Iwobi keen to work hard under Emery and prove he is Arsenal’s best attacker

I think all Arsenal fans were surprised at how effective Alex Iwobi was when he started against Chelsea, and despite one glaring miss, he did manage to score one goal and make an assist for the other goal as well. The improvement was palpable, and Iwobi himself puts it down to Unai Emery’s new training methods. “He demands a lot.” Iwobi said on Arsenal.com. “He’s a lot more intense, a lot of high pressing and keeping the ball so that it benefits us if we have the ball. It’s good for us, especially the attackers who like to have the ball a lot.

“It’s making me feel a bit sharper, I’m doing things with a bit more intensity. It’s not just for me, though, I feel like I’m helping the team a lot more. It’s benefitting me a lot more.

“Whenever something in the system changes, you have to prove yourself again. But wherever you go, you have to prove that you’re better than whoever else is on the team. At a team like Arsenal, that’s always going to be hard so I always have to be on it in training and matches.

“I’ve got to be different. It’s going to be hard because we’ve got so many attackers and so many world-class players, so I’ve just got to prove that I’m on that level or as good as them so that I can be ahead of them, which is my aim.”

We were all hoping that Emery and his new team of coaches would start improving the players we had considered mediocre under Wenger. It certainly seems to have worked with Iwobi, and Mkhitaryan has also told us the new training is working, so maybe we can hope the same improvement for most of the squad and we could find ourselves with a very talented team of stars all of a sudden!

Sam P


  1. justjoy says:

    Unai Emery raise our army…

    Continue to improve but we need a win against the Hammers cos we are the Gunners.
    Iwobi no missing sitters or rue chances.

  2. pires says:

    Iwobi two Years ago was “ozilesque”(i mean the ozil of real Madrid).if he can find his scoring boots he can be a good attaking weapon.

    1. ackshay says:

      Yes he was daring, carefree and full of energy. His only weakness was decision-making and lack of positional sense. Then wenger ruined him with sideways passing. As much i have hated iwobi this past year its because i know there is a damn good player under that pile of average.

      1. Durand says:

        I’m hoping he becomes widly successful; he’s young, tied down contractually for long time, and he’s one of ours.

        Plus Kronke ain’t spending big money, so Iwobi, AMN, Guendouzi, Nelson, Eddie, Smith-Rowe, and Lopez(new LB in academy?) Turn out to be solid, dependable players.

        Oh, and Mavroporas as well, can’t forget our young beast of a Greek!

        Hopefully this young core fares better than our British disaster did.

      2. RSH says:

        Agree. I wrote him off as below average, which he was the past 2 seasons, but hopefully there is still a good player in there. He was great when he first broke onto the scene. Wenger did not help his career after he first broke in.

    2. JJPawn says:

      Real Madrid? They have great players who know how to play their position. That costs money.

      Ozil plays a position. But, for a second tier team with no money for specialists. So, that is why Emery is asking everyone to run harder… but doing that to a specialist make an expensive player average, if that.

      Iwobi is getting better as he gains confidence.

    3. Sue says:

      I don’t agree Pires

      1. sesam says:

        what dont you agree to Sue? The fact that ‘if he can find his scoring boots he can be a good attaking weapon.’
        oow come on Sue, Iwobi can actually be that for us this season………..
        cut the guy some slack….LOLZ.

        1. Sue says:

          I don’t agree about him being Ozilesque. I have to say it’s about time he found his scoring boots! If he’s picked tomorrow I hope he scores again, then I may cut him some slack Sesam ?

  3. Innit says:

    Most of our players are average. We just have to make do with what we got and play the best we have.

  4. gotanidea says:

    He proved his words by performing well against Chelsea

    I think Emery would use him as a left winger again at the West Ham match

  5. ADEYEMI says:

    Weldone iwobi, I hope he keeps improving . secondly, this team is a new team presently bcos we’ve just got a new manager, with a new crew, new system, n new tactics therefore all d players should be given time to study n master d new art as we said abt d manager too, but anyone who fails to click can then b dropped

  6. JJPawn says:

    Where to put Iwobi? In place of Ramsay would the obvious place. He can come in place of Danny as well. Playing a bit wide is better for him.


  7. georgie b says:

    Iwobi seems to have matured.

  8. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    All Gunners should endeavor to avoid any kind of wastefullnes in front of the West Hammers goalmouth on Saturday if they want to win the match for Arsenal. They should all take their half and full chances with confidence and bury them in the match when they create the chances or the chances fell to them.

    I can foresee the match to be a though one as the West Hammers will not want to leave the Ems empty handed but will try to take at least a point from the match as they return back home having similarly lost 2 PL matches like Arsenal so far in the campaign.

