Ivan Gazidis needs to sort this Arsenal shambles out or resign

Gazidis has to step in with a change proposal or resign. by Konstantin Mitov

With Arsene having little to no friends left, he still has one thing going for him – he earns money for a greedy owner, that’s all he really has. Pundits and former players have all pointed the finger at Wenger and most of the fans have done too, but bear in mind Wenger firmly believes he can change it.

I don’t think it’s possible, but what does Arsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis think? There was much talk of a Director of Football, which was mocked by Wenger. If I was Gazidis I would resign after such a cheap shot. This means either Ivan bent the knee or Kroenke overruled the decision.

Either way I’d resign if in his place. Gazidis can get a good offer if he leaves, why is he staying? For money? The players with potential offers are abandoning ship. They can see through the lies. The past 5 years have been shambolic from Wenger but he’s always managed to turn a corner just enough so people stick with him. Will he do it now?

No way, and Ian Wright was 100% spot on on his debate with Redknapp at Sky. Go watch it out as it says everything out loud. Even fans of other teams now agree that Wenger’s gotta go. But going back to the players, reports suggest players inside the dressing room are unhappy with Sanchez and want him gone and as good a player as he is, I’d sell him.

In order to improve results, we must unite, but this will not happen with Wenger. We kept Bellerin from Barcelona and he’s most likely thinking to himself “what the hell am I doing here playing left wing back”? Petr Cech has seen managers come and go at Chelsea, but success has always been there, he’s probably also asking questions.

As far as rumours said, Wenger was quiet in the dressing room after such a hammering, I’d be furious! People don’t understand they are playing for Arsenal. We’ve given the number 10 shirt worn by Dennis Bergkamp to Jack Wilshere who god knows when played last for the first team?

Everything is wrong and the amount of negativity is incredible. The reason changing a manager gives an instant morale boost is because it sends a clear message that someone is taken accountable for the bad things happening. The source of the problem is leaving and players are like “alright” he is gone, fresh ideas and a new approach are coming in, let’s pull it together and start fresh.

I say it now, Arsene will not make it past this season. I’m predicting 7th place and if that’s the price for him going, I’m willing to pay it. This is years in the making and it will take years to clear out his mess, but it has to start somewhere. The transfer windows in the past 5 years have been a true disaster. Who would leave it to the last day to realise your best player, who hasn’t signed a new contract all year, will not sign one now and wants out?

Pathetic and disgusting but please do not spit on Raheem Sterling if he comes the other way around, because it’s the best we can get off a deal like that. Getting 50 million means more money for a ranch somewhere in the USA, I’d rather get a player with potential, even if it means having another Theo Walcott, we’re already on a profit, I want players coming in.

The few days left of the transfer window are a nightmare. We’ve messed it up beyond repair and Wenger has to pay the price. Just imagine what happens if we don’t beat Bournemouth and if I’m Eddie Howe, I’d be like “This is the best chance I’ll ever get to beat Arsenal”.

Things will only ever start to turn for the better when the source of the problem goes away and we all know who that is. Hopefully the CEO will put his foot down this time or leave.



  1. Eazyarsenal says:

    According to ornstein despite having a positive net spend. Wenger has no money to spend on players. The board is an absolute joke

    1. Frank says:

      Why isn’t Arsenal spending money?

      Because Kroenke is building a $1 billion stadium in Los Angeles for his NFL team the Rams.

      Why won’t Kroenke sell Arsenal?

      Because he can loan the money for the stadium against his equity in Arsenal. By doing this he increases his investment portfolio, making him richer.

      How can we get Kroenke out of Arsenal?

      Protest against him. This is something as fans we need to unite against whether you are #WengerIn or #WengerOut. For there to be change there is only one answer, #KroenkeOur

      1. JPB says:

        Two minor details to fix.

        1. Kroenke is borrowing $1B…the actual cost of the stadium is close to $3B. Seriously…$3B…and the team will still be terrible.

        2. #KroenkeOur…may not have your desired response or effect as “#KroenkeOut” might have. 😉


  2. Frank says:

    Gazidis gets over ruled on everything by Wenger, Kroenke and the board. So yes, he does nothing and probably isn’t to blame for anything at Arsenal at the moment. Why does he stay? Think about it, who wouldn’t stay. He doesn’t have to make any decisions, he doesn’t have any stress and gets paid a lot of money for doing nothing. It’s the dream job.

    It’s less than 22 hours left in the transfer period. If Arsenal doesn’t buy any players, forget Everton, we will be competing with West Brom and Southampton.

    1. Frank says:

      On another note, Dick Law does the contract negotiations. Maybe he should cop a bit more from the fans.

