Iwobi proves that Arsenal don’t need Ramsey

After all the commotion about Aaron Ramsey’s contract talks with Arsenal breaking down, I would not have been surprised if Emery had dropped him for yesterday’s game against Watford, but there was always the possibility that he may have put in an improved performance to show he deserves a new mega-deal, or at least put himself in the shop window.

But the Welshman was largely ineffectual, and even when he was given the captains armband after Cech’s injury he didn’t improve and he was finally hauled off by Emery and replaced by Alex Iwobi. And what a difference that made! The Nigerian international looked extremely lively yet again and had a hand in both of our goals, so maybe he could demote Ramsey to a place on the bench for the forseeable future, or at least until we can sell the Welshman in January.

Emery admitted that he wanted to see Iwobi get more forward into the spaces that Ramsey would usually take over. He has the quality to play right or left, to do maybe more one-on-one [take-ons] against the opposition,” he said. “I want him to stay more near the box, for scoring and to be more aggressive and find assists for his teammates.”

With Ramsey’s reputation on the slide along with his performances, do you think Iwobi has earned an extended run in the Arsenal first team?

Sam P


  1. gotanidea says:

    Emery is right, Iwobi is good with one-on-one situations. But Iwobi seemed reluctant to take the risks in the past, probably because Wenger instructed him to play very safe

    The boy has excellent close control ala Cazorla’s and good physique, but he lacks the confidence. I hope Emery gives him more chance to start in the wings, because he is more lively there than Aubameyang and Ozil

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Oxlade was lively, Wilshere was lively, if it doesn’t end with some results then it ain’t worth s**t. He helped get that opener, but it was more about luck & Lacazette, than a properly hit ball. Ramsey is lively, but he gains results now and then. Lacazette is lively, results!. Lively doesn’t cut it, dribbling doesn’t cut it. Without end results the crowd will eventually come down hard on him.

      1. Rkw says:

        That’s right …. hamsters are lively when u put them in a wheel … otherwise they are dumb and placid … think emery has found him a wheel which is good if he could only find him s football brain he would be a decent player …

        1. Abel says:

          Your statement is very wrong on a lot of levels and shows just how dim witted some Arsenal fans are.

  2. Shortboygooner says:

    Let’s hope that Ramsey is the last player that will be let run into the last year of their contract. Ramsey is a good player. A solid 7 on average. Is he replaceable yes very much so. Would it be nice to keep him. Yeah sure but only if he takes a reasonable wage. I don’t think he will make it into the 1st team of any other top club. Tottenham Liverpool utd city all have better or on level midfielders. We also have torrerier xaka gundozie and ainsley who are arguably on par in the midfield and elnany who also does a job. Not to mention the youngsters we have. Ozil iwobi Henrik all who can play in CAM. We really don’t need Ramsey and he needs to understand that it him who should be honoured to sign for arsenal and all the fans and not us who should be honoured to have him sign.

    If he can’t see this let him go. And ask him what happened to alexis sanchez


    1. Counsel says:

      The has improved alot

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Our club offered him a four year contract on better terms, he agreed to it there was even a good news tweet a while back, but before everything got drawn up and signed properly ..we took it off the table. This to me says there is something that happened that they aren’t saying. The only thing that comes to mind is someone approached Ramsey after he agreed, and Ramsey’s people probably met up with them. Tapping up is the only thing that comes to mind on this because its very strange behavior towards an Arsenal stalwart. He’s the longest serving player here, and clubs know players will try to get as much out of a deal as possible esp considering the players age.

    2. gotanidea says:

      According to Ornstein, he actually agreed on the extension, but Arsenal withdrew the offer

      @kev is right that Ramsey wants to stay, probably because Ramsey knows the reality. But Arsenal already have too many players that can play in his position, as what you said

      BTW, Ramsey is not going to be the last Arsenal player that is allowed to run down his contract. Welbeck and Monreal would most likely be allowed to do so, if there is no good offer for them

  3. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Iwobi always had the game in him… of Cus he always played safe when the whole squad kept playing sideways passing, 360 degrees and whip the ball back to Cech only to go start another round of sideways passing.. under Emery he’s more direct, he takes the ball to his opponents and seem to be expressing himself more

  4. Counsel says:

    Ewobi has a unique strength he has a fancy footwork and ability to beat players,he can carry the ball forward without the sideway and backwards passes he should start on the left wing.OT Wenger has stated that he has not watched any arsenal game yet people want to purport that Wenger was sacked the captain per said Wenger resigned.How would guzidas have sacked him then resigned to join Milan without one year notice as indicated by the board,we all no Milan is not better club than arsenal think! Wenger made as qualify for CL league for 19yrs won three titles and 7 FA cup so now top four is a big thing yet people abused Wenger saying its not good enough, Emery is doing fine but Wenger deserves his respect.

    1. McDonald says:

      19yrs in the champions league and only one final. please he really messed us up after his first ten years

  5. jon fox says:

    I would now start Iwobi instead of RAMSEY. RAMSEY IS NOW EFFECTIVELY POISON TO OUR FUTURE. He will be going , either in Jan(please God!!) or by next summer and he is simply NOT doing the onfield business. Iwobi is the future, having shown a marked improvement under Emery. It must surely surpise SOME(only ) of the Nigerians on here who could not get it into their silly, uneducated heads that those who did NOT rate Iwobi, were doing so simply based on onfield quality. He has improved but is still Nigerian and yet NOW many of us want him in. How about an apology then from those idiots who thought this nonsense was about racism? British football has many faults but one of the great and positive things about it is that racism is almost completely eradicated. Most of us live firmly in the 21st century and are delighted that we do.