    My kindid advice to the Gunners who’ll play in the match is, they should on no account underestimate the capacity and resolve of the Hammers to get a result from the match. Jack Wilshere and Lucas Perez who until recent were at the Gunners would have leaked Arsenal game playing tactics and strategy to Pelegrini, the Hammers coach to try and nullify them with a counter Hammers game tactics and strategy so as to edge Arsenal out in the match.

    Therefore, to stop the Hammers from getting a result from the match, the Gunners MUST seriously be up and doing in their game against the Hammers keeping a close eye on Wilshere and Perez to stop them from causing any damage for Arsenal in the game if the duo are played in the match. While at the same time, the Gunners MUST have an eagle eye on Hanendez – Chichorito to spot him early and block him from getting into the Arsenal 18 yard area as he tries to make incursions into the Arsenal box to size up Cech. The Gunners should mark him out of the match completely not even giving him the chance to give assist to his team mates in the match.

  9. Gifted says:

    Put Iwobi as a no. 10 for a run of games and by the time season is halfway, no one will be mentioning Ozil. This boy is the only player in our squad who has the natural ability to beat players. If he can improve his end product, we will have our very own Marco Reus (without injuries). The problem we have is that Ozil, Micki, Ramsey and Iwobi all want to play as a 10. and we can only accomodate one of them in that position

  10. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Oh so suddenly everyone is stating how good Iwobi is and how better he’s gonna get, months ago most on here kept shouting sell him off to championship and wouldn’t admit our players stagnated under Wenger, I hope Bellerin picks up also, he hasn’t shown any signs so far, whereas Iwobi has shown improvement right from pre seasons.. I wish these young players the best career..I’m hoping Bellerin gets back the form of his first season and they keep it up

    1. RSH says:

      yah, i definitely wrote him off. I’m glad to be proven wrong tho. Those who work hard to improve should stay. Bellerin… running out of time though, and has never showed any glimpses of defending abilities. Lichtsteiner is right there to take his spot. Like Iwobi, Bellrin needs to improve very fast

  11. GanjaMan says:

    Iwobi is one that I really want to see succeed with us. There’s a player in there I pray Emery now fully unlocks.

    OT though, I would really love if we put a bid in for Leon Bailey. We are severely lacking in width since we sold Chamberlain, Walcott and Sanchez.

  12. Phil says:

    So on the back of one decent performance (and that’s all it was-a good performance) Iwobi has been described as Ozilesque Marco Reus and the saviour of Arsenal.Lets get a bit real here shall we.He had one good performance where he looked more confident than last season and he certainly worked hard in keeping his shape and doing his best defensively.But we e been here before with this player (and many others over the years) so let’s see if he repeats the Chelski performance more consistently before we dub him the new Messi

    1. Sue says:

      The voice of reason yet again Phil

    2. Red and white says:

      at least he had one good game and that too against Chelsea away, unlike Ozil who had some in seasons (just one maybe against the relegation teams and yes one against the Europa minnows)Keep trying Ozil.

      1. Phil says:

        Are you Honestly saying Iwobi is a better footballer than Ozil?And Ozil has only had one decent game since he has been at the Club?I have a feeling you don’t even watch the matches.Probably don’t even have a TV.You just jump on comments for a reaction. On here I get why Iwobi is liked so much by his countrymen and why they are desperate for him to succeed.But most of them accept he has been poor in his performances since his first season.I also don’t seriously believe any of them believe Iwobi is a better footballer than Ozil.
        You obviously don’t have too much going on in your life so If worshipping Iwobi is what gives you a meaning then who am I to ruin your only pleasure.But if you do ever get the chance to watch an Arsenal game then other than it being the highlight of your life you may also learn something about the game

        1. Red and white says:

          Hi Phil, hope you’re having a good day, just note these are my views and im decent enough not to get personal with any other fan. Pls dont be racist im a proud indian and should you ever want to visit India you can be my guest and we can watch our club playing in my living and i can explain the features of my home theatre system.I dont worship Iwobi or any other man as i save that only for the One True God.and regarding ozil, he was good but has pased his prime and this shows in his body language for club and country.its good that Emery is getting ruthless and hope he continues to do so as no one lives in past glory. The lad should understand the impact of his wages on the club and carry the club which we all fans expect like hazard, Aguero kane etc. Hope Emery improoves iwobi as he is just 22 and has potential to improve

          1. Phil says:

            Hi Red and White-thank you for your reply.I can only give my own opinion but Iwobi will never in a million years be as good a footballer than Mesut Ozil.There is no doubt Ozil has struggled the first two games.The system Emery wishes to play is totally alien to the way Ozil plays and is simply not allowing him to play to his strengths.Wenger too often played Ozil out wide when it is obvious his best role for any team he plays for be it Club or Country is as a free playmaker role.Emery will know this and will continue to work the team pattern and system around a Ozils best qualities.This will not excuse him from defensive shape and closing down but these things are just not part of his footballing DNA.
            Iwobi will track back and will close down as it’s a more natural art of his game.But this does not mean Iwobi will ever be seriously considered ahead of Ozil.
            Anyway that is my take on it and I can only finish on the fact that we in England look forward to thrashing the arse off India in the next Test Match.

