Iwobi out for month as Arsenal injury curse strikes again

It may not be on the same scale as the injury problems facing other Arsenal players like Danny Welbeck and Per Mertesacker, but it is a big blow nevertheless, for Arsene Wenger as well as the player himself, because Alex Iwobi has just had a very impressive pre-season for the Gunners.

In fact it was good enough for the boss to hand him a start in our first Premier League match against Liverpool, preferring the young Nigerian international to Arsenal teammates Joel Campbell and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Hopefully the Ox will step up and make sure that the Gunners do not miss Iwobi too much for the month or so he is out, but you have to curse our luck.

The Arsenal squad available to Wenger was already looking a bit stretched before the start of the season, so to lose Aaron Ramsey and now Iwobi for a month is the last thing we needed. Both of these newly crocked Gunners are due back after the first international break, reports The Mirror, so are only said to be missing for the two games against Leicester City and Watford.

I will believe that when I see them back in action, though, as Arsenal fans have become used to these supposedly short term absences stretching on and on, like Welbeck’s did last season. Will Arsenal cope or is all this bad luck too much for us to handle?


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  1. Wenger’s kingdom will fall this season. Everything is starting to unfold now. I wonder if he learnt dimensional returns at his economic school.

  2. Hope Iwobi recovers fast
    Like Iwobi. He was a revelation last season and really helped us beat Spurs to number 2

    1. Yeah, Ox has a good chance to show his stuff with Iwobi out and Theo not performing well.

      Both Ox and Walcott came to us from Southampton but I think Ox can be the best out of the two. Theo was very disappointing last season and this summer too

  3. Yet another reason why we need Wenger gone is these consistent injuries. It’s a mixture of players with chronic injuries being kept around, and training methods, from what I’ve read. We saw how long he kept the likes of Rosicky, Diaby, and now we’re going through the same thing with Wilshere, and to a lesser extent, Ramsey, and his pesky hamstrings. Obviously you don’t show a player the door after a couple of injuries, but when it’s been happening for years, and they’re rarely available, why does Wenger keep giving them new contracts?

    His out dated training methods seem to be the root cause though. So why doesn’t Wenger change things, maybe have specific training programs for certain players! Apparently, Pep’s training methods were the cause of a lot of injuries at Bayern as well, so clearly there is something in this, it’s not just an isolated case. But Pep can get away with it,because he wins, and challenges. Wenger doesn’t, so he should be looking at changes to rectify this problem (which won’t happen in a million years).

    One game gone, and we’re already deep into an injury crisis, classic Wenger!

  4. According to Ground-a -hog Bets! ?
    Here are the latest prices on who will be the next crocked player @ Arsenal:

    Koscielny @ 1/2
    Sanchez @ evens
    Ozil @ 7/4
    Cazorla @ 2/1
    Walcott @ 5/2
    Giroud @ 11/4
    Xhaka @ 4/1
    Elneny @ 5/1
    Cech @ 5/1
    Any other named player @ 10/1

    Place your Bets Folks! ?

  5. James Rodriguez’s agent Jorge Mendes has told Arsenal he’s for sale 65m
    1 we can’t afford that
    2 Wenger won’t deal with Mendes
    3 hes not better than Walcott(Sarcasm)

    1. How did he ever go for the money real paid for him. I knew nothing of him before that world cup, it’s silly to offer record breaking numbers because of one tournament. My opinion, Alexis is worth more than him.

  6. At this rate we probably will end up buying Balotelli
    and getting Squillaci from Bastia on loan

      1. And 90+ % suggested it not that long ago, many then calling Arsene deluded for not pipping liv to the player. I was one of the 90%.

      2. I did mainly because he wasn’t expensive and has shown talent in the past, but that was before he went to Liverpool and showed he really is a lost cause.

  7. Here we go…. Liverpool have now entered the race to sign Mustafi, they have apparently offered £26 million.

    Looks as if our injury jinx has rubbed onto Liverpool,
    Mane taken to hospital … with a Shoulder injury!

    1. Hmm….so if the scousers are now after him who do you think he will chose?

      Klopp or Wenger?

      Ok that’s another target lost then. Next!!!!!

      1. Klopp needs to do his own scouting. We wanted Moreno, they got him. They tried for Xhaka but we got him. Now he’s coming in for someone who we identified again. He done the same a few times with Dortmund.

  8. It would have to be Iwobi, us all excited to see if a Bellerin could happen and he gets injured after the first game of season. Very disappointing news. Oxlade looks like he’s been preparing all summer so at-least we have that. Campbell has his admirers in here so they may get a chance to see more of him.

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