Iwobi sees two Arsenal defeats as a confidence boost (no, really…)

Arsenal lost abysmally at home to Crystal Palace at the weekend when we had a chance to cement a place in the Top Three, and then we blew yet another chance to keep our hopes alive when Wolves totally demolished the Gunners in the first half last night. But Alex Iwobi, who was replaced by Nketiah after 70 minutes, doesn’t think it is the end of our hopes. “Obviously it’s a tough one to take.” he told Arsenal.com. It’s not a good result when we want to get in the top four, but we can’t dwell on it, we have to move on to the next game. Yeah, it’s [disappointing] but last time we had back-to-back [league] defeats, we went on an amazing run. We’ll look at that as a confidence boost, go back to training and just focus on the next game.”

So if losing twice is a confidence boost, then we need it ahead of another away game at Leicester. We have only won twice in our last 10 games on the road, and Iwobi can’t explain that either. “I don’t know what it is, I can’t pinpoint it, otherwise we would have just sorted it out. I think it’s a mental thing – we just have to keep on fighting, keep on being together as a team and just focus again on the next game.”

It is definitely mental, but at least we don’t suffer from that in the Europa League. I think that is seriously our only hope of making the Champions League now, unless Emery can somehow get the players back on track again. You never know, maybe these two defeats are just the confidence boost we needed!



  1. I bet Valencia are wishing they didn’t sack Nuno! They replaced him with Gary Neville and here they are lol, about to take on us in a secondary European comp. I’m sure Nuno will be happy to share tactics with his former club because of course, everyone knows how to play against us 😉

  2. Confidence boaster indeed! can this season just end already?? i have totally given up on Arsenal this season. Champions league or not, who cares any longer? i can’ t keep on supporting a bunch of players, who plays just to earn their money! bulls..t!!!

  3. OT – I just watched the Mustafi horror show compilation on a previous thread…and wow! I’d forgotten just how bad he is! £35 million we paid!! Chambers is far better than him. We loaned out the wrong player!!

  4. For that statement alone Iwobi should never play for us again. I would rather watch in Nigeria shirt than Arsenal. What an insolence towards the fans. When got beaten by Everton, some players and coach came out with a crap like this. Then we got beaten again in our own turf and again yesterday and he has the effrontery to utter that nonsense. This really show how unserious my club is. He should be fired for that. Finally, Emery shouldn’t be exempted from criticism for yesterday defeat because he fielded team that is stronger on paper and what majority of fans want as that is not enough. He should also give them responsibilities and purpose. If you truly watch the match yesterday you could see that was absent. Miki was plainly appalling yesterday with Iwobi. They don’t know why they are on the field. Our players held on to ball unnecessarily and make one pass to many when they should have released the ball. That what lead to the 1st & 3rd goals. That is how the coach want them to play and we have failed with that play pattern when matter most so don’t pinned that on the players alone.

    1. Emery can’t play for them!
      Iwobi needs to nuce down and practice passing, crossing and shooting for goal, as wellas develoing composure on the ba, rather that turning to social media.

  5. Pathetic!! How dare he??
    He should leave the club. It must really be an upset for fans especially those who travel away to support this bunch!!

  6. Again Emery I think made the wrong decision if you going to play the 4-2-3-1 formation atleast play that at home but away especially at wolves!! Should have sacrificed one of Ozil/Miki for Kola or Mav…

    1. Wouldn’t matter who Emery chooses, someone always knows better! There may be a few coach/manager positions available at the end of the season, so they should be preparing their CV’s.

  7. Iwobi is just one of the examples of the dreadful mentality in the squad. He like many others should be sold.

  8. Iwobi, one of the many reasons we losing important games. Arsenal were winning when the coach dropped iwobi and guenduzi, but once he started playing them again we began losing easy matches. Pathetic

  9. We lack runners in this team, players with drive who would force their through the middle and cause havoc to the opposition. All our players do is pass, pass and pass……nobody has the required skill set to penetrate the opposition with dribbling skill and technique. Arsenal should begin to sign such penetrative players who can run, dribble and cause mayhem to the opposition. We should have at least 4 of such players in the team week in, week out, otherwise it would be the same old, same old all over again.

    1. 100% correct. When a team sits 2 banks consisting of 4 players each (and sometimes 10 depending on if the forwards come back to defend as most teams do against us) it is very, very difficult to break them down with only passes. This is exactly why we struggle to break teams down recently as we don’t have real wingers who stretch the defense and nobody has the ability to beat his man one on one. As a result we pass sideways and back just to maintain possession and the minute we pass forward we invariably loose the ball. This is true of almost all our attacking and wide players especially Kolasinac and Monreal to a lesser extent. When a player is able to dribble pass his marker he puts the other defenders in a vulnerable position as they now have to make a decision whether to come and help or stay with the person they are marking. If they stay, the dribbler can then go through to have a shot on goal and if the defender decides to help, the space is left for the dribbler to pass to the now unmarked attacker. We desperately need players with this capabilities especially out wide and from midfield.

  10. I couldn’t count how many side-ways passes we had last night which also led to one of the goals scored against us. No more buying players whose only skill set is passing.

  11. “Focus on next game”, “We have to move on”, “We went on an amazing run”, etc.. So, whenever they defeated then that what Iwobi will say.. It’s ridiculous, it looks too easy to say that because it’s too general, too basic, everyone can say that. But I think what they face right now is very crucial for top four, and they have to show that they will fight with extra efforts that they can give, whatever it takes… And this also for Emery – I believe he is trying do the best but the club must see reality that we must rebuild the team for next season by replacing some players with better ones.

  12. A possession of 70/30 nd yet nothing to show for it, same with the crystal palace game. Just wonder if there is a special trophy for possession. As for Iwobi, I just feel he is high on loosing nd wants to loose more. Arsenal has a lot of mediocre players that are not worthy to be in the starting 11. I watch the games this days open minded with no passion coz am tired of patching ma heart after so many heart breaks from ma lovely Arsenal

  13. Nketiah’s fee minutes on the wing- so creative. Miki is so chambolic- how can a foward be replaced with a defender when we were 3 down- he is just that poor. Ozil cant shoot or run and Iwobi- no end product. I would play Willock and Nketiah in this game ahead of them. If we cant sell these guys, lets loan them. Seeing them with Mustafi on the bench makes me sick

  14. I think the coach shud go bk 2 d drawing board & reshape d team’s technical play or await more thrashing 4rm leicester(vardy & co)

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