Iwobi ponders on Arsenal’s winger search and says he may consider leaving

All these moves are possible threats to Iwobi’s place in the team, and it has given him some pause for thought. The Nigerian international warned in the Sun: “I am not one to chicken out. I have had it all over the years, being told I’m not good enough.

“So whenever the chance comes I always try and prove I should be starting. But it’s going to be difficult if Zaha comes. He will add more stress.

“I am up for the fight but the only time I would consider leaving is if I am not playing as much as I would like to.

“Obviously, my joy is to play football and not just sit out.

“If it comes to that I would have no choice but to leave. But I would always put up a fight to play — that is what I have done all my life.

“We have big stars already, so by adding another one I’ll just have to prove I can do better than them.”

Iwobi obviously feels strongly that his place is under threat for him to speak out so publicly about his fears, and we can only hope that he steps up his game considerably this season and proves he is real Arsenal first team materiel.



  1. Am sure iwobi himself knows he is not good enough.
    are we going to miss him.?
    if we sign a good winger I don’t think so.
    personally I think we should cash in on him and sign a decent winger.!!

    1. Oh dear-as I’ve continually said the truth really does hurt.This from a player who only last week was saying how he would continue to fight for his place.Now all of a sudden it has finally dawned on some what most have said for ages.Not good enough.Never was and never will be.

      1. Phil..come to think about it.. Who then is good enough?Kolasinac? Monreal? Mhkitaryan? Mustafi? Arsenal have become an average club with a bunch of “overly” paid mediocre players. As bad as the team was last season, Iwobi was the only “glimmer of hope” we had on the wings. Take it easy man..Cut the guy some slack. I don’t know what it is you have against the guy or is Country.. But I think you should chill man.

      2. If the writer of this article wasn’t trying to drive his agenda, he would’ve shared the important part of the interview where Iwobi addresses people like you Phil

        He said “I was still at school when I was hearing [I wouldn’t make it at Arsenal],” he added.Maybe you think: ‘Football is not for you and you don’t want to play no more.’ But it’s good to have that self-motivation to believe you can prove your critics wrong… So keep it coming Phil, it’s just another 4 years left.

        Now this is the part we should really be paying attention to, this is the message he was trying to pass to the Arsenal hierarchy in the interview which the Admin DELIBERATELY ignored…

        He said “I do play in a different position for Nigeria, as an attacking midfielder with a sense of freedom. I am more COMFORTABLE there”…

        Simply means if the club is going to continue wasting my talents out wide then I would consider leaving.

        This message was the essence of the interview in the first place

        1. TH14 Oh right – I’ve got it now.So basically he is quitting because for all these seasons he is being played out of position.Yeah I forgot a previous comment of yours that will live forever in the minds of everyone hi read it-“With some coaching Iwobi would become a better footballer than Dennis Bergkamp”.Do you remember when you posted that?
          You are saying that Iwobi is a World Class footballer.DB10 certainly was.So if Iwobi would be better than the finest ever footballer to wear the Arsenal shirt then why is he doubting his own talents?Why is he frightened of competition from future buys and a bunch of kids coming through?
          The answer-Iwobi knows his level.ITS YOU who mistakenly believes he is better than what he is.
          You were continually told but you just would not listen.
          The truth hurts PAL

    2. Admin Martins you have to stop removing my post, I’ve not said anything wrong. How can I use my hard earned data and time to contribute to the website only to have 5 posts removed even when not violating the rules. Stop it please!!

        1. Iwobi has just come out with this statement about the fake news the uk ?? media is trying to spread..

          He tweeted “Fake News & Click Bait! I Don’t know Why Some Newspapers Enjoy Twisting Words ??‍♂️?. I Hope We Sign World Class Players @Arsenal And Progress As A Team ??. I’m Looking Forward To The New Season. Happy Sunday ?.

          So there you have it. The lad just earned my respect for slamming and calling out these media outlets!!!

          1. Ah right-do it was the press that made it all up was it?I dont believe that for a minute and I don’t believe you do either

  2. Iwobi hasn’t done enough to be a regular starter just yet. I see him as an important squad player. I would definitely keep him over Ozil, and Miki, but we still need better than Iwobi to push on.

    If he isn’t happy then we should cash in now or next summer whilst we can still get some good money.

    I’d rather see Arsenal spend 70/80 million on a WC CB, rather than Zaha, or another attacker.