    1. I says:

      Your sarcasm betrays your age. It’s a pity that at your age, you can make a contribution without sounding sarcastic. It tells a lot about mental bloc.

      1. jon fox says:

        There is no sarcasm , merely plain truth in what I wrote. I defy you to point out ANY sarcasm, as there is none. Just th honest truth!e

    2. Omar says:

      Jon Fox,
      You call those who may have implied/asserted “racism” as a cause of why “Iwobi” had not been previously rated as “Nigerians…. silly, uneducated heads”. It is patently clear that it is you who are being silly and ill educated and ill informed and pathetically oblivious to reality or attempting to whitewash your own intrinsic “brain washed” racism.

      You say “British football has many faults but one of the great and positive things about it is that racism is almost completely eradicated.” I say bullshit. Racism has not been eradicated, the reality that individuals who are “West African” and/or of their immediate descent carry the natural “athleticism” and “muscle groups” and the ramifications post slave trade on the “ACTN3” gene in those now in Jamaica, Americas(Brazil etc) and back to Ivory Coast via Haiti and the new discoveries in Scientific Research and Sport Science has forced it down the throats of Chairman and Owners of Football Clubs that they can no longer support “Racism” in football as they will lose on their investments. Football is now a business.

      Previously, Racism was rife throughout as it was the Political Matrix of divide and control by governments and Racism was Government Policy and was institutionalised. Parliament, the Judiciary, the Media. the Police Force and all business institutions; Racism was institutionalised. The ordinary Joe Public were imbued and brain washed in Racism that they went along with it. The FA directed George Graham (England Manager) that he could not have more than 2 black players in the England team.

      Little did they know or acknowledged that we are all from Africa and most of the North Western people are the bastards of the “Neanderthal”(from Africa some 200m years ago) and “Modern Human”(from Africa some 70m years ago). England exists on the proceeds of theft. Even the “Crown Jewels” are stolen. The British Museum will be empty if all contents were returned to the original Countries where they were stolen from. Even The famous “sewer system” of Bazalgette’s was an idea stolen from “The Indus Valley Harappa Indians” of 4500 BCE. Man would not have gone to the Moon or have Computer technology if not for the Indians having invented “The Zero”, we would still be counting in Roman numerals! England will be left with “fish and Chips”, No correction, Potato was stolen from South America. Only Fish!

      Jon Fox, get a meaningful education.

      1. Phil says:

        You need to get a football education pal-George Graham was NEVER England manager.And you also state the FA ORDERED no more than TWO black players were to be included in the England squad.That is as Racist a comment as I’ve ever heard.
        If you look at the George Graham sides he had players such as Anderson Thomas Rocastle Davies Campbell Wright and I can tell you for certain George Graham would have played 11 Eskimo’s if they were the right fit for his team.Your comment is ridiculous and incorrect.Makes you look a bit a fool doesn’t it.If you are to offer comments at least make them factually correct.
        As for the FA I would say you need to look more at yourself than them for Racial negligence.You are the worst kind of Racist in my mind.

      2. jon fox says:

        You are talking about the bad old days when there was, disgracefully, much racism THEN. But carefully choosing my exact words, I said that racism is ALMOST, (not completely therefore) eradicated, which you chose to ignore. The rest of your bizarre post is a political and irrelevant ramble through history, so I set those rather silly comments aside. If you care to again accuse me of being a racist and care to give your address , my legal writ for libel will land on your doormat so fast you won’t have time to catch your breath. I trust you understand me, as I am the last person on earth to can be accused of Racism , as ALL who personally know me would testify.

    3. Things are changing says:

      I hate reading articles about how Ramsey is looking forward to working with Klopp etc. Whether these articles are true or not is not so relevant to me. What is relevant is that it was inevitable that letting him enter his final year was begging for distraction and speculation that would not benefit the team.

      I have said it many time before today, no player who does not want to be part of our future should be allowed near the first team.

      This should be an exciting period of change and expectation for this squad where all players should want to impress the fans and manager, a player who has checked out and is thinking about his next club cannot be part of that.

  6. Peterhos says:

    Eddie you are spot on. Wenger had long forgotten that he wanted his teams to attack with pace and style. Also, we made do for 10 years with average players up front. Think of Bendtner, Aliadiere and Sonogoals. Hopefully we have a manager with a fresh and ruthless eye.

    1. jon fox says:

      Sorry but I refuse point blank to think about “Bendtner, Alliadiere and Sonogo(als)”. The reason? I do not wish to feel suicidal!

      1. How about a hearty reminder on the exploits of Lord Bendtner then? Remember in 2014 when he allegedly unzipped his trouser, rubbed himself against the back of a taxi while repeatedly calling the driver “a little wh*re”? Or his paddy power underwear celebration? Man the best striker in the world was hilarious both on and off the field.

    2. Abel says:

      Could you remind us all which manager signed Lacazette and Aubameyang? While you’re at it, could you list a single attacking player in the Arsenal team Unai has signed?
      Much like wilshere, Ox, Gibbs, Jerkinson, Walcott and Ramsey. Alladiere, Bendtner, Sanogo and Vela, Van Persie were youth prospects who were given ample playing time with the hope that they could transit from wonder kids to world class strikers. Unfortunately, most never made it to world class strikers except Van Persie and to a lesser extent, Carlos Vela who became a club legend at Real Sociedad where he formed a strike partnership with the now famous Griezman.

