Iwobi believes the squad depth makes Arsenal even better

With Arsenal now on a run of seven straight wins in a row with Middlesbrough next in line for a beating, it was always going to hard for Arsene Wenger to drop anyone with the team playing so well, but Le Prof made four changes for last nights match against Ludgorets, and perhaps this team was even stronger than the one that struggled to maintain the pace against Swansea on Saturday.

Monreal, Xhaka, Cech and Iwobi were rested, and the last named seems to be happy that the whole squad is competing for places, and the replacements have upped their game to try and force their way into the starting XI. This means that they are nearly unbeatable right now and Free Super Tips website always predicts an easy Arsenal win, and are usually right!

The Nigerian international watched 75 minutes of the game from the bench before coming on to give Alexis Sanchez a little rest, and he was very, very impressed. “It was definitely the biggest win I’ve played in.” Iwobi said. “We were professional from the start, from the first whistle to the last whistle and we played very well. It’s a good result for us.

“We did go into the first half well, but in the second half we came out again and I think when we got the third goal it’s kind of put them off. Not won the game already, but made it easier for us to express ourselves and there’s less pressure on us when we’re playing and it showed.

Does this win make him think that Arsenal can top the group now? “Yeah, we are confident. We did well at [PSG’s] place and we believe that on our home ground, with the fans on our side, we probably could get the win and probably finish first.”

Iwobi has played nearly every game up ’til now, and he was asked if this is the best time of his life,but he answered humbly, as someone who was on the bench should. “Well, it is early days. I’ll take everything as it comes. The fact I’m playing for one of the best teams in the world at 20 years of age, I’m just buzzing and enjoying my time here.”

And does he think that this team is now going places? “We’re not trying to get ahead of ourselves, we’re taking each game as it comes. It’s basically our mental side that we were working on. We’ve still added that to our game and we believed if we’re mentally prepared in ourselves for this game that we would do well in November and it won’t be such a tough time, hopefully.”

It is nice to see someone so young, in his position, not being overconfident and happy just to be in such a great squad, and he then he talks about how pleasedhe is that the replacements played very well tonight. “There’s a lot of talent in this team, and whenever I’m given a chance I’m just giving my best, giving 100 per cent. As you can see, I didn’t start today and be able to do well so I just need to make sure I’m on top of my game. I’m happy for Chambo, he got his chance and Kieran got his chance as well and they did well. It just shows how much strength in depth, we have.”

He was then asked if, with four different goalscorers tonight does that also augur well for the season ahead? “It shows that everyone has the ability to score, as well as being able to create goals as well so it shows that our offensive side of the game is very strong.

He was then asked what Wenger said to the team after this brilliant performance, and it seems Le Prof is trying to keep everyone’s feet on the ground and to focus on one match at a time. Iwobi said that Wenger simply gave “Just a congratulations and on to the next game. You’re only as good as your last performance and we’re going to try and prepare for Middlesbrough at home.”

This shows that despite only being 20 years old, Iwobi has an old head on his shoulders. He is sensible, humble and not at all overawed by his position. He is definitely going the right way to becoming a superstar for Arsenal in the future. I believe Wenger has great faith in him, but the Boss also knows the dangers of overplaying young talents. Iwobi is brilliant but needs to be nurtured and given rests whenever possible, like tonight…

At least we no whave the strength in depth to give our stars a rest now and again…



  1. I placed 3 bets on the game and got all right.

    Clean sheet
    Alexis first goal

    Unfortunately Barca n Messi cost me winning decent cash, but up the Arsenal

    1. You can’t bet 6-0 and put a bet on for a clean sheet. The clean sheet always comes with a 6-0 scoreline.

    1. I was thinking that too
      He is the best in assists in the league but he is capable of scoring lots of goals too. He tends to be a bit shy at shooting. Should make more attempts.

      I think a hattrick will give him loads of confidence

      1. I put allot of it down to Alexis knowing exactly how Ozil likes it. It seems to be the lobbed dropping ball which Ozil likes hitting first time. Alexis is finding him this season, it won’t be long before Ozil makes damn sure he assists Alexis just the way Alexis wants it. Perez too knows exactly how a forward thinks, that helped him find Ozil. Ps, did anyone notice how well Alexis was keeping himself on side yesterday, commentator mentioned it, he looked like a true CF. I don’t want this form to ever end, but I am curious of just how much stronger are we with depth. We’ll only know when they have the weight of expectation on them, and a certain portion of Arsenal fans seem obese with these type of weighing scales.

  2. This is definitely the best squad we have had for many years. Even Walcott and the Ox are a thousand times better than last season. Keep it up boys!

  3. He have a different energy about us this season-

    In the past if we were 3 goals up, we’d have got lazy, and let the other team get ball position, and even hope.

    Not this time. We continued to defend vigorously,and continued to create and score.

    Great time to be a gooner

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