Iwobi extends Arsenal contract but still no Ramsey????

Arsenal head coach Unai Emery has confirmed Alex Iwobi is set to sign a new contract with the club, which should keep him at the Emirates until 2022.

The Nigerian International became a surprise inclusion in the Gunners squad last season under the guidance of Arsene Wenger, and impressed many with his performances.

It was a far cry from the lanky winger who made his Arsenal bow in October 2015, and he has now featured in 98 games for Arsenal, scoring nine goals in the process.

However, there has been some speculation over the last few weeks that he could be sold to help finance a summer transfer move for Bayer Leverkusen star Leon Bailey, who is regarded as one of the finest talents in world football and is dead set on a move to the Premier League.

But with the likes of Lazio, Napoli and AC Milan all showing interest, Emery says the Arsenal academy graduate will sign an extension having returned for pre-season training.

“I have the information – he’s near. First, I want to work with every player, and they are coming [back from their breaks after World Cup duty],” Emery said on the Sky Sports website.

“Mesut [Ozil], Iwobi, [Mohamed] Elneny are starting to work with us, the first week is very good. My information is he is going to sign and continue with us.”

It will come as great news for the young man, who will have to prove his worth under the news coach this coming Premier League season.

But fans will be wondering just how could Iwobi agree to a new contract, while player of the season Aaron Ramsey has been in talks for months about signing back up.

The Welshman is seen as a future captain of the club and will be an integral part of Emery’s style of play in the coming months, so seeing Iwobi sign a new contract rather than Ramsey will be a bittersweet moment for fans.



  1. kev says:

    As I said Iwobi’s new salary is £70,000.Deal is already done.You’ve had this news already.

    Unai Emery has decided to give Shkrodan Mustafi a chance to prove himself this season.The one who wanted to replace him was Sven Minslintat.That was why we were going for Soyuncu.I just hope we won’t regret not signing Soyuncu.This guy is the proper Koscielny replacement.For those who doubt his quality ask why Ath. Madrid,a team who focus lots on defence will try to replace Godin with him.

    As I said we are still o the case of Dembele.This is not a rumour.Its a Minslintat target.We are very very interested in him along with the likes of Breel Empolo,Hirving Lozano and others.Its likely we will take him on loan with an option/obligation to buy.

    Departures are expected with the likes of Ospina,Welbeck and co.

    1. Lagos Gunner says:

      Haha kev the encloyoedia
      When will you bee reveal the source of your “sources” ???

      1. Waal2waal says:

        kevs predictions are “largely” based on supposition and speculation and little more. Seems i’m not the only one that senses there’s a hint of naivety to your idea of impromptu newsflashes?

    2. gotanidea says:

      Well, Iwobi has not signed yet. They just said they believe Iwobi would sign, like what they said about Ramsey few weeks ago

      Apparently Emery is an objective coach that would give most underperformers (Xhaka, Mustafi, Iwobi, Ozil) a second chance. IDK about Soyuncu, but we already have many CBs and Arsenal should have targeted another CB with higher profile like Koulibaly/ Manolas/ Mina

      It’s good if Arsenal get an expensive winger like Dembele or Lozano, but I feel Adama Traore is more suited for their budget. Breel Embolo is another forward we don’t need currently, unless Emery plans to replace Lacazette:


    3. Iwobi £70K?! Poo on a stick! Good luck trying to move him on to westham now. Was it really necessary to give him such a huge contract? Was the great Real Madrid on his case or was it Barcelona? Sigh, we might as well dish out the money to everybody then, sign AMN on 100k! Smith Rowe 250k a week why not!

      1. Sue says:

        I’m really surprised at this new contract… 70k a week omg!!! Well I hope he starts earning it!!

        Ramsey’s hanging out for as much as he can get, rightly so if Iwobi’s been given 70k!!!

    4. Vera7 says:


      But you said that deal was done earlier

    5. Vera7 says:


      You said the deal was done earlier

    6. Waal2waal says:

      @kev – “As I said we are still o the case of Dembele.” end of quote.
      You’re guesswork about dembele to arsenal is yet to materialise – have your excuse(s) ready.

      Why would he entertain any notion of forfeiting champions league to play europa-league football at arsenal, it’s what you suggest?…

      and WHY take the plunge with under 2-weeks of our premier league season starting, explain why? if what you suggest is in anyway true …his delegated advisors (tasked with handling his financial service) must be extremely poor… much like this dembele to arsenal nonsense.

