Ivan Rakitic could be on the move, why Arsenal should make a move for him

A recent report from Spain via the Mail claims that Ivan Rakitic is open to leaving Barcelona in the summer.

The Croatian has seen his role at the Nou Camp continually reduced over the past few seasons, and it could be the perfect time for him to leave the Catalans now.

Arsenal hasn’t been linked with a move for him and that is understandable given that we have shown that we have financial problems and the fact that we don’t even know if we would play European football next season.

However, I think he is the type of player that we should be targeting at the moment regardless of our circumstances.

Arsenal is being rebuilt under Mikel Arteta and I can understand that we cannot go out and spend huge sums on several players at the same time, however, we should look to buy one quality player at a time that would eventually complete our team.

Our midfield has been a source of frustration for us and although everyone thinks we should fix our defence this summer, I think we should get a midfielder like Rakitic.

He is one of the best central midfielders in Europe at the moment and adding him to that dressing room would transform the performances of the likes of Granit Xhaka and Lucas Torreira.

Rakitic won’t come cheap but if we spend a significant part of our transfer budget to land him and keep Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, we could challenge for the title next season.

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  1. Roachie says:

    In other news, 6 premier league players from 3 separate clubs test positive. Anyone’s thoughts?

    1. Sue says:

      Any idea who, Roachie?

      1. Roachie says:

        i think Hudson -Odoi has crabs too

        1. AlexLaca9 says:

          😂🤣 What a bombshell

    2. Eddie says:

      I read that report, and to think people were insulting Troy Deeney and calling him selfish and all sorts of names for refusing to return to training because of the risks it poses to his son who has respiratory health issues.
      Was he right after all?
      Like he said, all it takes is just for one single person in a group, one person in the midst of a million and poof! Everything spreads and it spells doom.
      I don’t know know why they won’t cancel the league like others did.
      Give Liverpool the league, Promote the top four to the UCL, relegate bottom teams, promote Leeds and just end the season.
      Football isn’t bigger than a single soul.
      Greedy bozos won’t put an end to this

  2. Sue says:

    He’s 32!! Oh and while we’re at it, we’re linked with his compatriot Vida – he’s 31… 😬 I want younger!!

    1. Eddie says:

      Might as well get Puyol out of retirement, get Robert, Robben and the other old men we used to admire.
      How have you been Sue?
      How’s Pat, Ken, Phil, Jon Fox, Kenny Rolfe, Ozziegunner and the rest of y’all doing?
      Everyone sticking to being safe no matter what I hope?

      1. Sue says:

        Hi Eddie!! 😆 yeah why not!! The more the merrier!!
        I’m alright thanks, how about yourself? How are things where you are?
        Pat’s gone awol – she hasn’t been on in ages 🙁 hope she’s ok… everyone else seems all good though!
        So did you watch the football or were you too busy in the studio??

        1. Eddie says:

          No I couldn’t watch it, I’ve not been to the studio for a while now.
          I’ve been carrying on most of my projects from home.
          I’m sure Pat’s fine then

          1. Sue says:

            Well at least you’re keeping busy! Look after yourself, Eddie 🙂

    2. towny254 says:

      Sue, I have been saying this for awhile build a team of younger players and in 3 to 9 years they will be a force to reckon with

      1. Sue says:

        Exactly, towny!! 👍 I want us to think long term, rather than just giving an oldie one last decent wage…

  3. Grandad says:

    Too old and past his best.Barca have been trying to sell him for two seasons without success.Enough said.

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