I’ve been dreaming of Vardy coming to Arsenal – The best we could get…

Jamie Vardy Deserves his Arsenal Chance by Uche

Hello folks. Exciting times are here again for Arsenal and this time, Wenger is aiming to make up for lost time after years of minimal spending. First was Granit Xhaka and now Jamie Vardy? Reliable sources also have it that we have triggered the release clause of Swiss left back Ricardo Rodriguez. This is all mind spinning news …. or so I thought. Not long after the Vardy news broke, critics started to pan it for all sorts of reasons.

Some say he is from lowly Leicester and a one season wonder. Others say he will not fit into arsenal and only knows how to play on the counter. Others have a problem with his age and predict a sharp decline from now onwards. These negative reactions have literarily left me speechless. In fact I can feel a few flies stuck in my throat cause my mouth has been hanging open for hours in disbelief. Some people actually think Jamie Vardy is a bad idea? As opposed to what exactly? Robert Lewandowski? Really? I don’t know what is more pathetic. Looking down on a solid striker like Jamie Vardy or thinking that Robert Lewandowski will actually leave Bayern Munich, snub Real Madrid and join Arsenal. Sure. Because the best players want to play in Arsenal even when Madrid, Bayern and Barca are there for the choosing.

Ever since Vardy started banging in goal after goal last season, I have dreamt of him in an Arsenal shirt. I am still pinching myself and I cannot believe that in less than 48 hours, we could be announcing his capture on Arsenal.com. I don’t know the Vardy you see when you watch him play, but I will tell you about the Vardy I see and I suspect that is the one Wenger sees as well. Jamie Vardy is an experienced, EPL proven, battle hardened animal of a striker who has earned his place amongst football’s elite. He is ruthless, fearless, scrappy and energetic like Alexis Sanchez. Vardy is a striker who will chase down lost causes and shoot on site from any angle with pretty accurate shorts. He can score with his left foot, right foot and head. He is a consistent goal threat who has scored against small teams and big teams, loose defenses and tight defenses. When the pressure of doing the impossible began to weigh on his shoulders, Jamie Vardy rose to the occasion where most Arsenal players would usually crumble. He scrapped it from the first game to the 38th game of the league and won. That is right, Jamie Vardy is an EPL champion and deservedly so. That is the Jamie Vardy I know.

So he is going to be 30. So what? Sometimes you get them young and at other times, you get them in their prime. What does it matter? We cannot always get players with sell on value. We have that with the Wilsheres, Ramseys and Oxlade Chamberlains. Ibrahimovic is 34 and Cristiano Ronaldo just turned 30. Who wouldn’t want these aging players in their team? Man Utd just signed Ibra on a one year deal and Real Madrid has offered Ronaldo a new contract. Ibra just won Ligue Un for the third season in a row scoring a ton of goals and Ronaldo just won the biggest of them all. The Champions league. Yet both players are on the wrong side of 30.

The age argument is a valid one but in the world of sport, you have got to also admit that sometimes the best players are like fine wine. They get better with age. Pirlo, Di Natale, Ibrahimovic and Maldini all testify to this. Yes Vardy is a gamble but a gamble worth taking. I wish he were 23 but a 23 year old Vardy would not have caught our eye or even gotten Wenger to spend a million pounds on him. He is 29 now and in the form of his life. Now is the time to get him. If he can give us two good seasons, that is money well spent. Vardy has a lanky frame with boundless energy. I don’t see him losing his energy and form anytime soon, and when he has got Mesut Ozil creating chance after chance for him, why wouldn’t he be banging them in?

Besides, who is to say that we will not be signing 23 year old Morata as well, if and when Madrid buys him back from Juve? Nobody knows what Wenger is thinking. Giroud is on the wrong side of thirty so clearly the boss must be on the lookout for a young forward too. The rumour is that we have had a bid on Madrid’s table for Morata for quite some time now. So if the boss is hell bent on buying two strikers after years of putting up with Giroud, why not the experienced Vardy and someone else? One for now and one for later.