    1. I’ve always thought he would be good and have been defending him with blood and flesh as I have to all Arsenal players. But after watching him at Afcon. After watching Walcott and jack.w(sorry for the injuries) , iv changed. Arsenal should no longer be a comfort zone. Sell iwobi before it’s too late. Inverst the cash on someone better

  3. I bet if Iwobi leaves, TH14 will pack his bags and leave the Arsenal camp the moment he finds out Iwobi is gone.
    I bet Phil and Dan might organize a celebration party ??

    I don’t care what Iwobi does, I’d like us to get Everton please, and spend the rest of the money on a CB.
    I’m not gon lose sleep over an overpriced Zaha

    1. You’re wrong there buddy, first of all Iwobi isn’t leaving, his little PR comments isn’t something to be worried about. If it happens so and he leaves, there’ll be another Nigerian nightmare coming through, I still Saka, Amaechi, Olayinka, Nwakali and a host of other Nigerians in the Arsenal setup. So you see I’m covered, it’s Phil and Dan you should be worried about ?

      1. Eeeh bro?? The only Nigerian nightmare I’ve known at Arsenal is KANU Papilo. Iwobi is just a Night?..no mare

        1. I feel you bro, KANU is up there but my guy Iwobinho isn’t far off either, with time and the right coaching he can be all Papilo ever was and more.

          1. Oh dear-not again.I would have thought you would have learned from posting comments like this.But no.
            Oh well-the one bright spot for you is that the Brentford Replica shirts are £10 cheaper than Arsenal’s so you will save yourself a few Bob there PAL
            See-it’s not all bad

      2. I would welcome ANY player whatever their nationality if they are good enough.You see this is your problem PAL-you feel the criticism is because Iwobi is Nigerian.Its not.Its because he isn’t very good.He has basically admitted this himself.If he felt he was good enough why would he have come out with that statement?

        1. Admitting that Zaha will be added stress is not same as saying he’s not good enough. Didn’t you read the line that said he will fight? Players talk man! They have emotions too. If Arsenal buys Aguero for instance, Lacazette will be worried. It doesn’t mean he isn’t goof enough. Keep your sentiments aside and use your head.

          1. It was t me that made the comment PAL-it was Iwobi.He knows there are more talented youngsters than him about to come through.He knows the Club ate looking to add even more quality.He knows he is nowhere nearly good enough to play as a CAM unless it’s for Nigeria where even then he rarely impressed.
            You see the issue here is this was always going to happen.Most supporters know that the player is a squad level bench warmer at best.But a very small minority just fail to see this.
            Well the player is nobody’s fool it seems.When he mentioned in his statement that people were always telling him he want good enough it was because it was the truth.And as I have continued to say-the truth hurts

    2. Definitely Zaha overpriced and over hyped. Player like him hardly cut it in big star studded team. Remember Man Utd days. Decent for everton or wolves

  4. I have nothing against him ,but simply put he’s not good enough ,we have 3-4 youngsters who can already do a better job than he’s being doing these last 3 years ,it’s not only him but mustafi and Xhaka need to go also I’m not sure what 2 Arsenal managers see in them what 95% of Arsenal fans don’t .
    Mustafi yesterday was a liability ,joke defending ,if Emery does not sort this out within the next 3weeks we all know how this season is going to pan out ,what worry’s me is the way josh came out with his statement and then Emery and Edu follow suit with the crap that has been spewing out this club every summer break for the last 5 years .just wish they would be honest rather than these misleading words they always come out with .
    We’ve spent all summmer trying to sign a young defender even though he won’t be here this season,very well worrying once again

      1. Practically any youth player still at the Club according to Emery and Freddie.Otherwise why are we looking at buying better players if they felt a Iwobi was any good?
        Still-it could be worst for you.
        Actually it couldn’t

          1. Not on par ,way way past his lvl already.
            I’ve just read the same article on the daily fail online ,
            and reading between the lines fans want him gone every post was saying sooner the better he’s not good enough .

          2. All 3 had better ball control, made better runs and better off the ball movement than anything I’ve seen from Iwobi ?‍♂️
            Without having seen them in league action I’d say that puts them on par with Iwobi…. If they do it in the league too then Iwobi is screwed…. He is squad level at best and nothing more imo

        1. Its pre-season. Once EPL actually starts none of that matters. Sanogo had 4 goals in pre-season and he is trash.

  5. What a selfish person, the reason why we missed the top 4 and lost the Europa league final was because the lack of depth ,he shouldn’t be worried if he’s good enough, competition for places needed in our squad