      1. CamJM says:

        A Dembele loan is a possibility now that Barcelona has signed Malcolm who plays in the exact position as Dembele. It depends on how much playing time he plans on getting.

    7. Waal2waal says:

      …as usual speculative nonsense with nothing substantiated and no reliable source to prop up fact.

  2. josep says:

    keep ramsay and buy dembele u will be convince us as your fans

  3. Eddie Hoyte says:

    I see folks on here get into abusive words towards each other because of Iwobi, while it seems the Nigerians on here will support him and defend no matter what and it seems the non Nigerians will insult and cast him out no matter what, I’ll always sit back,grab a drink and read y’all fight over him.
    but here’s my opinion, Iwobi is no Mbappe nor is he Martial, Iwobi is Iwobi, he’s good and he can be properly groomed into becoming a good footballer. He shows the signs every time, is problem is his end product, no goals and assist. So if Walcott got 10 years to fulfill is blooody potential, Wilshere got years and years (Don’t use Injury as excuses, else excuses we’ll pick for Iwobi is he never played a position, under Wenger he doesn’t even know his position), Ramsey after one good season got chances upon chances to reach his potential, Ramsey who By the way shouldn’t have been our player of the season was lucky enough, because we all know and if we are to be honest to each other Monreal should’ve be given that award. Monreal has been our only consistent defender and player for the past 3 seasons, and last season wasn’t different.
    So now Xhaka is got a new contract and will be given another chance under Emery, Why the hell shouldn’t Iwobi be given a new chance? We are fond of turning our backs on our players and blaming a single player for the failure of the whole team.
    Emery’s the coach, he chose to give these players a chance under him, y’all should just bottle up your insults and move on, support the players and hope the come good. If they don’t, nothing says we can’t sell them off next season.
    This site is now a site where people come on hear and call other people names and insult others for stating their views. Probably because admin did some changes and now anybody can just type a comment without registering, so even admin can’t control it anymore.
    I miss the days when we’ll debate and argue without insults, when people even apologize to each other if the other person feels offended.
    Believe me this is gonna get worse, wait for the season to start and see how toxic this site will become.
    This needs to stop

    1. Admin says:

      I disagree that this is normal. That one Iwobi thread became toxic and the actual article was about whether Iwobi would divide the fans like Ozil does, and I think the answer was very clear!
      Not all articles descend into insults, especially if I am online as I quickly nip these things in the bud. The problem being that I am only one man and do need to sleep sometimes and occasionally actually go out and have a life!
      Is there anyone sensible that would volunteer to be a moderator when I am offline?

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Admin yea I do know you can’t be online every time and always check everything. I do appreciate this site and I’ve been on here for too many years to know the change in how people insult and call people names here. Maybe you haven’t noticed because you’ll actually be busy to, but I’m sure a few others on here will tell you there are people who do nothing but insult others on here. I won’t calk names, and I’m not sure you saw some of the comments on the articles the day the world cup final was played

      2. jon fox says:

        Pat, I feel for you and indeed all moderators. I do question why they put thenselves through all that angst. But you have my admiration in general for all you provide and for the worry it must often cause. It is easy to criticise, far more worthy and of value to provide a good and well used service. So I say three cheers for Pat, our Mr. Admin!

  4. segzy jay says:

    I believe iwobi will come good…the lad only lacks end product

  5. segzy jay says:

    I don’t agree with you Eddie hoyte, the site can only get better with more comments and views.

  6. IamPoPular says:

    I can be a moderator if u want… But on the ramsey’s case i think if he stays its qonna epp us build on what we have,v he leaves we can qet someone else,even ronaldo left madrid nd he is qonna be chanqed…

  7. Timb says:

    iwobi deserve a new contract… give the guy a break. he ll only come good under the new coach

  8. KOGI says:

    Well is welcome idea and i seen he personally proved to them that he capable to with stand the condition and he love the offered to be in Emirate for another or some years which will take him to 2022 for another contract to keep him for up to above mentioned. And, if Alex Iwobi contract will be on at moment and what of AARON RAMSEY nothing heard of he’s extention of contract no decision was soever talk about and he still playing for Arsenal and he was given captain armband . Well no want of us would said what really happened in he’s own side of story maybe there is delayer from him or the coach and the management , therefore, let us wait and see if he will sign a new deal with the club or not time, will tell our own is that we should keep our eyes upon what will happen next in respect of the player position before the season begging .

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