Arsenal fans should be excited. Jamie Vardy is a very good player. Is he a one season wonder? I don’t know but I am willing to take that chance rather than wait on Benzema all through the summer -and be disappointed yet again. We all know that Madrid will not sell Benzema unless they get Lewandowski and Bayern will not let Lewandowski go at any price. Who in his right mind will sell Lewa? Vardy is what we can get at the moment and he is pretty damn good for the role. Is he a cunning cheat who dives to get a penalty, yes he is but guess what? We need such street streak in our ranks. Enough of the good boys.

Arsenal players are too similar. We need a thug of a striker for a change and Vardy ticks all the boxes. Be happy guys. This is a good thing. Happy weekend. Peace.

Uche Edochie
Lagos – Nigeria

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  1. i dont have a problem with Vardy as a player he has been class for sure, i have a problem with Vardy as a person. its nothing personal i just dont like him ? have you ever met anyone and you just dont like them? thats me with vardy. but if he comes and bangs goals i will probably change my mind about him

    1. Miles, i know what you mean and he is a diver and swearing at the referee is not a good idea. But it might just be a very competitive streak in him, which is what we need at the club. At least he is not like Costa, poking players in the eye etc to get a re-action and sending off.

      As you say, if he bangs in the goals we will be happy.

    2. Miles where did u meet vardy and in what situation? When I met vardy he came across as one of the lads and pretty humble about his rags to riches fairytale. Long may that fairytale continue, no one would be more happier than me if we are talking again in just over 2 years saying Jamie vardy 3 EPL titles on the spin, 2 champions league winners medals, euro 2016 winner and world cup 2018 winner……….well we all have dreams.

    3. back at Liverpool b4 wenger bid 40m and 1pound, I ddnt really like Suarez as a person.. but i’ll take him n I’m sure every gooner too would.
      I’m not the greatest fan of Neymar cos of his theatrics and his Beckham-like love for fame over football but guess what if Arsenal get him i’ll be over the moon too.

  2. Just believe in Wenger. At first there was that Michu who played like he was David Silva, but Wenger never made a move on him. then there was Papis Cisse, a typical Wenger player who was a total beast, still no move. Benteke, and a few others as well. the point is, Wenger must have seen sometjing different about the lad that made him interested. Vardy will lift everyone at the club. Hes a loud man

  3. I’m not interested or excited about Vardy,
    infact, I’m still shell-shocked from all the hype from fellow Gooner’s, who are celebrating as if Jesus Christ has returned, to save your bacon! ? ? ?

    Now we are rumoured to be after Mahrez!
    now thats more like it! ?

    1. FBG….

      But Mahrez is not the out and out striker that we need…if we buy a striker and add Mahrez that’s good but to buy Mahrez only????

      If Vardy turns us down,the shame will be too much to bear,considering the Suarez saga too…it has to be done!

      That said,I don’t want us to get two players from Leicester cos if we get’em and we still don’t get the league…we willbe mocked!

    2. @FbG
      Totally agree with you on this one Fatboy. I;m not sold on Vardy at all. Mahrez is the more well rounded player, who seems to fit the AFC style…

  4. Cech ;
    Bellerin-Varane/Koulibaly-Koscielny-R.Rodriguez ; Xhaka-Cazorla ; Mahrez-Ozil-Alexis ; Vardy.
    subs: Donnaruma/Ospina, Gabriel,Mertesacker, Monreal, Elneny,Coquelin,Wilshere,Ramsey, Campbell, Iwobi, Walcott, Morata.
    loan: Chambers,Gnabry, Chamberlain, Gibbs, Szczesny

    this looks like Bayern Munich squad over the past few years

    1. u want us to buy perhaps the greatest talent in goalkeeping history to keep him on bench???? apparently milan rejected a 80 mil euro offer for him……

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