  13. Dudu says:

    Iwobi this iwobi that just for one match,good!!!
    Iwobi can only play for first half or second half only Emery most have known that by now.For those who are saying to play him as number 10 I’m just laughing……my brother iwobe lack vision for pass,come rain come son Ozil can split defense wit pass we need him to step up his game…not iwobi as number 10.

  14. jon fox says:

    I guess most of us wish Alex Iwobi every success and are desperate to see him play REGULARLY at or better than the standard he achieved against Chelsea. Yes, I HOPE AND BELIEVE HE WILL PLAY AGAINST WEST HAM AND OF COURSE WE NEED ANOTHER TOP PERFORMANCE. BUT WE ALSO NEED REGULAR TOP PERFORMANCES BEFORE WE TRUMPET HIM AS THE NEW OZIL., WHEN AT REAL (ONE POST ON THIS THREAD ACTUALLY MADE THIS BIZARRE COMPARISON). The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, as the saying goes. So, some realism is needed here. What he does NOT need is a load of hyped raves comparing one decent performance to thr standard of proven world class players at th top of their form. Please, just engage your brains and yes, of course support the lad but don’t burden him with nonsensical praise for ONE good but not great performance. You who do this are harming him and our club rather than helping, if only you will realise that. Perspective , PLEASE!!!

    1. pires says:

      i said TWO YEARS AGO when he first played with the senior team against Barca and Chelsea.

      1. jon fox says:

        You haven’t finished your comment. Yoiu said WHAT EXACTLY?

        1. pires says:

          The comparaison with Ozil.

  15. ks-gunner says:

    Iwobi can win fans over. He has the talent, needs only to have also the right attitude as well. Wish Emery things will happen for him.

    1. ks-gunner says:


  16. Chiza says:

    Iwobi!… Iwobi!… Alexander the great!….. All hail Iwobi…. The Nigerian Hazard… One of the future stars of arsenal……Iwobi may you take the right steps in your career and achieve more than your Uncle Jay Jay…….. Winning the African best should be one of your goals… Your Uncle Jay Jay Okocha was denied the African best for selfish reasons just the way thierry Henry was denied the world best…. Put a smile on all Nigerian faces… And of course the faces of arsenal fans…. God bless you and always remember that there would be HATERS!!!!!!!

    1. Phil says:

      And let’s hope he remembers there will always be NUTCASES

      1. l says:

        I can feel your pain Phil.

  17. John Ibrahim says:

    we will trash west ham and win the next 3 games…

    first 3 points and home win this weekend

    1. Sue says:

      I bloody hope so John!!

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        we will…

        Emery will bring glory back….

        3 points win against west ham 99% guarantee…

  18. Roshan says:

    I want 3 of Draxler, Bailey, Brant, Martial in the next transfer window, with Draxler being the key. We need these athletic fast attacking players to fit in with Emery game style of high pressing and fast countering. Imagine a midfield of

    Guendouzi Torreira
    Martial/Brant – Draxler – Bailey

    We would be unstoppable. And all these players are realistically possible to obtain

    1. Roshan says:

      Sell Ozil, Ramsey, Xhakha if we have to!

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        lets get them all…

        if they dont perform…we will sign another 3 again when the window opens

  19. msty says:

    so some arab guy made a proposal of 2billion to buy liverfools but was rejected… FFS come buy us man

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      thats what the fans always wanted…..to become the next PsG or city…and keep spending

      1. Phil says:

        If Liverpool were valued at £2b by someone then believe it or not that would put Arsenal’s value closer to £3b.If some Arab offered Kronke that sort of money he would bite his hands off.And if we did find someone with the odd £3b kicking around down the back of the sofa you would certainly expect him to have the odd £1b in his back pocket to spend on players.Wouldnt that be nice to have an owner to spend whatever on a team?Would it not also prove that Football will only be dominated by whichever Clubs had the richest owners.

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          exactly….would simply hope we be the first to sign a 200m or 300m player

          would love if we spend 1 billion on 5 or 6 players

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