  3. goonball says:

    have you ever managed anything other than where to hold yourself ??

  4. Billy says:

    FFS..I was having a lovely morning in Perth Australia, even gave my wife a pinch, punch first of the month. Then she said No you’ve got 24 hours before the first….Noooooo I can’t take another 24 hours of this.

    Ok Kodi box on sky sports news…..Please give me some hope.


  5. AngryGunner says:

    Kroenke is the biggest Con man of sport’s history , this disgusting businessman is using fans love for the club to earn money ! that is pathetic , we have to get him out of our club.

    It is quite simple ! if Arsenal doesn’t profit enough , Kroenke will be forced to sell.

    Also if the stadium be empty in the home games with fans staying outside the stadium holding “Kroenke Out” banners , it will damage his public image , he is a businessman , he needs to protect his public image !

    Fans can force him to sell the club ! because otherwise he will ruin Arsenal ! i’m sure of it ! a club should not be look at as a business ! at least a club that wants to win trophies.
    Sure it will have profits , but it is because of fans ! without fans the club is meaningless.

    #KroenkeOut #EmptySeats #NoMoreMerchandises

  6. luvdaguns says:

    mahrez to barca, ox to pool, the rich get richer… if we have no money, then why not sell sanchez early and use that money? we lost 50 million by not playing in the UCL,

  7. COYG_CA says:

    Sorry, but in America, sports teams are generally franchised, and therefore mostly seen as lucrative businesses. With an American owning the AFC, this is the future . . . you see it like this in the US all the time!

  8. Viera Lyn says:

    Gazidis is a hack…he will never get another substantive job in this sport unless Kroenke is the owner…enough of dealing with the amateurs, anybody who believes that this man has any real say in the day-to-day operations of Arsene Inc. hasn’t followed this club very closely…in fact I used to empathize with him; who would come out and make some of the statements he has, especially regarding our financial capabilities, unless he was instructed to do so under false pretenses…let’s face it, if that wasn’t the case, he would have been thrown to the wolves long ago…on the other hand, if he did know and public deception was well within his job description, he’s truly a piece of shit

    In other news, our team seems to be rounding nicely into form, with a productive off-season and several new additions already settling in, there seems to be a renewed sense of confidence in the air…our well-oiled machine has conducted business again early this year, so we can just sit back, kick our feet up and watch all those other suckers scramble to make panic moves in the 11th hour…of course, we need to tie up a few loose ends but our team of savvy negotiators, under the tutelage of our faithful leader, will perform their usual magic with ample time to spare…I have to laugh when I look around the soccer world and see all those teams look upon us with envy and scorn as they struggle to mimic our seemingly infallible business model…thank goodness the powers that be had the foresight and fortitude to resist the temptations of the modern football era…instead of listening to all the experts and simply taking the easy way out by making the necessary improvements on the field and in the front office, we chose the path never traveled…we are truly pioneers in our field…sometimes you just have to have faith in the people that have always conducted themselves in a respectful and honest fashion…most fans aren’t so fortunate, they will never know what it’s like to follow a team that treats everyone in and around the club as if they were an extended member of the family…all for one I say…so when you wake up this morning, please try not to gloat when you see rival fans pacing back and forth waiting for their respective teams to pull the usual panic buys, just say nothing and be thankful that it isn’t you…like I’ve always said, this is why you stay the course…this is when the real benefits of having someone in charge for over 2 decades really pays off…have a great day fellow Gunners

  9. tobby1983 says:

    We will comfortably finish 6th, above Everton, but not more than that. Everton looked lost against Chelsea.
    Yes, Kroenkeout will have more effects than Wenger out. If it has been Kroenkeout from the start, the AKBs might have been with us. But I doubt they will unite with us now, knowing that Kroenkeout is equal to Wengerout.
    But with club legends and media cheering us on and with fans ready to stay outside the emirates in great numbers holding big Kroenkeout banners during games, we can achieve this in just six or seven weeks!

  10. tobby1983 says:

    Ox turned down £180,000 weekly wages under Wenger to earn £120,000 under Klopp.
    That will tell you how much faith the arsenal players have in Wenger.

  11. Nick says:

    Iv been saying it for ages kroanke must go .. also Sanchez is a spoilt brat last year he started throwing a tantrum and things went wrong he is not bigger than the club get rid of the greedy fall we were playing better and more consistent with out him .. I pray and hope usamnov or the African buys .. if the American stays know matter who the manager is it won’t make no difference get rid of the American we have to unight us fans to get kroanke out Remember people power plant bring down governments not one stupid American so let’s unite

  12. Otim Emmy says:

    #wenger is the problem, because if he’s not, he wouldn’t have suffered all these critics and remained at the club,he would be the first to resign.

