Ivan Gazidis needs to start doing his job at Arsenal

Does Gazidis have any power at Arsenal or he just doesn’t care like the rest of them? by Konstantin Mitov

Good day to all of you lovely Arsenal people. Amongst the inevitable decision to extend the contract of a certain frenchman thats burning Arsenal down to the ground, I want to take a look at the CEO of Arsenal – Ivan Gazidis. This man was supposed to take on David Deans duties and push us forward and as far as I can see we’ve gone a long way backwards.

The main question for me here is does he have any power in what’s going on right now? He’s the CEO of this business, because I don’t like to refer to Arsenal as a football club, until Wenger and Kroenke go, but anyway, he has to sell this business properly. He’s an Oxford-educated lawyer and I don’t think he’s a stupid man.

It’s becoming ever more apparent that fans don’t feel Wenger is the man for the job and even looking at it financially – we’ll miss the top 4, we’ll lose our best players, fans or should I call them customers are fighting themselves. This is a recipe for disaster. Looking at how other modern football clubs operate, Ivan would surely see we are behind, terribly behind, I’d say at least 10 years away from where we should be.

Anyway though, another major reason why I want Arsene gone is to see, who we will appoint. And the loophole here is that I think Kroenke doesn’t wanna sack Arsene, because Arsene will sell whatever it takes to make the balance book rights and Kroenke will be happy. Now if I were Ivan I’d go and alarm the owner that if we keep going backwards our revenue would severely drop, but why is he not doing that?

I don’t want to comment the other old people on the board that are just here to get rich, but is Ivan just here for the money too? It’s either that or he is also powerless against the Wenger-Kroenke relationship. It’d be so interesting to see Arsene gone, just because the board will have to make decisions and their decisions will speak volumes.

I don’t think we’ll raise our ambition too much, but just having Wenger gone would lift the spirits of the players, the fans and generally everyone around Arsenal. And I don’t think Kroenke would come here to interview himself the new man coming in, so Ivan should be playing the key role there. This can only happen if Wenger leaves and we all know he’s staying for as long as he wants. But hey, I wanna get excited about something at Arsenal…



  1. Break-on-through says:

    Refreshing was what was thinking, this fellow writing about something other than Wenger, but then I read it lol.

  2. davidnz says:

    Who is Ivan? What does he do?
    Ivan is a 53 year old Greek South African
    English educated Cambridge law grad.
    Ivan went to the states where he oversaw
    MLS’s key strategic and business decisions and its marketing arm,
    Soccer United Marketing, of which he was president.
    In 2009 Ivan joined Arsenal as CEO the same year
    Silent Stan became major shareholder of the club.
    Ivan was part of the creation and is now a critical cog
    which drives Arsenals top 4 is a trophy sustainable model.
    Like Stan, Ivan is rarely seen and says little because
    he is always busy counting money.

  3. jonm says:

    According to arsenal accounts for year ending May 2016. Sir Chips Keswick was paid £25 k, Lord Harris of Peckham was paid nothing.

    This is at variance with the statement that “the other old people on the board that are just here to get rich”.

    By all means criticise the owner and board but making incorrect factual statements, completely undermines the article.

    1. Tas says:

      It just goes to show you that there is a complete chaos going on with our club and fans and that something BIG has to change with management soon before it gets worst, no one is happy at the moment fans,players and even management we are turning on each other instead of other teams on the pitch and on the transfer market,

      if Stan or Gazidis or even AW don’t see this there is a big problem then people like me will not convert our new born or grand kids to becoming an Arsenal supporter with the full kit every year

      i mean why would you inflict pain on your own kids or your kids kids

    2. Vlad says:

      Bravo. About time someone else noticed/said something about it. Konstantin and Facts don’t go together, you see. He will come up with any possible lie imaginable to support his statements. I don’t care for his obsession with Wenger, but the least he could do is write stuff that can be supported with real facts. Until then, I will bash him just as much as he bashes Wenger, and won’t take his posts seriously.

  4. mark says:

    Just another groundhog day article. Until AW goes it’s all a bit boring.

  5. frank says:

    The longer this silence continues, the more I think the old goat will sign on.

  6. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Arsenal is the best club in the world – football is not just about winning trophies, says Arsene Wenger. Is Wenger saying to his players go out and play fancy football we don’t need Trophies.
    The man has lost it he has to go.

  7. leo...fourteen says:

    in 2007 a great man made this statement..
    “There has never been any doubt in my mind about anything to do with me. You can ask the coaches when I was 16, and even the other [youth team] players. I knew back then, and I would say it openly, that I would go on to play for the first team. And they would go, ‘Huh, what makes you think it’s going to be you?’ But I always said I would make it and I had no problem telling other people about it.”

    “You need confidence and I have always had it. I have started this season better than I have started any other season but I know there is a lot more to come and I know the people here know that as well. So I’m quite comfortable about how things are going to progress.”

    “Within five years I want to be the top scorer in the Premier League and I want to be known as a world-class striker. And it will happen. Trust me, it will happen. I look around at other players, I see my own ability and I can’t see anything that tells me it won’t happen.”

    1. jonm says:

      It is unfortunate it did not happen. The best was 9 league goals in a season. For those who do not know, it is Bentdner.

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