  7. Godswill says:

    When Iwobi’s contract was extended we queried the wisdom. Now we can see it.
    A new manager, a changed player, the better for the club.
    Not only him a few others players that I thought should go example Welbeck. He’s a different player now.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      About Welbeck, is it Auba and Laca, trying to win some game time that brought about his form. Or is it that he has one season on his contract. That happens allot not just at Arsenal. Players playing for contracts give much more than if it was just about the points tally. He looks at the moment the player that the England team get. But is he worth over a hundred grand a week, for a bench option that’s allot. His career suggests not, right now he looks a man with a purpose though.

  8. Sue says:

    OMG I never thought we’d see an article like this ??

    1. Abel says:

      I told you it’ll come someday Sue. Cheers.

  9. Red and white says:

    So happy for the team and Iwobi, when all wanted him out, i knew he could develop more as he is young and has a strong physique. Also Xhaka is improving, wish Ozil could forget the recent past and build his confidence on the goal he scored and further improve. Ramsey – he has lost it, should be benched, maybe used as an impact sub. Good to see Emery improve too, lets keep the momentum and forget the first 2 losses. Future looks exciting, maybe top 3, and 2 domestic cups would be a good season for Emery.

  10. achaks says:

    Am I the only one seeing how Lucas torreira has transformed arsenal midfield? What a player….torreira is a beast. Pls sell Ramsey pls. And by a natural winger eg. Wilfred Zaha. And see how arsenal will fly.

    1. Sue says:

      No you’re not the only one ?

      1. ozziegunner says:

        And he complements Xhaka, improving his performances as well.

      2. Hilary says:

        Torreira Starts Vs Vorskla Arsenal keeps clean sheet. He gets subbed Arsenal conceeds 2 goals
        Torreira Starts Vs Everton Arsenal Wins with clean sheet
        Torreira Starts Vs Watford Arsenal Wins with clean sheet
        Who still thinks it’s all just a coincidence?
        Well I think we just found the Solution to our midfield and defense problems…

        1. ken1945 says:

          Nice to see you back here Hilary, good observations as usual.

          1. Hilary says:

            Thanks Ken1945, and it’s good to see you too…

          2. ozziegunner says:


  11. waal2waal says:

    …under wenger ramsey was showing little in terms of his ambition. even after numerous injuries or dips in form he was returned to the first team and wenger hyped his fitness with favourable comments about his engine (all blah blah). As far as welsh internationals go it’s difficult to see how Ramsey has distinguished himself. He’s nowhere on par with the Bales, Emlyn or Mark Hughes(es), Saunders, he may be on par with Robbie Savage but he’s not been what arsenal needed and now he’s developed an inflated ego and with it the audacity to think he merits playing alongside world beaters (like ozil has proved to be on his day).

    It’s not difficult to see there are lots of midfielders proven to have more promise and productivity than ramsey and perhaps its Iwobi’s opportunity (under his resurgent character) to grab the bull by the horns and show everybody what he can do. Whether Iwobi is the player arsenal ultimately require is still up for debate – but what isn’t up for debate is that if where to reach the heights we expect to, or deserve to , then we no longer need ramsey.

  12. D says:

    I’m sorry, but how long ago was it that the vast majority of posters on this blog were saying that Iwobi is absolutely terrible and needs to be sold? Do you lot even remember that or does your mind subconsciously cover over it to protect your delicate egos? Perhaps take that as a sign that you guys perhaps don’t know quite as much as you think you do, let alone more than one of the most successful managers in PL history.

    1. jon fox says:

      Personally, I never DID think I knew more than Sir Alex Ferguson, whom I presume you were referring to as “one of the most successful managers in PL hstory.” But just in case by any chance , you were referring to Wenger, then not only me but tens of thousands of Gooners knew more than he did that any successfuol side MUST have top defenders, they MUST be coached and you MUST have a quality CDM and NEVER consistently buy and play rubbish CB’s like Senderos, Djourou, Schillaci, Cygan, Stepanovs, Mustafi and also CB’s who can move no faster than an aged snail, eg Merts. We ALL knew that, but if Wenger did, well, he still chose to ignore it all. Cos he knew best, didn’t he! Didn’t he? No, he bloody well did NOT. As for Iwobi, now that we have FINALLY got a manager who knows what he is doing and who is capable of running properly a huge club like ours, it is hardly surprising that Iwobi and other players who stunk under Wenger have blossomed. Just in case you get the idea that this post is an anti Wenger rant; too bloody right it is! Even now , four months on , I still wake each morning and bless the great day this fossil was FINALLY( a decade too late) SACKED!!! THANKS to the tens of thousands of Gooners who forced this reluctant club to act.

      1. Jay says:

        You are myopic and refusing to swallow your ego. The same players you called shit and didn’t merrit a shirt in arsenal are still the core that Emery is using. Ramsey, Iwobi, bulletin, xhaka, Welbeck, Peter Czech, Izak, Lacazete etc it shows there is something the managers know that you’ll never know cos you’re not a manger or a coach. You are just a paranoid social media critic. Imagine if Iwobi and the rest have been sold during the transfer as you all were crying, and he now picks his form again? Whose loss would that be? Izak is gradually finding his form, what have you to say?
        You should swallow your pride and accept that you don’t know as much as Wenger and stop pretending that they all started playing because of Emery. Emery is good but the players are playing better now because they are underless pressure. The paranoids are now praying and wishing for top four finish, which you never appreciatef under Wenger. Top four has now become your dream. Wenger did for 19years. RESPECT TO WENGER THE LEGEND. I pray Emery wins us more trophies than Wenger did for the love of Aresnal.

