Ivan Toney issues Come-And-Get-Me plea to Arsenal – Let’s go get him

This summer transfer window, Arsenal haven’t done anything to bolster their attack, and with less than ten days until the transfer deadline, it wouldn’t be shocking if they don’t bolster it. What is certain is that we will see Arteta make some impactful signings for his attack, either in the January transfer window or the summer transfer window.

There are many forwards Mikel Arteta could look to sign next summer, but I’ll ask why he can’t sign Ivan Toney. The Brentford man (on The Diary of a CEO Podcast) recently admitted his love for how Arsenal plays, and I bet convincing him to join won’t be hard.

Arsenal should consider the 27-year-old because he is a proven goalscorer. Last season, he had 20 goals and four assists in 33 league games (in the 2021–22 season, he had 12 league goals and five assists in 33 league games). Other than that, he may also be cheaper at the moment with him not playing football for a while, I doubt Brentford will be asking for a hefty fee in the January transfer window. If a team were crazy enough to go for him this summer, they would have probably gotten him on the cheap.

If they want to, the Gunners could easily pull off a swoop for his services; Premier League legend and vocal Spurs fan Darren Ambrose knows that, so he is disappointed the Englishman could want to join Arsenal instead of Spurs as Kane’s replacement.

“I am disappointed that he said ‘Arsenal is his preferred destination’ being a Spurs supporter,” said Ambrose on Sky Sports as transcribed by HITC.

“I think you could get him on the cheap now. I am surprised Brentford haven’t had any interest up until now.”

Internalising all that, is bringing Ivan Toney to Arsenal in the winter something you can entertain? (Notably, Toney will be free to resume football activities on January 17, 2024.)

I think Arsenal should snap him up now and he will be fresh for the most important end of season run-in.

Sam P

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    1. 👍
      Not sure why JA keep publishing articles related to public offenders not in our club, perhaps they can as well change the name of this site to occupy other clubs’ news.

  1. He manhandled Saliba/ White with his strength and aerial ability, but I don’t think Arsenal will sign him because:

    – He’ll be 28 in March, whereas Arsenal might be looking for a much younger CF for high-pressing purpose

    – He can only play in January

    – I don’t think he has the stamina for high press, so our two AMs would likely be tasked to press high up the pitch instead

    1. Arsenal bought a 28 yrs old Trossard from Brighton and they never minded about is age because he is an amazing player who fits really well with the way arsenal play.The only thing that might stop arsenal from signing Ivan Toney might be is betting scandal Ivan Toney is a tall Gabriel Jesus with better goals in him.Toney has everything Jesus has except that he will score more goals than him.

        1. Gai Ivan Toney is a strong dude with a measure of pace.. 28 years isn’t bad for top9 CF and you never know he could do your so called “high press” you can’t get all you wish for in a striker. Toney would be a plus to Arsenal if Arteta want him.

          1. He could help us win rough games, but I think Arsenal want to avoid players with legal problems

  2. Would definitely be on my shopping list come January but again would depend if we get out of the group stages for CL
    AS previously mentioned the last 4 teams left in the CL all had 1 if not 2 big target men who could hold the ball up and was comfortable with there back to goal
    Man city
    IT definitely has that in his locker and I for one wouldn’t be disappointed if we got him
    It is a funny way of going around selling yourself so openly. Thought he had an agent to do that
    Bet Brentford are over the moon on hos comments
    Onwards and upwards

  3. I think there’ll be more revealed, as four of his ex-teammates are under investigation for betting offenses.
    Stay clear of Ivan Toney!!!

    1. Yeah. He’s a very good player, but he is playing too much outside the pitch. Very dangerous, indeed.

  4. He does not fits this phase, young players with high ceiling’s or marquee international with champions league experience.

    1. What’s this love for young players?? Since when have they won anything?? You need a mix of old and young!!

  5. That means David Raya would not have joined arsenal if that is what arsenal are up to Raya isn’t young neither is Partey, Holding, Trossard The likes of Zinchenko and Jesus will be 27 soon.Edu and Arteta said they will bring in players who they think will fit into their system that’s why they were after both Cancelo and Laporte though Man city refused to sell them to arsenal, the process and system you are talking about was about bringing young and hungry player who fits edu and artetas system eg Kiwior,Odegaard, Ramsdale,Rice, Havertz and Timber and those who have experience like Partey,Raya and Trossard were all bought in.

    1. So the primary focus is on young players with high ceilings.

      Would you say players like Partey, Cancelo, Laporte, Raya are marquee internationals with with champions league experience?

      Holding a loyal servant is with Arsenal before even the process get started but they are stop gap signings like Jorginho.

      In my opinion there is a pattern of Arsenal genuine targets, young, versatile, high ceilings and of the marquee type with champions league experience during this particular phase of the process.

      Ivan Toney maybe as a stop gap in January but nothing more, and even then do dice.

  6. The first interview he did at arsenal he was asked which is his best position and he said he likes to play just behind the striker,he also said he is a very versatile player who will give is best at any position the coach will give him whether in the wings or as a 9 thats is words not mine.

  7. He is my type of player,I actually enjoy watching him and I would take him without a doubt. He definitely gets us a step higher with his goal scoring ability.
    It’s a shame he is in this mess.

  8. If he can score 20 goals a season for Brentford he can surely score the same at Arsenal. At 28 most strikers are at their peak so I would expect at least 5 years from him !! The discipline problems can be handled by Arsenal management. Sell some of the non starters who are just filling up space. For me this is just a non-brainer !!!

  9. Did you see Nketiah’s misses against Palace? Jesus is not too different. Sorry, but goals win you matches not pressing. We have enough pressers, we now need match winners.

    Toney’s goals are a no brainer. He is not going to scandalise his name again is he? so we should not be worrying about any future indiscipline.

    I think we should wait till Chelsea signs a forward then go for him. if we try to get him, Chelsea will immediately offer £200m!

    If we try to get him now it will be cheaper than waiting for January when his price will skyrocket because he will then become available. One of our non scoring pressers can then leave.

  10. Toni would be an ideal signing, a great striker who possesses the ability to score goals and also create. With Balogun definitely going, I would like to see Toni at Arsenal.

  11. Age doesn’t matter. Bring Toney. Remember we lacked consistence during the final stages and our bench wasn’t as strong as that of our rival Man City. Martinelli injury left a big void while Bukayo Saka was very exhausted towards the end of the season. We have 4 competitions ahead. At times relying on one player can prove costly.

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