Jack Wilshere becomes the latest star to admit to fears over football’s return

Jack Wilshere has joined the group of players who are calling for Project Restart to be abandoned until it is safer to go outside amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The Premier League is targeting a restart at the middle of next month as they look to conclude this season.

However, players like Sergio Aguero and Manuel Lanzini have been concerned about going out to play at the moment and they are looking to influence a delay to the return of the campaign.

The Premier League isn’t prepared to consider any idea from players about refusing to play and they are going ahead with plans to get the season restarted as soon as possible.

Former Arsenal ace, Wilshere, claims that no player would play when the season is restarted if the Premier League cannot assure them of their safety.

He claimed that he doesn’t see how players can play for or against each other in a time like this because they cannot play football with social distancing.

‘No player will go back if it’s not safe to do so,’ he told Sky Sports as quoted by the Daily Mail. ‘I can’t see how you can play football and social distance at the same time.

‘These are the questions that people need to ask and need to be answered. It’s as simple as that.’ 

There is a pattern developing here. Players facing relegation admit to fears and whine about completing the season, players that have something to play for do not, strange that phenomenon.

If Wilshere was a Liverpool player do you honestly think he would have these “fears”?

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  1. Oh, so NOW he’s scared of going outside … given the way he drives when he does go out, it’s a pity he wasn’t too scared earlier in the crisis!!

    1. please, ignore the previous email … my son was messing about as I took a phone-call!!

  2. Wilshere cannot possibly seriously claim to speak for all players. There will be all shades of opinion from “lets go right away” to “never, while folk are dying and its not safe”(which is MY view). TBH, Wilshere is hardly the sharpest tool in the toolbox , is he! PUTTING IT VERY MILDLY TOO!

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