        1. Durand says:

          If players couldn’t handle the pressure as you suggest, then they aren’t fit to wear Arsenal shirt. They can go to Norwich or Cardiff, where they don’t have as high of expectations to deliver quality.

          Perhaps Emery is coaching tactics rather than telling players to play the same way regardless of opponents; Bellerin’s statement of Wenger, not mine.

          As for top 4; new coach, new tactics, and building team to fit his style. A bit unfair to hold new coach to title expectations with old managers squad and little financial support from absent owner.

          Wenger had a dictatorship for 19 years, 14 without a title. Do you expect Emery to achieve what Wenger couldn’t for last 14 years? If Emery lasts 10 years without a title then top 4 not good enough.

          A consistent standard please, give Emery some time my friend.

          3 months and you hold him to standard Wenger couldn’t reach? Geez, dose of reality please.

          1. Jay says:

            I like Emery but my expectation is the same, success for arsenal and top for and domestic titles is the minimum old coach or new. Chelsea wins titles with periodic change of coaches.
            Criticize players less and they are happy and free to play. When criticism becomes an obsession then it loses its essence. Ozil will pick form, other players will do the same and Arsenal will challenge for things this season.
            That my hope, that’s my expectation. I don’t see any radical difference between Wenger and Emery tactics, its the implementation that’s slightly different ie the high pressing.

          2. ken1945 says:

            But Jay, don’t you agree that Emery has given players who were not performing under Wenger’s last two seasons, belief and have improved under the new coach?
            Both tactically and as a team? Even Cech can sidefoot a ball now!!!
            Your correct about players being affected by constant criticism, but it’s those critics who usually end up with egg on their faces isn’t it?

            Like you, and millions of gooners who respect the man, every time I go to the Emirates, I look at the achievements of Arsene’s teams. They are all around the stadium, no need to say anymore because they are the facts.
            That’s history now of course:
            Emery is the man. Let others dwell in the past if they want. Those nameless individuals are getting less and less and will end up unable to enjoy the future.
            I see great times ahead for Emery, he knows who he has to aspire too…and I think he will.

          3. ken1945 says:

            evening Durand, hope you are well.
            I think maybe your twisting Jay’s comments just a little as he isn’t comparing the two managers, just ensuring that others with less knowledge appreciate both of them.

            I don’t know why comparisions are necessary anyway.
            Surely we are interested in this season and what a manager Emery is turning out to be?
            I always believe Tony Adam’s quote about the past being the past, it’s the future etc etc.

            We have now seen all of the new signings in action and for a reported £50 million transfer kitty I think the new regime has done a brilliant job.
            I admit I queried why he hadn’t played them, but who cares NOW we’ve seen them in action? Excellent additions everyone of them!!!!!
            On top of that, players like Iwobi, Welbeck, Xhaka and Bellerin have found a new lease of life under him.

            Jay’s point that the hysteria about those listed above being classed as “not fit to wear the shirt” IS starting to prove a little premature.
            We all commented and agreed when Emery was announced as the new coach that he needed time to assess every single player inherited, something he said himself.

            What happened?

            After two games, out came the knives again, not only on these players, but Emery’s choice of players and tactics.
            If ever the fact that we should have given Emery the time he needed, the Ramsey saga is absolute proof that this man will not be dictated too, something Kronkie should take heed of in my opinion.
            Have you seen Wrighty’s quote blaming Gazidis for this debacle? It sure makes sense.
            My only question is why he keeps playing this contract rebel, but as Jay again comments, we are not premier league managers.

            However Jay, as gooners we do have a right to our opinions as I’m sure you’ll agree? Let’s just debate in a civil way, if others can’t, that’s their loss.

            Finally Durand, what did you think of Ozil yesterday?
            He has been coming under some VERY personal criticsm on here, but his delight when scoring was evident for all to see.
            He took the chance superbly and his team mates were obviuosly as delighted as he was.
            Hopefully, Emery might start to play him in that “No 10” role and we will see his class shine through.
            Emery? Ten out of ten so far, a VAST improvement on Wenger’s last two years. Something nobody can really disagree with in my opinion anyway,
            OT. Was your friend ok after the devastation caused?

          4. ozziegunner says:


        2. jon fox says:

          How sad for you that you are , even now, still in thrall to the fossil who ruined our club for his last decade. You are the one who is myopic, not me and the tens of thousands of Gooners who forced him out by staying away.

      2. Mohamed Naghar says:


  13. Olaszy says:

    Iwobi has improve and now playing with more confidence. If he can score more goals and assists, it will be a good season

  14. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Football doesn’t work like that. What of when iwobi purported to replace Ramsey is not available to play if he does replace him? Ramsey is a senior player in the first team squad to Iwobi with a lot of first team experience ahead of the upcoming Iwobi who should also be playing regularly. We don’t know why the club has decided to withdraw Ramsey’s contract extention deal after he has agreed to sign it. Could it be it has something to do with the outgoing Arsenal CEO, Ivan Gazidis who could have approved the contract extention deal for Ramsey, but Raul Sanllehi, the head of football at Arsenal has objected to it? But on what ground? We will not know unless it’s made known.

