Iwobi to sign new Arsenal contract – but still no Ramsey agreement

Well, after yesterday’s news that Lazio were willing to pay 25m euros for the Arsenal attacker Alex Iwobi, that has been quickly squashed by the Gunners as it has been announced this morning that, in contrast, he is going to sign an improved deal with Arsenal. The Mirror reported….

Iwobi has agreed terms on an improved contract following talks which have been ongoing since the end of last season.

Iwobi’s previous deal, signed in 2015, ran until 2020.

But the 22 year-old attacking midfielder is set to extend his stay at Arsenal until 2022 when he puts pen to paper on his new agreement.

It certainly looks like Arsenal are trying to maintain most of their current players as the report goes on to state….

Mesut Ozil, Mohamed Elneny, Granit Xhaka, Calum Chambers, Rob Holding and Ainsley Maitland-Niles have all penned fresh deals in 2018 and academy product Iwobi will be next.

The future of Aaron Ramsey remains uncertain though as he has now entered the final year of his contract.

The news on Ramsey is definitely worrying with only two weeks left of this summers transfer window. I would be very surprised if the Gunners let the Welshman run down his contract in the hopes of him signing next season, like Mesut Ozil, and there have been many rumours that Andre Gomes is being lined up as a replacement if Ramsey continues to stall. The most worrying thing is that there has been no statement of intent from Ramsey, his agent or the club. It looks like to me that he is going to be on his way, but to where?

Darren N


  1. John Legend says:

    we don’t have enough home grown players in the squad.

  2. Declan says:

    Ramsey is not on his way. He has arrived in Singapore with the rest of the squad ?

  3. rkw says:

    extend and sell … need quality at all levels to move back to competing at top

  4. JustJoy says:

    as a player sometimes playing for arsenal is difficult.. this is the sme Rmbo that most fans want him away few years ago. if he now have a bad season fans and there axes will come out..

    i want him to stay.. replacing could be a morata story.

  5. Themba says:

    Aaron must make up his mind or else he is preventing development which might bring some exciting players to the club

  6. John Legend says:

    people want jenkinson, welbeck, iwobi, ramsey, holding out but majority forget that we need at least 8 of these home grown. take it or leave it, jenkinson is the only realistic to leave

    1. Phil says:

      We have more potential in promoting Eddie and Nelson in front of Iwobi.Why does anyone seriously believe he is able to improve his second rate performances just because we have a new manager?The player is just not up to the standard required.Sell for whatever we can get for him

      1. Naija Jollof says:

        At this rate you’ll get a heart attack before the season ends.. Keep hating at your own peril.

        1. jon fox says:

          Or perhaps Phil was just disagreeing with your view and yet you call that “hating.” I would ask what country you live in , as in Britain we have freedom of opinion and hate is something specific and quite different from someone who is merely disagreeing with you. As is their perfect right. In Britain , anyway! To use “hate” for disagreement is inaccurate, uneducated and plain wrong and silly. Think on!

          1. Phil says:

            JF-I have yet to receive anything positive from any “Iwobi Lover” of exactly what he can do and why he should be given more chances.I don’t HATE ALEX IWOBI.I HATE that Alex Iwobi is at Arsenal Football Club.Why should he suddenly show genuine Premiere League quality form when he has spent the last few seasons under-performing and under-whelming with inept lack lustre performances.Let these so called Iwobi Fans tell us why he should be anywhere near the Arsenal first team squad.He was dropped by his own Country at the World Cup after his first inept and ineffectual performance so that to me only highlights his worth.
            Has he proved himself to compete with the big names in front of him in the First Team?Not by a million miles.Is he good enough to force his way into the team in ANY midfield or attacking position?The answer is most definitely no.
            These “Countrymen” Of Iwobi May believe it’s personal.Some have suggested opinions are Racial.Leys take Carl Jenkinson.He is English yet I rate him even lower than Iwobi and cannot believe he is still at Arsenal.I want him gone and out the Club so does that make me anti-English.
            I want the best for Arsenal Football Club and Alex Iwobi is not and never will be good enough.If these Iwobi fanatics cannot or will not accept this then they are mid-guided and clearly wrong in their assessment of a player who has continually proved himself to be average at best

