Jack Wilshere can’t leave Arsenal – Who would pay him as much?

Jack Wilshere may have once been hailed as an Arsenal wonderkid and ‘the future for England’, and Arsene Wenger thought he had an excellent British core sealed when Wilshere and Co signed long term contracts back in 2012. Wenger said at the time: “We are delighted that these five young players have all signed new long-term contracts.”

“The plan is to build a team around a strong basis of young players, in order to get them to develop their talent at the club. Jack is certainly the best known, the leader of this group – but the other four are exceptional footballers, and we’re very happy that we could conclude their new deals at the same time.”

The other four were Gibbs, Jenkinson, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Ramsey, but it was Jack that was given the most favourable contract, believed to be now worth £90,000-a-week. With just one more year left on this contract, it is unlikely that any other team would take a chance on signing him on those terms. There was interest from Sampdoria in Italy, but the latest reports say they have pulled out as Wilshere’s wages would make him the club’s highest earner. That is an impossible chance to take on a player that suffers from more injuries than most.

So it looks like Jack will be still be an Arsenal player next season, and I would expect him to stay with us for the duration rather than go back out on loan, despite interest from Crystal Palace, West Ham, Swansea and Newcastle all reportedly keen on temporary deals. Surely Wenger needs to see for himself whether Jack can still make it at the highest level, or whether to just release him for nothing next summer…



  1. Joseph says:

    Boreham 0-4 Arsenal; Deburchy , Jenkson inclusive . it was nice game .

  2. Frank says:

    Sentiments will destroy our team…why shud we keep him if we know he wont help us progress,he cudnt even find a place in the bournemouth team…lets be ruthless for once!

    1. Alex says:

      Wilshere was one of the first name on the Bournemouth Team Sheet until his injury

  3. Me says:

    If Arsenal removed all of the deadwood there would be serious squad issues.
    That’s half the squad.
    The issue at Arsenal is very simple – half the squad are simply not good enough to compete for the first team and where there is no competition for the first team there is no motivation which is what we saw last year.
    Does Bellerin feel threatened by Jenkinson?
    Sanchez by Walcott?
    That is the problem..

    1. big g says:

      Totally agree that there is a lack of quality players to compete for the first team and of course there will always be deadwood issues, however, some players on your list I would not consider deadwood just yet i.e. Welbeck who can and does change games when entering the field of play though like Wilshire is injury prone so for me is 50\50. Then we have Perez, not really given much of a chance last season so should be given the opportunity to prove himself. Ospina, who would be good enough to replace him on the bench, he has nearly always performed for the club and the chance to sign Joe Hart has now passed. Lastly there is Paulista who did not do very well to start with but after the change to 3-4-3 performed better and I think will continue to improve as part of a back 3 with Holding and Mustafi or Kos. Of the remaining players I’m not sure we can afford to lose Walcott without getting an upgrade first and we Should keep Coquelin in case of injuries.

  4. iffybright says:

    Jack and Santi are the only complete midfielders we have at arsenal……..We don’t struggle to create chances or open up defences of our opponent whenever Jacky or santi is playing……others make Arsenal boring and easy to predict….Ramsey Elneny xhaka and Ozil are shit…..Paul Merson said that Wilshere is the best midfielder we have and will be a regrettable thing to do if is allowed to leave……I LOVE YOU JACK, stay and fight for your starting shirt, Wilshere is blessed with everything……

  5. big g says:

    Arsenal should sell Wilshire, he’s to injury prone and has cost a lot of time money and effort on Arsenal’s part with very little in return, time to go.

  6. iffybright says:

    A very fit Wilshere is better than Pogba…….Most Arsenal fans don’t know the value of Jack until we losses him…….Fitness is just the only barrier facing Jack…..This guy is a gift, blessed with everything needed to excel…….Wilshere must not be allowed to leave…..He makes football look easy with his tremendous burst and close control…..We struggle to create chances or open up defences because we don’t have people like jack or santi in midfield……we relied so much on Sanchez last season to produce magic because our midfield players are shit…..pure average players

    1. Rashid says:

      I can’t believe this is the same Jack who terrorized Barca’s midfield at the Emirates a couple of seasons back that we are referring to here. We all know that a fully fit Jack if he stays injury free can give all the top midfielders in the world a run for their money.

      1. slimboy gooner says:

        so what happened at Middlesbrough, when he stayed fit for almost 3/4 of the season. I can’t think far on this.

        1. slimboy gooner says:

          Bournemouth *

    2. Pete says:

      Will beter than pogba!!?……..arsenal fan I am but no,and willshere is a quality player but too injury prone….TIME TO GO JACK

  7. waal2waal says:

    2011 jack hit the ground running. Six or so years later I see others have caught up with whatever he brings to the field. It can be said he brings nothing to the field by way of constant injuries. Jack ‘was’ a tremendous talent but time has not favoured him, not at 25, also he wasn’t a success story playin at bournemouth. Jack is luckier than most players in that he probably can perform at a level coherent with premier league football. Perhaps he could show his worth at a mid-level teams like west ham or c.palace but there’s nobody, except him, thinking he’s contender for arsenal’s first 11.

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