    Arsenal are on a 7 match winning run now in all games. Any disaffection amongst the Gunners in the Arsenal changing room that could lead to disunity among the Gunners which could impact negatively on their current winning run to cut it short must be eschew by Unai Emery from happening.

    We don’t know how much in weekly wages terms the Ramsey’s contract extention deal that was withdrawn purportedly at the instance of the Arsenal board is worth. Probably it may be in the range of £200k – 300k per week wages. The other senior Gunners in the squad are watching with keen interest to see how this contact extention saga of Ramsey will pan out. But if Arsenal treat Ramsey with disrespect on his contract extention, some of his senior Gunner colleagues in the squad who are his friends will certainly not like the maltreatment ment to Ramsey. And that could trickle down to the on the field good performances of the Gunners in their subsequent games negatively. But God forbids that from happening.

    Right now, Ramsey should be a demoralised Gunner after seen his contract extention withdrawn by the Arsenal board which he wants to sign according to reports.

    On a side talk, Isaac Success was impressive for Watford against Arsenal yesterday when he was brought on in the 2nd half. He impressed me with his pacey incursions into the Arsenal 18 yard on the ball beating Holding to pace at one occasion. Despite he didn’t score in the match which of course I didn’t want to see him do, any hope of Militant recommending him to Emery to forward him to the Arsenal board to sign him for the club in January?

    1. jon fox says:

      We do NOT know, as you oddly claim, THAT RAMSEY HAD AGREED TO SIGN THE CONTRACT and then it was withdrawn. What we DO know is that he couldn’t be arsed to sign it for all that time and now the club has called this “ego on legs” player’s bluff. And a good job too. Fans on here are almost 100% keen for greedy Ramsey to leave ASAP. Me included! Simply put, he is not remotely near the class of player who can hold the club to ransom and get away with it. His stupid bluff has been called . Hooray!

      1. Break-on-through says:

        If you don’t mind Jon, any chance you can tell us how much money was offered him before it being snatched it away.

    2. Enagic says:

      I will have more faith in Sanllehi than Gazidis results speak by itself when he used to run things at Barcelona and if he is the one who put breaks on Ramsey contract, that’s a sign good things are coming to Arsenal on pitch side. And the rumors are we are bringing in Banega in January in my opinion will be an excellent coup he is the closest thing to santi which we don’t have right now – no player now in that position who has good creativity and ball retention and after Ramsey is gone next should be Ozil next summer he is a luxury player on that wage numbers.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Enagic, i was under the impression that it was Huss Fahhy in control of contract negotiations?
        Has this changed since Gazidis left?

        Not sure what contract negotiations and pitch side have in common though.
        If that was the case, why was Ramsey anywhere near the Emirates yesterday?

        Ozil? He was offered a contract by Gazidis and co. He accepted this and (I believe) a four year deal. That’s the situation as it is.
        Let’s hope that Emery will give him that “No 10” berth and see him produce the magic we know he can.

        1. Enagic says:

          Head of football with the recommendation of head coach has to sanction that before Huss begin negotiations and i do think after few evaluation Emery think Ramsey is not the guy to take arsenal forward and I will support Emery on this one he should follow his compatriot out the door Walcott,chamberlain,Gibbs were just average to play for Arsenal – on Ozil his body language/efforts are not suited for Emery tactics

          1. ken1945 says:

            So if Ramsey was offered a new deal that was (allegedly) accepted and then taken back, Huss must have had the go ahead to, firstly, draw up the contract before (allegedly) Emery decided he didn’t want to continue.
            So, all three men were involved, offer given, accepted, then taken back.
            Sounds like Dad’s Army to me!!! However, I also will support Emery, after all he’s done nothing wrong so far.
            Where did the Walcott etc names come into it?
            Ozil has been accussed of being depressed with no proof, accused of having awfull body language, as if that would affect his footballing abilities and finally, having signed a £250-£350,000 a week contract offered to him by Gazidis, which he accepted and at the time all gooners celebrated as we had just lost Sanchez.
            As he sees him as an integral part of his tactical plans, I will also support Emery on this one.

          2. Enagic says:

            Just bad feelings with Walcott never improved or mature as a player including etc they were just not Arsenal material Spanish big two changes players every season and they have been taken turn to win European championship but were stuck with players who were not good for long and even you have a Manager came out and say we had a great team but were down two players to win championship – Sanllehi is a winner and is not gonna have any sort of interference he will just pick up a phone and call Kroenke and get approved instead of running Arsenal like in 30s as had been with so many old guards in boardroom.

  15. Durand says:

    Interesting to see if Iwobi starts in the next premier league match. Lacazette up top, Aubamayang on LW Ozil as 10, and Iwobi on RW. Xhaka playing better with Torreria in midfield too.

    Hoping that lineup would see us have traction and be dangerous starting games rather than turning it up in 2nd half.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I agree, on form that would be the starting forwards except Ozil, Ozil gets the place because he’s a playmaker and I can’t see him in any other role besides the no10 role. Welbeck has arguably looked better than Iwobi, his defensive work has been superb and he’s looked to have some purpose in his play. But Iwobi and Auba would suit fine. I suppose you could say on form alone it would be ………….

        With Welbz Auba and Laca switching it up now and then interchanging. See how Iwobi does and we have Ozil if it doesn’t do the trick. But Iwobi might be a better late option, when players tire he might be more effective.