    1. Selfish because he doesn’t want to sit on a bench and wants to play football? That’s quite some logic.

  6. I was still at school when I was hearing [I wouldn’t make it at Arsenal],” he added.Maybe you think: ‘Football is not for you and you don’t want to play no more.’ But it’s good to have that self-motivation to believe you can prove your critics wrong. “But I do play in a different position for Nigeria, as an attacking midfielder with a sense of freedom. I am more comfortable there.
    “However, if I’m told to play on the left or the right, or left-back, like I have sometimes, I will always do my best.” If that’s not commitment then I don’t know what that is, am not iwobi and am not a coach either, but arsene wenger promoted and emery keep using him, I think the coach must have seen something in him to keep giving him playing time. We all know iwobi has always been an average player but this last season so many things have changed about him, the only issue I have with him is his finishing if he can work on that he will be a good player but if am to choose between him and ozil it will be iwobi all day long but what do I know am just a French man who loves drinking wine.

  7. Honestly, it seem most Nigerians I encounter seem to think Iwobi is a pele or maradona. The guy at best, as of now, a squad player.
    I don’t think he’s too elite for us to lose sleep when sold. Better have come and gone. He isn’t leaving this summer, for sure but if at his age he needs to step up other than that he should be sold for the right price.

  8. Dan the only reason why I don’t always agree with your comments here is your sentiment, yes iwobi is average but a very useful squard player,and yes I agree with your assessment of mustafi and Xhaka but if you think they are not good enough for arsenal to move forward, do you think ozil is good enough?If we are being honest ozil has been useless for arsenal for close to 3 seasons and yet you think he can take us forward? Bro if we rely ozil again this season to be our creative outlet I can assure you we will still end up in the Europa league again next season.

  9. He has a contract till 2022 so might be hard getting rid of him.
    70k p/w is plenty to live the play boy life style I should imagine 🙂
    As for Zaha 60m? Just no.
    We don’t actually need Zaha.
    We have Martinelli + Nketiah + Joe Willock looks classy.
    Whats the big deal about wingers?
    All the attackers play on the wing during the game.
    Auba and Laca are often played on the wing.
    Ramsey was played on the wing for years Mkhitarian
    is played there now even Ozil plays on the wing.
    No reason why Martinellie Nketiah and Willock can’t play on the wing
    and are on vastly smaller salaries than Zaha.
    Just play the youngsters.
    Zaha has taken 8 years to become decent.
    Our teenagers can be just as good and cost little or nothing to buy.
    Please don’t throw 70m at a player just to please the fans

    1. “Whats the big deal about wingers?”

      This is the problem with Arsenal fans, they forget things too easily, so our youngsters are playing well this preseason, something the club does every summer and then suddenly we don’t need wingers?
      Eddie is a striker, but no, let’s destroy that by playing him on the wings, Willock is a B2B midfielder, but no let’s play him on the wings, afterall Ramsey, Ozil, and Mhiki all play fabulously on the wings.
      We don’t need wingers to stretch oppositions, after all last season, We could penetrate defensive minded teams

    2. We need to sell iwobi, mustafi, Carl,Ozil, Elneny. We need a CB,B2B/ATM and a RW (all those should be first team players

    1. Sue you can’t have him. You already have kolasincac remember? I want everton. He is cheaper, younger, better. more skillful. I really miss those days of ronaldinho shaking his bum samba style while dribbling.
      Plus zidane is classless. Anybody see his comments on Bale? How can a coach say he is “hoping and waiting for bale to leave “?

      1. How could I forget ?
        Well, you may just get your wish! There’s a lot of talk about him atm, got to be something in it, and now UE has come out and said he wants to sign 4 players!

        Really surprised at Zidane ?

    2. Dear Sue,

      I am all for signing Zaha believe me, I repeat HE IS NOT A THREAT TO IWOBI… If that happens, It is Ozil that should be worried now he has serious competition from the Nigerian nightmare for the cam role.

      If the club doesn’t adhere to his warning and continue wasting his talents on the wings and forcing him challenge Zaha for a place (one that he’ll definitely not come out wining) then I will support his decision to leave.



      1. Dear TH-14
        What a nice polite letter you posted to Sue.I take great pleasure in looking forward to receiving one from you when Iwobi runs out for his first game wearing that famous Brentford shirt recognised the world over for ……….having a Stadium that has a pub on each corner.
        I for one will take great interest in his career there.My mum had a cousin who played his whole professional career there in the 60-70’’.A nice little club.With a bit more work on his game he might just make the bench there

        Your admiring

        1. Phil.. you’re such a cheeky sod.. the amount of times I’ve read your comments and then cried with laughter!! Such a funny guy ?