  13. Raj says:

    Is there a chance of Arsenal becoming next Leeds or Blackburn?. If we let people like Stan. Gazidis and Wenger to continue for few more years, I think we will be.

    1. Big G says:

      I feel where you are coming from but Leeds spent lots of cash they didn’t have in the first place on players they could not afford and then had to sell them again while Blackburn’s owner Jack Walker, and i’m not 100% on this as i can’t remember, either sold the club and or retired. Both these clubs are considerably smaller in size or stature than Arsenal but Arsenal is run to make a profit so i don’t believe this will happen even though its possible.

  14. Lagos Gunner says:

    It’s NOW or NEVER

    We had months to do business, now it’s remaining just about 18 hours and we are at rock bottom as things stand

    If Arsenal doesn’t pull a remarkable surprise within the next 18 hours, then the fans MUST force change and make the atmosphere in the Emirates too hot to handle for Wenger and co. (worse than last season) because that is what they deserve.

    And please cut all that crap of ‘Get behind the team till the end of the season and judge wenger blah-blah’ it’s getting all boring

    If they will treat fans like sh!t, then we also treat them like the latrine pit

    Our coach promised to be very active, now he is selling all our players, making an already weak and demoralized team even weaker.

    Wenger is such a liar, he deserves a VIP section in hell fire

  15. walle says:

    the only constant thing at Arsenal has been Wenger. It is the one thing that needs to go or be removed. As a fan I dont care who the owner or CEO is.. I only care about the manager and if the manager is delivering. Wenger has not delivered for yonks and needs to go. I bet if we had a different manager with the same group of players we have now, the results will be completely different….. That Ox refused a 18oK contract under Wenger to sign a 120k contract under Klopp says everything. The man has completely lost it…. and it seems he wants to sink with the club. He has completely failed and the longer he stays the more damage he will cause.

    1. Akan says:

      The first part of your post is pure stupidity, KRONK MUST GO

  16. Ronny says:

    Ivan who? Is that the bald guy? I vaguely remember what he looks like.
    I was going to say where is he I want to from him but the stadium funding and kroenke speaking directly to arsene now makes perfect sense.

    A few injuries and a few training ground disputes and we could easily slip to bottom half of the table

  17. Wolfgang says:

    Agree with walle. Wenger has dug a hole from which Arsenal will take years
    to get out if he is not sacked or unless he can start winning the next 10 games.
    He has flattered to deceive and I cant see Arsenal challengiing for the epl this season
    or subsequent seasons assuming he is still around.
    Ivan was appointed by Wenger,is it? Then he wont be able to axe the fm.If the US
    owner cant s ee the decline he must be blind.

  18. Les says:

    Wenger and the board must go especially the american owner.Sell the club to the Russian part owner or to Africas billionaire.All Arsenal fans throughout the whole world must unite and get rid of useless Wenger and Kroenke and Ivan.Please boycott the games and parade with wenger-out banners and kroenke-out outside the stadium.We need a radical change at Arsenal otherwise we are doomed.

  19. Akan says:

    Wenger stabbed his friend Dein in the back and supported Kronk in his take over battle with Usmanov, in return for a free hand managing and control of the club which is why Gazidis cant do a thing about whats going on. NOW THE CHICKENS ARE COMING HOME TO ROOST

  20. saminator says:

    the biggest culprits in this situation are the fans who have kept blindly following the manager. for years now all did not seem well at arsenal under the frenchman. it has always been clear that the economies of scale were no no longer favoring arsene wenger but the blind supporters have kept following him, while going to matches, even though arsenal charges the most expensive tickets! what logic is there? why not take a more pragmatic approach like the manchester united and liverpool supporters did against their club owners? look at how it’s paid off for them. comrades, so long as you supporters /fans remain divided, especially the wenger followers who keep arguing that he stays on then the club is doomed. a fan has told me the moment arsenal drops down to the championship then that will signal the end of this great club.
    i salute the wenger out! brigade

  21. Joseph Opia says:

    Wenger has overstayed his welcome. How do you explain it, where a coach of Wenger’s status is comfortable not competing with big teams for epl and ucl.

  22. Shinoda_Kc says:

    As somebody said here, even if we can’t unite against Wenger, let’s all unite against Kroenke & the board. Don’t be fooled by the club even if they buy Messi & Ronaldo, as long as Wenger & Kroenke are here, we will never make any progress. Don’t buy merchandise, don’t buy tickets & protest outside the stadium & on social media”#KroenkeOut #WengerOut”

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