  16. Tiago says:

    The question is > “who needs Ramsey?”
    If he leaves ( and i’m Praying for that) we will see he going to a mid table team….. or perhaps a top club team, and we will see him benched and loaned a year after to a smaller club)
    He lacks everything to be a top class midfielder… lacks of ball control, lacks of confidence, lacks of passing forward, lacks of dribbling, lacks of defending. And we need a top class player.
    Can anyone imagine Ramsey being a first starter at Barcelona, Madrid, Juve, Bayern Munich,Psg, Chelsea, manure, even Liverpool? No way!!!!!!
    We can use. Xhaka. Torreira

    Micky. Lacca. Auba

    Now it seems we have a solid bench. Welbeck good sub, Iwobi good sub, Kolasinac,Lichtsteiner, elneny, holding…. we definitely doesn’t need Ramsey anymore…. bring Ever Banega, and we will never heard about Ramsey again…..

    1. RSH says:

      Same stuff we said about Ox and we were wrong.

      1. Jay says:

        True. Chamberlain shouldn’t have gun, but the fickle fan haunted out

    2. ken1945 says:

      Tiago, with that amount of insight into the future, can I suggest you do the lottery?
      Once youv’e won it, as you surely must, then you can give Kronkie the extra cash he would need to buy all the players (Banega included) being quoted as suitable for Arsenal.
      That’s of course, if City, Utd, Chelsea or Pool don’t decide to join the race.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Sorry. I should have added, what exactly do you think Ramsey can do with a football?
        I just don’t get why Pool, Unt, Chelsea and Barca are RUMOURED to be interested in this player, but there you go.

  17. TheIndianGunner says:

    I am traveling from India to Baku for the Qarabag game. But i am not able to get tickets in the away section. Is it possible to the tickets now or is it too late.
    I have booked a ticket in home section as a backup but I really want to watch the game from away fan sections and not pretend to be qarabag fan.

    This is the closest place to me the arsenal team travelling for a game and i dont want to miss the opportunity

  18. Innit says:

    Wenger used players all wrong

    I think when Wenger turned Henry from a winger to a striker the success got to his HEAD

    He thought he could do anything and players could play anywhere
    He wanted players to be jack of all trades

    Fact is most players play their BEST in specific positions

    Ozil is better CAM then left wing
    Ox was better CM and RW but Wenger played him on the Left
    Wenger played Walcott up front in 2015-2016 instead of buyig a top striker. Theo is better on the right. was terrible striker
    Instead of getting a specialist defensive midfielder played attacking players in that position
    Even tried Playing Nelson RWB, Flamini LB, Niles LWB
    the list goes on and on

    Wenger’s football philosophy sucked

    1. Jay says:

      yet he won several titles with a philosophy that sucks. wake up man and show some respect

      1. jon fox says:

        You must be a scholar of ancient history to remember that far back! No serious title challenge since 2007-8 and no attempt to do anything, let alone actually coach a disastrous defence, full of his dud buys. Why not join the 21st century, like us sane fans have, instead of clinging to ancient history? A forward club lives in the present and future, NOT the distant past.

    2. ken1945 says:

      your examples of playing professional footballers in varying positions by wenger has also been followed by many many other professional managers.
      In fact, isn’t Emery doing just that at the moment?
      Welbeck, Myk, Ozil, Aba, AMN come to mind, but let’s not cloud the issue, as we all have our own personal opinions.

      As for Wenger’s football philosophy sucking, take a deep breath and just hope and pray that any future manager can get us the years of CL football and top four finishes, seven fa cups, three doubles, the magnificent Unbeaten 49 record and millions of gooners who watched Wenger’s teams create the best football ever seen by a team wearing our shirt.

      I assume you were one of the approx. ten thousand who didn’t recognise the above achievements, unlike those millions who RESPECT the man for what he DID, rather than what he DIDN’T do and that includes fans of other clubs all over the world.

      When he resigned, with a “disastrous defence, no plan b, no tactics, no philosophy” as SOME OLD FOSSILS would have you believe, the club had risen to be the 3/4/5th (take your pick) richest/biggest club in the world, with a wonderful new state of the art stadium, built on time and costing what it was budgeted for.
      I assume that, like others with your mentality, as you believe Wenger was in total and utter control, he must have been responsible for delivering this on his own?
      Perhaps he should have gone part time and ensured Wembley and Spuds grounds were also of the same criteria?
      That was, of course, whilst overseeing every other single aspect of the club, including a sucking philosophy on football. (got that right admin).
      We still have a waiting list of over 100,000 fans waiting for a season ticket.
      Funny that when fans go to watch football that “sucks” but others couldn’t get a s/icket for love or money.

      Take your head out of the sand, if you can’t respect Wenger then dont talk about him. You obviously have no concept of the mans brilliance whatsoever.

      He’s gone and your observations should be about where we are now.

      Haven’t you got any pearls of wisdom about what Emery is doing?
      Aren’t you excited about what Emery is bringing to the club?
      Aren’t you voicing a view about the future?

      Who cares about your history lesson on how the second most successful manager in the history of the premier league and most successful Arsenal manager ever, philosophy on football sucked?
      You have no idea what Wenger brought to this club, otherwise you wouldn’t make such stupid, infantile and ludicrous statements.

      Move into the year 2018 and what’s happening NOW and stop harking back.
      Your in danger of becoming a wizened old prune with just one topic of conversation that is totally irrelevsnt in todays exciting world of Unai Emery.