          2. Bobby says:

            I don’t hear you talk about Jerkinson all day long as much as you talk about Iwobi, He (Iwobi) might not be good enough but the truth is Nelson and Eddie have not done any better than him so it will be unfair to allow them take his place. Nelson got more chances last time out and imo, it was Eddie who did more to force his way. If according to you Phil, Carl is worst that Iwobi, then in order of priority; he (Carl) should be out the door long before Iwobi so I would like to see you rant more about Carl leaving than you do Iwobi and then we can begin to believe you truly have nothing against him( Iwobi)

          3. Phil says:

            But Jenkinson is nowhere near the First Team And hasn’t been for years.He has been out on loan for the last couple of seasons so what have I got to rant about over the player?He is nowhere near good enough.He is an awful player and a typical Wenger buy.You pay peanuts for someone and look what you get.
            So all the while Iwobi is in the squad and before he is inevitably shipped out of the Club I will continue to give my opinion of him .
            In regards Eddie and Reissue Nelson let’s not forget they only just got a few games here and there last season.Of course they are behind Iwobi.But remember Eddie is a striker.It is Nelson who is in competition with Iwobi And I know which one has the better chance of making it in my book.Iwobi has failed miserably to show any improvement and will never be good enough for Arsenal.

          4. Stephen says:

            Iwobi came through the ranks. Amongst many he was chosen by Arsene. He played for England age-grade. Scored a few goals for his country to qualify them for the World cup. He Went to the world cup(although dropped as a result of tactics change from 4-3-3 to 3-5-2. Of course everybody saw this except you). Lazio, reportedly offered €25000 for his services. Arsenal, Unai turned it down and offered him a new contract until 2022.
            Hmmm… What a terrible footballer he must be. I am sure a lot of footballers would wish they were this terrible.
            Just saying, are you sure you are not angry about something else? I’m sure Victor Moses must b very useless for Chelsea as well. Smh!

          5. PboroGooner says:

            Penguin runner ?

          6. ger burke. says:

            well said there mr. fox. there seems to be a fashion for putting words into peoples mouths on here lately.hate is one of the very worst words in our language.

          7. jon fox says:

            Thanks for the address, which will save me endless trouble.

      2. Mobella says:

        Why does anyone seriously believe he is able to improve his second rate performances just because we have a new manager? De Bruyne and Sallah comes to mind. You can as add Lukaku to the list.

        1. Andrew E says:

          You’re getting a bit carried away now. As a counter argument, Walcott, Wilshere, Jenkinson, Akpom, Bendtner, etc. come to mind.

          1. Hilary says:

            Walcott, Wilshere, Jenkinson, Apom etc never got the chance to play under any other manager except Wenger. Not the same case with De Bruyne, Wallah or Lukaku.
            They were poor with one manager but became world beaters under another.
            Mobella has a good point. Those players need to be given a chance under a different manager.
            You would only have the right to judge them after at least one season with the new guy, not before.
            Emery is the manager, he see in these players what none of us here sees. And until he is proven wrong at the end of next season, I suggest we all shut up and get behind the man and his team…

      3. kev says:

        We have accepted two bids from Newcastle and Everton respectively for Danny Welbeck.
        Everton’s bid is around £18m while Newcastle’s is a loan + option to buy bid.
        Now up to Welbeck where he wants to go but the club can still decide against selling him.
        Ospina will leave 100%
        We will sign a wiinger 100%

      4. Uchman says:

        wenger rated him, new management rats him, keyboard warrior Phil is ranting? could u imagine? alot of clubs r looking for buyers I blv u and Jon fox can purchase one and manage it as it pleases both of tnx

        1. Phil says:

          We shall see how highly rated he is with the new management when the Team steps out for the first game of the season against Citeh.Then Chelski.Then West Ham.I honestly can’t see him even making the bench.Too many fat better players in front of him in the Squad.If you think I’m wrong then tell me who makes way for him

          1. Naija Jollof says:

            What does giving him a new and improved contract mean??

            As it turns out, common sense isn’t so common after all

          2. PboroGooner says:

            He will be representing Arsenal in the Winter Olympics for the penguin race ??

