-brainer to join and very thankful for the opportunity.”

It is very clear tat the power shift at the club has swung away from Wenger and Gazidis is quickly asserting himself as the man in charge. And it looks like he has big plans to take us back to the pinnacle. Go Go Ivan!


  1. gotanidea says:

    Now that Arsenal have got good connections with Dortmund and Barcelona players, Mislintat and Sanllehi should be able to bring more talented young players from their previous clubs

    – Denis Suarez
    – Rafinha
    – Arnaiz
    – Alena

    – Jadon Sancho
    – Christian Pulisic
    – Maximilian Philipp
    – Alexander Isak

  2. Sue says:

    I sure hope he sees them through! It’ll be great to be back at the top again ?

  3. H&S says:

    Catalyst for change?
    He never mentioned that change could mean a change for the worst as we are currently 15 points further behind than we finished last season AND with eight games to go.
    Wenger has to go and so does Gazidis..

    1. Phil says:

      I cannot believe you want Gazidis out when he is the ONLY one of the Senior Management to publicly oppose Wenger and begin the dismantling of the failed system our present manager has insisted on operating within.
      Change could never happen overnight.I believe Gazidis has taken his time to evaluate the many failed components within our present structure and has then identified the high level personnel needed to commence the complete overhaul required.Sven M and Taul would not have been cheap or stop gap.teplacements and if they improve the Cluc with a more calculated approach then the improvements will become noticeable to everyone.
      Wenger is finally aware that his powers are being lessened and if this accelrates his departure this will be beyond the expectations we expected to occur do rapidly.

      1. Me says:

        Change cannot happen overnight?
        He has been there nine years and it has been nine years of steady decline.
        Just like Wenger’s tenure at the club…

  4. Jordangooner says:

    I believe Ivan Gazides has had to work hard, to wrestle contrrol from Wenger all embracing power. Wenger total control was unhealthy for the cljb. To make matters worse was his arrogance and stubbornness.

    Gazides said this season was a catalyst fot change, he is true to his word. His backroom appoinments are excellent. The first signings PEA and the exchange, involving Sanchez good work. Re-signing Ozil, excellent work. A new Manager and key signings, holding midfielder and centre half. We are going forward at last. COYG

  5. Wolfgang says:

    Make sure the fm is no more around.Get a winning manager like the Juventus boss.
    Arsenal have nothing to lose by getting a new guy. Its obvious the fm has reached
    the nadir of his career.With him around it will be more of the same.
    Hopefully Arsenal start with anew guy next season.

  6. andcliff says:

    In order to compete with the top clubs we have had to modernise the structure at the club. Gazidis has woken up at last and the final piece of the jigsaw is to replace Arsene Wenger at the end of the season. It is not something I look forward to but I don’t think he can take us any further.

    Allegri definitely fits the bill, a classy manager who gets results with style. He would also get the best out of the players (or show them the door), Juventus vs Spurs was a case in point. So-called pundits keep questioning why someone would want to manage Arsenal in their current state. As usual they they haven’t a clue what they are talking about. Whatever anybody says we are a classy club and I believe that Allegri would love to come here and pit his skills against some of the top managers in the world.

    Paul Merson says he will be shocked if we don’t appoint Brendan Rogers, enough said don’t you think? David Moyes to Man U comes to mind.

    1. Innit says:

      Apparently rumour has it that Allegri wants to come here.
      To me Juventus beating Spuds was a sign from the Gods that he will come lol
      Seriously I think a lot of managers wouldn’t mind giving it a shot for the huge salary they will get.
      BUT It’s all up to Kroenke and the board
      Will they do the right thing? Will they do what is necessary or let us down???