      I look forward with great anticipation to seeing you being proclaimed as the next manager of whoever, whatever, whenever, as your scope of football knowledge eclipses all but the one and only AF.
      Wonder why you, amongst others, never actually became what your nemesis was so successful in doing?

  19. David Rusa says:

    I was one of those people who always called for caution in sacking Arsene Wenger as manager without finding a suitable replacement. I was equally one of those who were very apprehensive about Mikel Arteta replacing Wenger because he was an untested coach. I am very happy with the work Unai Emery is doing so far. Winning 5 EPL games in a row is no mean feat for a new manager who started with games against the best two teams in EPL. The way our boys are playing and the spirit in the team are reminiscent of the Arsenal we all knew and loved dearly. If we keep improving our game I don’t see any reason why we can’t even finish in 3rd position or better. The season is still in its early stages and anything is possible. Let us support our team in every way possible and see how far we go this season. The opportunities are plenty.

    1. waal2waal says:

      “Let us support our team in every way possible” – come rain or shine and despite or differences as well the rants aired here our fans support the gunners. We need to see Kroenke and others who purport to support arsenal’s ambition do so with deeds. It means paying for quality where needed.

      1. ken1945 says:

        david and waal2waal, couldn’t agree more.
        By the way, what’s wrong with being upbeat and excited about our teams performance?
        We are just points away from the top, let’s enjoy it for heavens sake.
        We had enough misery the last two years, let’s look forward.

        1. ozziegunner says:


        2. ozziegunner says:

          ?” I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.* EB Hall attributed to Voltaire.

  20. Gen Normsn says:

    Ramsey is an unconsistent player and its time to go the club.

  21. RSH says:

    we’re getting carried away. still need better plays in all parts of the pitch. Ramsey replacement, better winger, better defenders. Too much hype over a side that hasn’t put in a clean, competent win in any competition yet this season. Positive is that we are in top 4 race as of now, but being realistic and looking at the performances we still need to improve massively. Still a long season ahead.

    1. Chuky chuks says:

      RSH, spot on brother.

  22. LENOhappy says:

    The first thing I thought about when I see this iwobi article is that will some arsenal fans on this site who has always criticize him when he’s playing badly,will they comment or even praise for what he’s done so far this season,but I wasn’t disappointed cos those I wasn’t expecting there comments are truly not commenting,am waiting for an article that will involve ozil even though he’s been playing badly and waiting for those people comments.am not an iwobi fan but credit where it’s due,the boy really looks different,if he continues this way,he’s gonna be a world class winger maybe even like the likes of harzard,zaha and co

    1. RSH says:

      ozil scored. you cant criticize him for a whole week now on this site. his brigade is back.

    2. RSH says:

      Cech and Iwobi have been proving fans wrong this season, me included. People need to own up to that b/c a lot of people were against Iwobi being a main part of the squad.

  23. LENOhappy says:

    Regardless of what some people think am a big ozil fan,but the yesteryear was the first time he will at least trying put some efforts,but when it comes to some players even when they have a good game,there are some that still won’t admit it,Petr cech has been awesome this season except from those early errors,holding played well yesterday,xhaka has been playing good since we start using torrera,iwobi won that match for us against volka(don’t know the correct spelling)he played well against Chelsea,we were not creating anything yesterday till iwobi came on,so let’s always appreciate our players and not some of our players

  24. Am afraid 2 decent games are not enough to change my opinion on Iwobi. I’d like to observe him for atleast 5-10 games before declaring him reborn. Nonetheless, he has improved massively and so has Xhaka and Bellerin. I salute them for their progress and how much impact they have made in the last 2 games.

  25. Goonster says:

    I am not going to overhype or make a final on Iwobi’s recent contribution. I have seen it consistently for decades. Our youth or academy players flatter to deceive. And Iwobi has been one of them. Came on the scene a few seasons back and has been bordering on pathetic season after season.
    So i am waiting for him to have at least 2-3 months were he is playing like he is now and I will become a bit more impressed.

    Right now it’s the same old Hit and Miss / inconsistency with him.

  26. Grandad says:

    Ramsay is a good player but far from indispensible.The improvement in Iwobi coupled with the return of AMN in the not too distant future means we are covered in midfield.Our priority should be to replace the likes of Bellerin andMustafi who will never improve.I’m pretty sure Emery recognises these weaknesses but he and his backroom team need time to line up suitable replacements.When Mav is fit i would love to see him and Holding in tandem..A centre back partnership which might well solve most of our defensive problems.

    1. Sue says:

      I’d like to see more of Mavropanos too with Sokratis

  27. Babasola says:

    Here you all go again
    I remember telling y’all when u were slating him that we’ve seen Iwobi play very well under Wenger but had only just lost confidence
    Now it’s Ramsey,
    We all remember the full season when Ramsey was the sole SuperMan in the team
    Now he’s not playing well and y’all slating him again
    We’ve seen what these pple can do if they get to their best
    They are Humans, there’ll be ups and down
    But at his best, Ramsey was a WorldBeater
    If a Manager can get that out of him again, I believe Emery can
    That’s if the contract issh is resolved
    Else, this is a phase – he’s not playing well – this happens to all players

    1. Durand says:

      Ramsey had good year, and like 9 poor ones. He’s not WC, not even top class. Has he even improved? He’s same skill level, same flicks, low technique, lacks discipline that he did 3 years, 5 years, 7 years ago.

      Only his ego has grown. Glad contract was pulled, glad he was subbed because instantly we improved. Bench him then sell him please. Won’t miss him; AMN will surpass the Welshman in 3 years or so, I’d bet on it.