      5. Bobby says:

        All Eddie and Nelson needs to do is force their way into the team like Iwobi did, you do not have to use your mouth to ask Iwobi off the team, they will get their chance and if they take it then its fair and fine. Unfortunately, you are not the manager and you are not in the position to make the change

        1. Bobby says:

          this is for Phil and JF by the way

          1. Phil says:

            But Iwobi hasn’t forced his way into the TEAM has he?He is a SQUAD player because he is not good enough to get in the team when everyone is fit.Due to injuries and the incompetence Wenger it was Iwobi who was given chance after chance last season and all he did was continually prove to all who watched him was he was a poor player with very limited ability.Wemger was eventually SACKEDbecause of his poor decision making.Is it any wonder?

    2. gotanidea says:


      Arsenal’s current homegrown players that can or already break into the first team:

      Iwobi, Ramsey, Bellerin, Maitland-Niles, Nelson, Adelaide, Macey, Iliev, Martinez, Jenkinson, Mavididi, Osei-Tutu, Dasilva, Bielik, Smith-Rowe, Nketiah, Zelalem

      Welbeck and Holding are not homegrown, but they are English

      1. McLovin says:

        Homegrown quota doesn’t need to be filled By playing at ARSENAL. Therefore Welbeck and Holding do count.

        According to Arsenalreport, our first team currently holds 7 homegrown players:

        Bellerin, Iwobi, Ramsey, Welbeck, Chambers, AMN and Holding.

        Didn’t count Jenkinson or Akpom as they are highly unlikely to be with us. I think Emi Martinez would count as HG if he stays and also Macey would count if he’ll be our 3rd choice.

        So we need to either:

        A) Buy a player from other PL team that fills that HG spot
        B) Promote a youngster to our 25-man team for the upcoming fall season. The squad registration opens again in January.


      2. Mobella says:

        Are you giving home grown new definition. Home grown means English produced players and not necessarily produced by the clubs who they play for.

        1. Charles Dania says:

          That is not what HG is sir. Check your facts on this.

          1. Bobby says:

            Mobella is right about the definition of HG players; @Charles as the name implies, Home Grown: players grown at home (home in this case is England) not necessarily grown by the club they play for

    3. Durand says:

      8 homegrown players allows club to carry 25 players on Roster. 6 homegrown players and club can only have 23 on first team.

      No sense flooding squad with below average british players just to meet stupid rule. Haven’t we seen enough of that last several years? Absurd rule

  7. Pablo Picasso says:

    I still think there is more to Iwobi than what we have seen so far.

    He might be a late bloomer but the talent in there in flashes. He might need a role change or find what his best at and perfect it. I feel one match he wants to play like Ozil, the next Ramsey, next game Welbeck, next one Jayjay Okocha. Pick a role son, its not too late to make a name for yourself.

    1. gotanidea says:

      He has the abilities to be Cazorla 2.0, if nurtured well in the next few years

      1. GunnerJack says:

        More likely be Sanogo 2.0. But thanks for the laugh. You never fail to entertain.

        1. Phil says:

          I know -that really is the most absurd comparison I have ever witnessed.I would have cazorla back now over Iwobi despite his injury problems over the last couple of seasons.

        2. ger burke. says:

          gunnerjack , real nice there , thank YOU for the real funny reply, brilliant .

  8. Marv says:

    I hope Emery signs Max Meyer if Ramsey’s contract talks end in a deadlock.

  9. Sue says:

    I thought we were selling him!!

    1. Andrew E says:

      So did I. Good stategy though, leak that your selling him then give him a big contract extension. Nothing personal but he’s a bench player at best, maybe that’s part of the strategy?

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Meyer’s not the answer.

  10. McLovin says:

    We should promote Eddie Nketiah to replace Welbeck. We can get £15 millions for Welbeck and let’s face it, Welbeck has never been United or Arsenal standard. He’s been on top because of his work ethic and because “he’s a good guy”.

  11. qoni says:

    maybe under the new manager iwobi will change the mentality that to dribble one to many and play for the team and not individually. gooner = for ever

  12. jon fox says:

    Arsenal have made Ramsey a good offer with an increased salary and the manager has publicly stated he wants him to stay as a key player. As he has chosen not to sign that new offer, he is at this late stage in the window, trying to hold the club to ransom and playing brinkmanship. Or else he just wants to go but has not had the guts to say so, for fear his salary might be affected. I QUITE like him as a player. Please note that QUITE does NOT mean very much. But I like much more , players who are truly committed to our club. HE CLEARLY IS NOT AND SO, I WOULD NOW SELL HIM. The manager and his staff ARE THE ONES WHO RUN OUR CLUB, NOT HIM OR HIS AGENT. BYE BYE RAMSEY!