    3. !00% right Sue, and Ozil will be back to his best this season with better players around him. Can’t wait to see Ozil threading balls inside the full back for Zaha to put them on the plate for Auba. With Bellerin, Sokratis Holding and Tierney at the back and Ceballos in the middle plus exiting youngsters coming off the bench, I can see positive signs and hopefully a top four finish.

      1. I hope we get him, Kenny. I really do! The thought of him, with Laca/Auba & Ozil is the stuff dreams are made of! Exciting times ahead….

      2. You said the same thing when we signed Lacazette, same thing when we signed Auba. He’s only gotten worse the better the strikers we have gotten.

  10. Called at start of last season to farm Iwobi out on loan to brentford to give him a long run and see if he could improve … In end he stayed and proved his mediocrity … So sell bring in Everton … Zaha is ok but not at any price above 40m .. After watching first half yday we had better buy a decen CB or we will be in trouble again next season … What to me is disturbingly reminiscent of lost wenger decade is failure to move on dead wood .. Jenkinson mustafi xhaka elneny miki should all have been sold by now with Iwobi … Could have rustled up 70m and bought a couple of quality players and promoted youngsters

  11. What confuses me about a lot of the talk around Iwobi is that he says it himself, he’s not a winger. At Arsenal because we’ve had no out and out wingers for a long time, he’s been forced to play there because he has speed and isn’t averse to playing where he’s asked to. The same as how so many midfielders get played on the wing at Arsenal when they shouldn’t be.

    It’s a shame because I think if he got played more centrally more often, or was given more freedom at least, I think he’d prove himself more useful than he has been at times, but unless he’s given that chance we won’t know. So he may be better off going elsewhere anyway.

    It’s much the same for Maitland-Niles playing RB/RWB, he’s also a central midfielder but is willing to do his best to help the team. It’s stupid really because there must have been and will likely still be a lot of wasted potential over the years with so many players being played out of position.

  12. After reading Iwobi’s quote elsewhere I knew what to expect on this site. Either blind praise of his honesty and love of the game or blind criticism for admitting he might he might leave if he doesn’t get game time. Perspective is a wonderful thing people.

    For the record, I’ve got no problem with his quote which basically boils down to – I’ve been doubted my whole career and I’m not scared of competition but I’m in football to play and if I’m not getting to play here I’ll go elsewhere.

    Given the many players in the PL who seem happy to warm the bench and collect massive wages, I find Iwobi’s comments refreshing and feel it odd that anyone would criticise them. I get some of the criticism about his final ball but not this quote. Seems a bit churlish tbh.

    1. Nobody’s criticising the comments Iwobi made.As you it’s tefreshing he admits his level is behind players the Calibre of …….practically anyone.Its the blind faith that some have (well one in particular) that just cannot admit to his complete lack of talent.The player himself acknowledges his lack of talent and admits he is unable to get a regular start in what is considered the worst Arsenal side for at least as long as most can remember.
      It’s better for the player to go as soon as he can get a move.What very little value he has will be reduced dramatically when Clubs at the Championship level and below realise he is struggling to get a place on the bench in Europa and Carabao cup games.
      I’m unsure of his worth but if brings in £2.50 then grab it while it’s there.

      1. AdMart/FOUR posts removed?Not a single comment I have read or written that is offensive or insulting?I think you are being far too sensitive.It was you who posted the article so you knew what to expect yet have removed posts for no obvious reason.
        If you hadn’t written the article then I’m not sure you would have allowed anyone else to have it appear here.

      2. I’m not sure which lines you were reading between to come up with that interpretation from what Iwobi said but sure… thanks for proving my wider point.

      3. Is that £2 and half Million Phil or £2 .10 shillings in old money, hope its the latter

        1. The latter Kenny-but if the club to agree to pay the full amount and not in instalments call it £2-we would have had a right result

    2. Iwobinho is being wasted out wide… the essence of his interview is simply telling the club if that continues, I’ll be going somewhere else where I can actually develop my talents in my NATURAL position.

      You can’t sign Zaha who is arguably one of the best wingers in the Epl and ask Iwobi who’s a number 10 to challenge him for the LW position.. Come on people, it’s not a fair fight!!

        1. But not at all-if he wants to play CAM he is admitting he is not good enough to play there for Arsenal.Otherwise why would he look to leave?Simple.He knows he just is not good enough.

  13. Iwobi should be loaned. I wish Lacazette plays as a 10 in front of Ceballos and Torriera. Aubumayang can be flanked by Everton Soares and Zaha. A tall fast CB must be signed though, if not get Cahill for free!