      AMN already better defender, better technique, better discipline, stronger, and faster. Can’t wait for him to return and geeking to see AMN and Torreria together in midfield. They will solve midfield balance issues for years to come.

    2. jon fox says:

      Yes a ten year long phase; of playing for himself, not the team and now trying , but failing , to hold the new forward looking club to ransom . This average player has had his bluff called and about time too. Good riddance to him! No more huge wages for average players.

  28. Innit says:

    i know its early on in the season AND LONG road ahead but 5th place and 4 points behind City aint that bad so far
    Also considering we had a tough start with city and chelsea


    We have room for improvement
    I think Emery is doing well so far

    I think he needs to sort out regular starting lineup ie central midfield, cb rb
    But its going pretty good so far

  29. Alldwayfromafrica says:

    Since you won’t allow me post me comments….atleast can I know why he gets away with calling us uneducated?…@admin

  30. David Rusa says:

    Admin, Is it too much to ask you to start demanding civility in the language some people use? I believe insults and abrasive language should be discouraged as much as possible. If I disagree with you that does not make me an imbecile. Similarly agreeing with an individual does not make you a genius. Each of us is entitled to an opinion. However my opinion should not be expressed in a manner that is demeaning or objectionable to others. Calling Wenger or any one a fossil is not something pleasant at all. Granted Wenger’s performance declined in his last days at Arsenal but this doesn’t give anyone licence to use insulting language against him. The same thing goes for the kind of bitter exchanges in this column. There are some facts which can’t be wished away. It is true Wenger did a lot of very nice things as Arsenal manager just like it is also true that he declined in his last few years at the club. This is all natural in human life and social trends. Hence there would be no need for any sensible person to engage in invectives against another. We can disagree but still remain civil. This is what good debate is all about.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      ?David and I might add what I mistakenly posted in the wrong place:
      “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” E B Hall citing Voltaire.
      However this does not support or condone personal abuse.

    2. Ingleby says:

      Heartily agree. Although football inevitably polarises opinions it doesn’t have to be turned into some sort of verbal war game. When that happens the core topic gets shunted aside and the protagonists become (so they believe) the focus – to the detriment of what may be an interesting debate.

  31. Malch says:

    OFF TOPIC: To be fair a lot of our wins have been from Emery reading the game brilliantly and making the correct substitutions as well as showing tactical nous against teams he’s just beginning to work out. This is a vast improvement from the latter Wenger years where we would never get changes or worse yet they’d be too late. Alot of our deficiencies are just from subpar players still lingering in our squad from the arsene era but to be fair I can’t name too many players who are playing worse than they did for arsene, in fact I can name quite a few who have improved vastly. Xhaka is definitely proving his worth again been exceptional the last 5 games, Cech besides his passing has been excellent, Lacazette looks reborn, i even saw ozil competing for the ball Vs watford, Iwobi again a different player altogether. ineffective players atm would have to be ramsey (could be due to new role, contract situation), PEA (doesn’t seem to be doing too well on the wing) and mustafi (was never worth the money nowhere the level he is and was expected to be at, absolute donkey). so far I think we should salute EMERY THE EFFECTIVE ONE. if we can keep this running going till the liverpool game then we should definitely be well within the top 4!

    Onwards and Upwards

  32. Declan says:

    The headline is wrong! It should say:
    Ramsey proves that Arsenal don’t need Ramsey.

  33. adi says:

    It’s not about Wenger, but different players will suit different managers. Not everyone knows how to use star or crappy players. Wenger brought the best out of Sanchez, Song, Nasri, Henry, Gilberto, the list goes on. But he also does have his bad sides.

    Same thing with Mourinho, Klopp, Conte, Zidane.

    It just a matter of which manager can put together a good team, while minimising those sacrifices, if that makes sense.

    Look at Emery, he cant even get Ramsey to sign a deal fast. Ramsey has been voted as best player for two seasons.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Such terrific points you make adi, so much common sense.
      I would just like to remind you however, Unless it’s changed, Emery does not deal with contracts, it’s down to Huss Fahhy.
      Nevertheless, excellent post in my opinion.

      ozziegunner, love your quote, we should all try and live within that boundary, especially me when I defend the history of Arsene Wenger!!
      Keep me in check please if my passion overides my sense of justice.

  34. Abel says:

    This is the 3rd comment I would be posting on this site today that has not been allowed through.
    It may be my final post on this site if this unjustified blackout continues.
    bye Pat

  35. Pauladonis says:


    was that iwobi comment about football? that’s certainly not a very smart thing to say now, is it? Considering the fact that you’re a person… or are you?

    It would help you a whole lot more in the future if you could get on your wheel before you post a comment.

  36. Senile says:

    I have no issue with complaining about the performance or statistics but condemning a player for your club as a “can never improve”, “has no football brain” among other silly adjectives. I am glad players like Iwobi and Xhaka are making are plastic them plastic fans and virtual managers eat their words….

  37. Pauladonis says:

    @Jon Fox

    You made a very good point about those slating Iwobi in the past based on his on field quality but maybe not to the point of calling SOME of those Nigerians “Silly and uneducated”

    Their opinion about you and many other minds on this site doesn’t make you more or less racist than YOUR OWN opinion of yourself.

    You seem a lot more educated than to call a bunch of people who disagree with you “uneducated” and “idiots”… Football discussions should be about just that… FOOTBALL. I know you think so too.

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