  13. Maks says:

    Good news for us and Iwobi. I think he is a great prospect who needs to find composure so maybe we can lone him somewhere to PL.
    I hope we sell Ramsey cos he is overrated by english fans and not good enough to play for Arsenal. Link with Inter Milan is strong. 🙂

  14. Chiza says:

    if Bayern can’t allow coman come to arsenal for 50m then arsenal have to drop their interest..there are so many wingers we can get… Lozano, dembele(spread the fees across seasons),Leon bailey, Douglas Costa…. by the way if truly we bid almost 50m coman .why didn’t we go for mahrez who went for just 60m…there’s something fishy..Mahrez is an emery kind of winger.. But now What kind of winger does Emery want now that he is in the premier league?…what kind of winger has he told the three musketeers to get for him?…I’m curious to know…or is he putting all his eggs in one basket with Coman because it looks like Coman is the only winger Emery wants

    1. GunnerJack says:

      What if Unai doesn’t want a winger? Unlike you and the rest of the ‘we must have a winger brigade’ I think Unai can actually think for himself and so far there’s not much sign he’s going to join you on the winger bandwagon. Problem I think is who to drop for this new winger?

  15. Chiza says:

    I see people come here to make a case for Zaha..claiming he should be bought and I’m like..”what the hell??? “..Zaha would be a gervinho 2.0…we don’t need Zaha…what do you guys see in Zaha…he doesn’t have enough goals,assists or consistent performances in him to be arsenal winger….the only way i see Emery going for Zaha….if he is so limited to his pants.. I doubt emery would go for Zaha..i know you guys feel Zaha could be our own mane and I agree he is far better than welbeck.. But come on guys let’s aim higher.. We are arsenal

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I agree dude, don’t know what all the fuss is about. Some fans just love pace, and dribbling …its what you do with the ball that counts.

  16. Iwobi is a talented lad, there’s no doubt about that. He has very tricky feet and he’s an intelligent player. If Arsenal fans can support him instead of do their utmost to psychologically undermine their own talent, he could well reward their faith.

    Just give him one season of support without the constant negativity. Arsenal fans hate on their own players so much and then are surprised when they aren’t motivated to play for them. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you rather play for people who had your back and showed you respect through the toughest challenges, or stupid bitchy whiners that treated you like garbage because they felt entitled to treating you like shit? One behavior motivates people to do their best, the other makes them hate you and want a transfer to another team.

    Let’s be better fans this year and support the lads through good times and bad. Fans are the 12th player on the pitch, we’re part of the team. We won’t do better by fighting each other, we need to be a united front, joined by a warrior spirit with a desire to win and a willingness to help our weaker players make mistakes, improve and achieve their potential. Believe in Arsenal!

    1. stubill says:

      Yep, his feet are so tricky, even he doesn’t know what they’re doing, or about to do.

  17. Malch95 says:

    Dont mind if we keep iwobi for this season. We’re decent upfront albeit narrow. I think we need a marquee centre back, someone that would bully Lukaku/Kane/Firmino/Aguero. We should sell mustafi and buy one of Manolos/koulibaly/Gimenez or someone of similar calibre then we should make top 4. Just really need that commanding centre back imo

  18. Gifted says:

    Sell Welbeck instead of Iwobi…At least Iwobi has potential to be sth with the right coaching.. I think he can be our next Carzola with his close control and dribbling ability if he realizes his full potential..

    1. stubill says:

      The next Cazorla, you are kidding, aren’t you!

  19. Break-on-through says:

    Kovacic would be a great purchase. I don’t know if rumours are true but there will be allot of competition for him if he really does want out. Many would prefer him to Ramsey but I’d prefer to have both. I don’t think we have the numbers in CM like others suggest. If Ramsey gets injured that takes away our goal threat from CM, if Xhaka does then we lose some ability of playing the ball forward at the right pace and with accuracy. We have youngsters but you cannot say with conviction that they are ready for starting team action, good enough to win the toughest games, its a big ask. One upgrade in CM, one in CB, those two positions would add more of what we need. Then a winger or just loan one and pit him against Perez, even though I’d prefer him to be sold. If he was willing to fight for his place, I’d have been good with him.