  14. It’s funny phi if you think iwobi will leave arsenal and move to a smaller club, am not here supporting iwobi I support all the arsenal players as a whole, the same was said about Alex chamberlain the same was said about Ramsey, i can understand everyone has there own opinion but I can’t quite understand why some think the boy doesn’t have talent, take ozil as a case study, if he had started his career as a winger do you think Real Madrid would have signed him, I watched iwobi against Cameroon as a CAM and he was good, am sure if he plays there more often he will be great in that position.The way he carries the ball and his energy and his skills he reminds me of “Youri Djorkaeff” a former France midfielder, but like I said everyone has there own opinion and I love his comments he shows his committed to play football and not just sit on the bench and get his 70k like some in the premier league.If he decides to leave for more minutes then God be with him.

    1. Do you feel Iwobi has the talent to go to an even bigger Club than Arsenal do you.I look forward to you letting us all know which Clubs they might be.

  15. Phil you are quite entitled to your views on Iwobi but let’s hope you are gracious enough to admit you are not always correct in your assessment of Arsenal players.My own first impressions of Xhaka were favourable but I now readily accept my error of judgement.As to the matter of the derisory transfer fee you apply to Iwobi I trust your are playing the devil’s advocate on this occasion as to my mind Iwobi would fetch considerably more than Mustafi, Socratis, Monreal and Kolasinac who along with the errant Koscielney are the main reasons for our lack of success last season.

    1. Iwobi wouldnt fetch more than 10 mil even in this day and age with the higher priced transfers that have been going on .
      Definitely wouldn’t be sold for 55 mil like TH14 said he was worth ,also he’s not very professional and clubs might not want to take a chance on him ,what team would risk spending money on a player who likes to party before a big game ,very unprofessional .

      1. I missed the £55m price tag.Did TH14 really say that? That would make him the single most prized asset at the Club.Oh well-after tearing it up at ACON I suppose he must be worth it.TH14 says so-it must be true

    2. After 4 seasons Grandad I feel I know enough to judge if a player has talent or not.Iwobi has never been good enough.And what’s more he is now admitting it himself

  16. If Iwobi was productive we wouldn’t be in the market for 2 wingers, Everton and Zaha. He feels he’s not in his best position fair enough, but if he was quality he would get the playing time.

    I like him coming off the bench, he’s shown he can change the game. He really needs to step up NOW, Martinelli and Saka are coming and Iwobi needs to be DELIVERING not DEVELOPING.

    1. Durand-enough of this Iwobi nonsense.Lets get down to some serious questioning.Do you feel Dwayne Haskins will start for the Refskins this season?Very raw and untried but what an arm.

    2. I agree Durand. Iwobi better be okay with being a squad player until he improves. He is not starting quality for Arsenal. Nothing more than a fine squad player as it stands.

  17. Phil ,Iwobi appears to have been the victim of fake news which we have all swallowed hook line and sinker.

    1. Thank you for creating the awareness. The Sun and other media outlets that helped spread the slanderous fake news should really be proud of their actions.

      1. I would sooner believe what I read in the Sun to what you post.You said Iwobi was “Tearing it up at ACON”.Seems he played ok’ish at best.Despite playing as a No10.Now bearing in mind you stated with a bit of Coaching the player would end up better than Dennis Bergkamp” you can see why it’s difficult to totally believe anything you say above the press.

  18. Oh the Arsenal bunch!!!
    Iwobi is the only player from our academy that has been a regular in our team over the past 3 years and some fans think that he’s not good enough.
    Not surprising at all.
    The likes of Nelson, Willock and other rookies will NEVER be first team material.

  19. And to even think and believe that Zaha is more talented, just underlines the naivety and shortsightedness of arsenal fans.

    Anyway no surprises since they are the same people that praise players of little talent like Ramsey, Willock, Niles, Bellerin etc.

    1. Little talent
      Ramsey-now At Juventus
      Willock-Rarely played but young enough and good enough to have some at the Club raving about him.Have you ever seen him play?I have.About a dozen times for the youth sides over the last couple of seasons plus whenever he has been given a first team run out.This boy really could become a top player
      AMN-Seiously unlucky with injuries last season.First his own broken leg v Citeh first game of the season playing LB.Then after Bellerins injury he was played at RWB to cover.He is a CM But has rarely been played there.He needs to work hard to get game time this season with the competition he will have but we will soon find out.
      Bellerrin-Ridiculous to say he has no talent.Probably the one player who Emery got improved performances from before his injury.A huge loss for us until he is back,
      Not sure how you describe talent but you have it badly wrong with all four of these

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