Jack Wilshere could be out until Xmas – Arsenal injury news

The Arsenal fans are very used to our players being out for much longer than forecast by Arsene Wenger, and it is looking like we are going to be disappointed again. Just last week Wenger said about Jack Wilshere: “He is progressing slowly. Unfortunately he will not be available for Saturday.”

We thought this meant that he would be available again in time for the Chelsea game, but now it is being reported in the Mirror that he has a nervous wait for a couple of weeks to find out if he needs another plate in his ankle. The report says:

Arsene Wenger hoped the midfielder would return after the international break but should the injury remain troublesome, he will see a specialist

Jack Wilshere will discover in the next two weeks if he needs surgery to cure his injury problem.

The England midfield star has been out with a leg fracture this season but manager Arsene Wenger hoped he would be fit to return after the international break.

But the injury is taking longer to heal than anticipated and he will be given another fortnight to see if there is any progress.

If it is still troublesome, then Wilshere will go to a specialist – and the outcome could be that a metal plate will need to be inserted in his leg.

That would mean at least another six weeks on the sidelines for the 23-year-old England international.

This report was written by Steve Stammers, who was the writer of Arsenal’s Official Biography, so he obviously has close contacts within the club and it would seem they are worried about Jack.

You can only feel sorry for the lad. He burst back to form in the last few games of last season and came back early from the summer break to make sure he was in top shape for the beginning of the new campaign, only to be cruelly struck with a relapse just before the Community Shield against Chelsea.

We can only hope for the best, but the prognosis does not look good….


  1. arsenal medical room….
    jack walks in
    ‘hey welbz’
    ‘wasup jackie’
    ‘fifa 15?
    ‘bored of it jack’
    ‘abou’s usually the banker bro’
    ‘yeah he was….’

    both sigh

    1. And Arsenal would be 45M richer,now is to late to sell and is getting 90k for just singing anti spuds songs, send him to spuds for free,now is costing us money .sell,sell,sell,sell.

  2. I am actually starrting to ask myself if the medical staff at Arsenal know that this is a contact sport.
    I mean..i kno if I had these injuries i d be ut for 5 years, and if rished back i d have a setback so big it would be called a setfront!

    Would it be posible the medical staff are taking care of the players as if they were actually NOT players?

    I mean our players fgo to other clubs and suddenly they are fit for a year”

    1. Which player is fit for a year from the players leaving from AFC? Besides, what do you expect medical staff to do? Tell them to avoid contact ? I also understand players wanting to come from the bench. Sometimes they do that fully aware they are not 100% sure they healed.
      It surprises me the fact that our fans hate our players for simply being injured like they did not got these scars by playing for the team.

      1. No Budd,
        From your answer and all the thimbs down maybe I didnt explain myself.
        OF COURSE I dont expect them to tell them to avoid contact!

        But I think our medical staff is treating players like REGULAR people, its the truth that these guys are NOT. Their training and physicial conditions are NOT the same.

        as far as a whole year….RvP???????

  3. Aaah, Jack Wheelchair. What could have been, had he not had ankles more brittle than a teenager’s voice. How many months of further injury do he get before he’s given up on? The guy gets injured right when he’s about to establish himself back into the team. Again and again. And he doesn’t learn. Proper nutter.

      1. Budd the old fella who thinks that getting cought smoking on holidays is okay, but banging hookers before games is pretty much okays.

    1. Blame the FA for their outdated rules, it wouldn’t happen in LaLiga or Bundesliga where tackles are heavily regulated to prevent players from getting injured like Wilshere and Ramsey.

  4. Wenger also appears to have communication problems with his medical staff. First Wellbeck now Wilshere. How can he so badly informed.

    1. I don’t think he is not informed. I am pretty sure every manager discuss with the medical staff what are their oppinions about the injured players. I am also sure that no manager discloses 100% how the rehabilitation goes with injured players. Here’s not a case of not being informed, is a case of waiting for test results because only then you know for sure what you are up to.
      That’s why you don’t see at the moment any official statement from the club regarding Jack. It may be true or it may not be true. And even if it is not true, would they take the risk leting Jack to resume normal training? I also believe Wenger had an idea on how bad was Welbeck injury but since nothing was official and since we were in the market for a striker it was kept until next Monday.

  5. this is why we don’t even rely on him. Still, he has his moments you have to admit and its somewhat of a blow. Next year we should probably let someone like Rosicky go and pick up a new squad player for midfield, or promote a youngster. I love Rosicky but it seems like his injury curse is back.

    1. @ks-gunner
      Not just any ankle injury. Jack has a metal screw in his ankle. He will never play the same again…He will always catch an injury, easily…

  6. What a shame. I really want to see Jack play for an extended period but there’s always a setback. I honestly think between him and Ramsey he’s the better player but his injuries makes it hard for people to really see that. He would have been the better option to toss on the RW for sure even as a CM himself.

  7. Jack is an injury prone player. It’s a FACT. you guys still remember how long it took him to get recovered when he had a fracture last time. that’s in his gene and nobody can change it. but i will be happy to keep jack in the team as a squad player as long as he wants until he retires. because he is a real gooner and what do you think of tottenham?

  8. however much that lad gets injured, ill always look foward to his return.
    I just hope he and welbz wont take so long to regain fitness in the 2nd half of the season

  9. why did we always cause problem for ourself. if messi,ronaldo,hazard,etc always get injured how are they goin 2 be useful for there club.
    robben is injury prone which makes chelsea to sell him to madrid. dis injury makes him to sit on bench during his time in madrid.
    his absence makes bayern to suffer in last season champ league against barca. dortmond suffer marco reus absent in the same last season.
    wenger should have dupe mancity(as he dupe barca by sellin vermalene and collect sanchez in return. vermalene as get injury again in there last match and which will cost barca bcos busquet have injury ) by collecting 45/50million for jack`s transfer, whereby d money will b use to buy another player or replacement (similar talented young future player like him) like isco,gotze,tiago alacantara,etc.
    the summary is that injury players are not useful to club as they are not reliable

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