  20. waal2waal says:

    i wouldn’t be surprised if either west ham or everton made an offer for ramsey, however i suspect he’ll stay and score a winning goal in yet another arsenal fac final. if he stayis i suspect he’l be free to roam further up field and if in the mood ramsey is more than capable of putting his chances away. tho certainly not a favourite (of mine) he has proven ability if he’s tail is up (and if he can reproduce that 2015 mood).

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      He’s waiting for an offer from a big club, but no one want’s him

  21. RSH says:

    please sell. Along with Welbeck, and Ospina. Couldn’t care less about mustafi either if a good offer comes in. If we want to get in one more player we need to let some go ASAP

    1. ACE says:

      Would love to see the following happen, although
      highly unlikely:

      El Neny..£10M

      Appx £110M in transfer fees recouped from these
      players sales

      Dembele(loan) *if Barca buy Willian


      1. ACE says:



      2. Maks says:

        Ramsey 45 ? ha ha hahahhahahah

      3. Bobby says:

        If Ramsey is worth 45M , why then do you want to sell him ?! I would imagine that if you sell a 45M midfielder, then you would probably want to replace him with a 60M one and I don’t see any 60M midfielder coming to us even if we have the money for one

  22. Break-on-through says:

    People using a catch 22 on Ramsey. Ramsey is a player who likes to shoot or assist someone to shoot. To do that you need to go forward. Fans still wanting to hate on him, use the logic of, if he’s forward then he’s not in CM. Like seriously, have you been paying attention or what. I kept trying to point out to people last season how Ramsey was still busting a gut to get back into position even though everyone else looked tired and it was late in the game. I got an odd person saying, see I don’t care about Ramsey and his great energy and stamina, I expect more. They totally missed my point. You use a catch 22 of him being forward means space left behind, doh!, of course, to score goals you must go forward. What I was pointing out was how your catch 22 is childish, trying to hold onto ammunition but firing blanks. Rakitic, Rafina, Lampard, Gerrard, Zidane, Pogba, Toure, all scoring midfield players go forward through necessity, even the best ones. Some kids will read the comments you leave, and they’ll end up with the wrong conclusions.

    1. Durand says:

      Did you really compare Ramsey going forward to Super Frankie? I’m not a Chelsea fan and I live in USA, and I still know about Super Frankie.

      Literally every midfielder you listed is on another level compared to Ramsey.

      Ramsey ALWAYS bombs forward that is his problem. He wants his goal, the hell with positional discipline and midfield balance.

      Ever notice how every midfield partner of Ramsey’s is suddenly rubbish?

      Coquein and Santi = midfield magic
      Coquein and Ramsey = Coquein is rubbish, but suddenly beast again in La Liga.
      Wilshere and Ramsey = Wilshere rubbish, not bad for England as deeper playmaker
      Xhaka and Ramsey = Xhaka is rubbish; decent enough to get MOM for Swiss side several times tho

      God help Torreira if he’s paired with Ramsey.

      1. Sue says:

        I only know him as fat Frankie (My mum is a West Ham fan!) ?

  23. inkfight! says:

    Although I’m a big fan, I feel he’s had his mind made up to leave for a while now. While we will be able to find someone with more positional discipline and better passing, it won’t be easy to replace a player who has and can contribute 20+ goals & assists over the season.

    1. Phil says:

      I’m struggling to think of any season Ramsey has contributed to 20 goals and assists in a single season since being at the club.2013-14 maybe and that is it.

      1. inkfight! says:

        Last season.

        1. Phil says:

          Really?Not sure how many he scored in the Premiership but can’t think of too many assists

  24. herb says:

    I would sell Ramsey in a heart beat instead. English dudes like to praise his limited talent and belittle more talented players like iwobi. Go back and watch most Sanchez celebrations and see who he wanted to do it with

  25. Pauladonis says:

    funny how people think their opinion is “out of the box” when they are so close minded…
    Iwobi has quality, he broke into the first team, then Arsenal stagnated and the players started playing with “the handbrake on” I’m sure Emery can make him better.

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