Ivan Toney deserves the banter from Arsenal players

Toney reacts to Arsenal players mocking him

After the Gunners’ opening day defeat to Brentford last season at Brentford Community Stadium, there was a lot of talk about history repeating itself this season.

However, Mikel Arteta’s men cruised past Thomas Frank’s men in an impressive fashion, nullifying every good thing Brentford have come to be recognized for.

A win against their counterparts ensured that the North London outfit remained at the top of the Premier League table for at least two more weeks.

After the win, few Arsenal players came forward in their social media handles, and wrote, “Nice kick about with the boys.”

A phrase that did the rounds, after Ivan Toney of Brentford posted it last season on his official Twitter account, when his side defeated Arsenal two-nil.

When asked about Arsenal players mocking his statement, the striker admitted that he felt the urge to reply but decided against it.

“I think once was funny, second time was a bit cringey. I bit my tongue, I wanted to reply and wanted to nibble.”

He continued to state that the current Arsenal side are different from the one that came to town just over a year ago. “Fair play to them, they are a different Arsenal side to the one we played before.”

It is always nice to see players falling flat on their faces. And I personally enjoyed the Arsenal players mocking the English striker.

But after having a bit of fun, I think it’s best for everyone to move on. Because Arsenal have bigger ambitions than just making fun of players of other teams.

But, then again, maybe he shouldn’t have made fun of us the first time, eh?

If you can’t take it, don’t dish it……

Yash Bisht

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  1. For me, I just think that it would have been more mature not to post anything. And by not posting anything, such suggests that we are a bigger team and that we are not moved by beating an ordinary Brentford as they are no match to us. It would have made much more sense to keep it low-key, rather than the throwing of banters at each other regarding an online comment that is almost a year old!

    1. Toney should have learnt his place too, with his low Brentford side. Players make posts after wins, not mockery.

    2. Valid comment for real.
      I just can’t believe we are dragging mockery with a team that just got promoted last season.
      Same reason wolves were making mockery of our celebration.
      It’s nice to clap back, but doing it everytime is irrelevant.
      They are not our rivals or competitor to be dragging anything with them.

  2. Did they defeat only Arsenal last season? NO!
    Did he make fun of all the teams they defeated? NO!
    Beating Arsenal was a big deal for them at the time but he forgot that upsets happen in football and they won’t always have their way, with Arsenal especially. The guys refused to forget his statement and that has been a motivation.
    We are miles apart, Arsenal and Brentford.

    This sort of inter player banter is par for the course throughout football and is NOT of any consequence at all. And certainly not lowering your standards about what you choose to write about.
    Forgive my realism but…. YAWN!!!

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