Jack Wilshere cheering for Bournemouth against Arsenal?

Jack Wilshere justarsenalWell I must admit I would never have thought that I would hear our very own Mr Arsenal, Jack Wilshere, saying that he wanted the Gunners to lose a game, but this has finally happened in this crazy season.

Obviously, due to his loan conditions, Jack will not be able to actually take the pitch on Sunday at the Emirates, but he has left us in no doubt which team he will cheering for. When he was asked if he was upset not to be playing his tenth game of the season for the Cherries, Wilshere said: “Yes, it’s frustrating of course, I’ve just got a run of games.

“But it might be good for me, to miss one and go again – but I’ll be there.

“At the moment I’m a Bournemouth player, so I want Bournemouth to win.”

Now now Jack, I certainly hope you are only just saying that so as not to upset your new team-mates and the Bournemouth supporters, and don’t really mean it.

And I wonder if he would be happy to see Arsenal win the League without him? He would surely be kicking himself for asking to leave if he has messed up a chance to get a League Winners Medal with the club he supposedly loves….



  1. Ddog says:

    deadwieght article. He should want Bournemouth to win too, just like any committed professional. that IS his team….. for the moment.

  2. Break-on-through says:

    He’ll probably be wanting a draw deep down. I’d say he’d want his new teammates to be happy and have some nice atmosphere in the dressing room. But he is a Gooner at the end of the day, probably one of those lose lose situations.

  3. NY_Gunner says:

    Gotta say, Jacks starting to look decent. Like he’s been taking some pointers from Santi…Fair play on him.

  4. Juhislihis McLovin says:

    Lucas back in training, and 2 weeks ahead of schedule!

    Now please no further injuries and hopefully we can have other 2 Spaniards back ASAP!

    Footballing gods know we need them all!

  5. Twig says:

    “I’m happy that he hasn’t had any injuries SINCE HE LEFT US.” ~ Wenger


  6. TR7 says:

    home is where you wake up every morning.,so its good for him to wish well the boys from his current home, after all AW preferred to stick to Ramsey, so no need to mourn abt it.

  7. Budd says:

    What a stupid article. Why would he say otherwise? How do you know what he feels? Why the fsck would you are anyway when everyone here wanted Wilshere sold anyhow, anyway, anywhere?
    This is what pro do: commit to their work. Good on you, mate! Hope you sign for us a new contract.

  8. citrenoogeht says:

    This is non story. What does anyone expect him to say especially when he has to walk back into the Bournemouth dressing room next week and look his current team mates in the eye.

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