“I’ve stopped doubting.” Piers Morgan drops every doubt he had about Mikel Arteta

Piers Morgan has dispelled all doubts he previously harboured about Mikel Arteta’s capabilities as Arsenal’s manager. The TV host, known for being one of the most vocal critics of the Gunners’ manager, consistently questioned Arteta’s decisions.

Morgan specifically expressed scepticism regarding Arteta’s decision to sign Kai Havertz. However, Havertz has since become a crucial player for the team, showcasing an impressive run of form in recent weeks.

Acknowledging his previous doubts, Morgan has publicly admitted that he was wrong about Havertz and other decisions made by Arteta. This acknowledgement comes as a reversal of his earlier doubts and criticism.

He tweeted:

“I doubted Arteta’s decision to replace Ramsdale with Raya.

“He was right. 

“I doubted Arteta’s faith in Havertz. 

“He was right.

“I doubted Arteta’s refusal to buy a striker in January. 

“He was right. 

“I’ve stopped doubting @m8arteta.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Most Arsenal fans had doubts about Arteta, and whenever things don’t go well, it is natural to doubt the manager and question whether he is good enough.

Arteta deserves credit for staying focused on the job at hand and transforming this Arsenal team into one of the strongest sides in Europe.

He now needs some trophies, and if his team can win the Premier League at the end of this campaign, the team will earn even more fans.


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  1. To his credit Piers Morgan is saying , although unsurprisingly, without spelling out the exact words,” SORRY FOR DOUBTING MA”.

        1. I was very much in the Arteta camp too Jax and still am. I did have a brief wobble though, prior to him turning things around. It wasn’t so much based on my belief in his potential but more to do with his inexperience. He was really learning on the job and it showed at times.

          1. Sue, I’ve never doubted any Arsenal manager other than Terry Neil. I even thought Bruce Rioch would be successful.

            1. I’m more hazy with Rioch. I remember he brought in DB which was a master stroke. Here one minute and gone the next apparently from what I’ve read, down to a dispute over transfer funds. Fortuitous really, when I think of Arsene – who?

  2. I thought I’d never forgive him for spending money on Havertz. I was hoping I would proven wrong. Now I am!
    May the good times never end!

  3. Most of the Pundits have never coached any football Team in their lives. A few like Garry Neville failed to Coach. How do you criticize someone doing a job you have never done. Can we have former coaches as football Pundits.

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