    2. jon fox says:

      I still respect Paul Merson on TV for the simple reason that he says what he thinks and does not sit on the fence ( in Alan Smith style). I imagine 99+ % on here, me included, will think his comments on Rodgers as daft as a brush. But he is entitled to his opinion and I , FOR ONE, WOULD ALWAYS RATHER LISTEN TO A COMMENT HONESTLY MADE THAN SEE A COWARD SIT ON THE FENCE ,IN CASE HE/SHE STIRRED UP A HORNETS NEST. We are adults and able to argue and discuss with others our own thoughts and though I am not backward – to put it VERY mildly- in challenging honestly held opinions with which I disagree, surely this is healthy and to be encouraged. Otherwise why are we all on here? So Merse, good on you , though on this subject you are away with the fairies! Allegri or Ancellotti for my choice. If neither of those, then Simeone.

      1. A.ball08 says:

        Jon fox
        Firstly I would agree on all 3 names you mentioned to manage our beloved club for next season.
        I would go as far to say they are the only 3 we should go after. Anyone else is lowering our standards
        I disagree with you about your comment in having a healthy debate and respecting other peoples options. Seen you hound guys who actually want wenger to stay, which may I say I am not one. The change isa coming..
        But I do understand and respect there views
        As for mers..loved him when he wore the magic for us but after that and as a pundit..he talks tripe
        I hope to god Ivan and co walk the walk rather then talk the talk and deliver the change they keep promising or changing the manger will be only half the problem we have to face
        Having a new manager in place, limited funds made available to him, having to work with some of the dross he has at his disposal will seem like ground hog day for all of us.
        To all you dejected fans
        Keep believing
        Change is only around the corner now

  7. Uwot? says:

    Ivan “the geezer “Gazidis.is he a catylist for change or a snake oil salesman.we’ll know very very soon…..

  8. jon fox says:

    Those on here who read my MANY posts , mostly castigating Wenger and all those above him, which have certainly included Gazidis, may be surprised to know that recent events have forced me to, in part, re-evaluate my position about Gazidis. It now seems clear that he, at least, is wanting Wenger out and he has attempted to install an updating process and bring in fresh, more in touch with reality people, to frustrate Wengers wilful inactivity, by modernising his now “ancient” practises. This MUST be a hugely welcome turn of events but I add one stipulation. Until Wenger is actually and finally gone; either sacked or by so called “mutual consent” (which is just the sack anyway but dressed up to save his face) I remain cautious about publicly praising Gazidis. His blatant lies and distortions, over some years now to we fans are not so easily forgotten or forgiven. But we are where we are and it is undeniable that Gazidis appears to be the catalyst for the vital necessity of removing Wenger. I remain convinced he will be sacked by this May.

    1. Guneal says:

      You’re one of the best “Wenger out” fan here that I so much respect. Am scared you might change opinion about Wenger as you just did about ivan!

  9. Phil says:

    It was one of only a very few issues our opinions differed Jon so I’m pleased your on board with Ivan.I believe he has had to go over Wengers head and straight to Kronke to get his way and this will explain the reported stand off in their working relationship.Wenger did not like being called into question.Shame it didn’t happen a decade ago

  10. AJ GUN says:

    i have defended Wenger in the past,had it to the neck id rather he is sacked/gone howevr they dress it up………….I’d like to hear/know why? “may be you’ll change your opinion about wenger” some one stated earlier, kindly

  11. AJ GUN says:

    ivan Gazidis and wenger are/used to be in each others’ corner in my opinion just tht IVAN is/thinks is very clever: even a blind man can see wengers time coming to an end so did IVAN!! like my fellow comrade jon stated “His blatant lies and distortions, over some years now to we fans are not so easily forgotten or forgiven.”

  12. Yossarian says:

    I used to think Levy at Spuds was rubbish, but he really came good and look at them now.

    It would be fantastic is Gazidis turns out like that too. If wrestling the power from Wenger and his “Catalyst for change” continues to become a reality then he’s got my support.

  13. Wolfgang says:

    At one time Arsenal were ranked 4th in world club finances if I aint wrong. Since the last
    5 to 8 years the gunners have slid out of the world top 7 clubs financially.
    If no action is taken to stop the rot,the gunners could be forgotten as they go into meltdown
    mediocre status.

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