Ivan Toney is a no-brainer for Arsenal as Brentford admit he’s for sale

Paying our most creative player Ozil to sit at home and then bemoaning a lack of creativity, giving away Aubameyang without buying a replacement, then watching Lacazette manage 0 goals.

Giving Eddie Nketiah and Reiss Nelson 100,000 pound a week while others had contracts ripped up, having faith in Vieira but not Smith Rowe, spending over 60 million on Havertz and most recently rewarding Golden Glove winner Ramsdale with a spot on the bench.

Arteta will call these ‘ruthless ‘ decisions, others fear he may be over-complicating things.

Of course, a great manager sticks to his convictions and is not influenced by other opinions.

For better or worse, if our boss fails, he falls on his sword.

Yet, the rumours circulating do make sense, a solution that is so obvious I was worried a stubborn coach would overlook it, not just the final piece to a puzzle, but the puzzle desperate for the piece, not an issue created because someone thinks he’s smarter than he is.

No changing a midfield formation that finished 2nd in a league they topped for the majority last season.

Zero pretending you consider a keeper as an attacking sub (still waiting).

Arsenal need a plan B up front.

Someone who makes team-mates feel it’s worth crossing the ball into the box.

An alternative to be more direct when the small passes are not unlocking a parked bus.

A presence who can hold up the ball.

As we search for that option, Thomas Frank went on live TV and on behalf of his chairman confirmed that Brentford are a selling club, won’t stand in anyone’s way if the price is right, expects a bid for Ivan Toney but is also aware that if DM’s are going for 80- 100 million, what’s the worth of someone who can boast 20 league goals last campaign?

Frank’s sale pitch included a reminder that the Bee’s don’t make as many chances as those in the top 4, so imagine what his forward could do in a side with more possession?

The same readers who criticised me, for saying Eddie Nketiah should not be getting 100,000 a week for his 4 or 5 Prem goals he gives back each year, quietly asked for an upgrade this week.

If Sundays 2-2 draw made Gooners demand a higher standard then it was worth the dropped points.

Approx 60 million for a 27-year-old goes against the policy set up by Edu, Josh Kroenke, Arteta and BFG yet it could be the difference between winning a trophy or not.

Not just would he be the closest to an Olivier Giroud prototype, those type of strikers don’t really exist anymore.

Heck for a couple of million I would re-sign Giroud. That would be thinking outside the box and being creative.

While I have been disappointed that he hasn’t taken more ownership regarding why he’s been banned, I like the swagger Ivan Toney has.

In a sport where your mentality gets you over the line, we need more players with personality and arrogance (good arrogance).

At a time where we seem to be mending areas that are not broken let’s now fix a position damaged for too long.



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  1. If Jesus is injured again, then considerations need to be made in January and definitely in the Summer.

    He is showing we can’t depend on him staying in the lineup. Hard to find consistency and go on winning runs when your striker can’t stay fit.

    We should bring in a replacement, and let Jesus backup the new striker and Saka and Martinelli on the wings.

    At this point I wouldn’t be opposed to selling Jesus, he’s an injury waiting to happen.

    We need a clinical striker to go to the next level. I’m aware they don’t grow on trees, but Arteta, Edu, and the scouts need to make a list of candidates and get the process going.

    It’s about the entire team, not a single player.

  2. Perhaps the gaffer started Eddie over Nelson to showcase him to potential suitors. Selling him in January will offset Toney’s purchase. Now we just need Eddie to do his part.

  3. Toney would likely want to be our main CF and I don’t think he is skilled enough to play ahead of Jesus

    The ways he handled Saliba and White physically were great, but I’m concerned about his agility

      1. I guess Jesus could rotate with Saka. I’d prefer Jesus on the left wing, but we’ve got Martinelli, Trossard and Nelson there

  4. We should dodge this dude like the plague and make a move for Ollie Watkins instead. Dude has pace, agility and strength. Jus sayin

  5. Toney is third in the list of potential forwards we should be looking to bring in. Firstly it has to be Ferguson of Brighton then Watkins of Aston Villa and failing either of those Toney. Ferguson would be the most expensive but smartest choice as we can still keep Jesus and he could actually pair up with Jesus or Nkietah with his hold up ability.

    1. Víctor Osimhen? Seems like he’s at odds with his club and hasn’t renewed his contact due to expire in 2025.

  6. Maybe a year ago, but I can’t see him fitting in phase five going forward.

    1) His ceiling is low.
    2) Just about an average striker.
    3) His technical abilities is less than Eddie and way below Jesus.
    4)His limitations will be exposed quickly in an Arsenal outfit.

    Arsenal should be looking at strikers on the level of Cancelo Ramos, Osimhen or Vlohovic, they all sport a higher ceiling than the Englishman.

  7. Arsenal should pounce on osimhen now he is an upgrade for jesus and will guarantee us goals very good in one on one situation great legs and even better head and a high press monster

  8. I will take him for a low fee. For 60m+ it will prevent us from bringing in a real world-class striker in the summer. Toney is good but not good enough to be the main striker in a top team.

  9. We should only be going after an elite striker. Toney isn’t elite. He’s good but not the level we should seek. Chelsea will likely snap him up anyways if we both go for him. I think a RW in January is the better move. Saka clearly won’t make it the full season at this rate and we need another RW option. Summer is a better time to look at the market and see what new striking options are possible.

  10. When you start look down on the manager because of his successful decisions, that’s when you lost us all. You instead have become the pitiful insufferable Man Utd fan.

  11. What arsenal need is a game changer kind of striker that can single handedly win us matches in difficult games if we really want to be great achievers. Striker in the mould of Messi, Hallaand, Mbappe Ronaldo, etc. And not average striker.

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