Jack Wilshere explains why he is on the Arsenal bench!

In recent years Jack Wilshere has been a favourite of Arsene Wenger’s and he seems to get preferential treatment from Le Prof when he is fit enough to play in Arsenal’s starting XI, but on his latest return from the treatment table he feels like he has more competition for his position.

“When I first broke in there was Cesc Fabregas, there was Diaby, Denilson and Alex Song,” Jack said on Arsenal.com.

“We’ve always had real quality in that position but now I’d say there are more of my style of players fighting for that position. You can name four or five attacking midfielders who are world-class.

“I’ve played with Francis since I was 15 or 16 so we know each other really well. He didn’t get a look in before that but I always knew that once he got his chance he would deliver, and he gets better and better as each game goes on.

“I’ve played with Mikel for a couple of years now and I played against him [at Everton] when I was at Bolton on loan and he was the best player on the pitch. He brings that experience, reads the game really well, breaks up play and everyone knows what quality he has on the ball.

“[Aaron’s] main attribute is his energy, his leadership, he wants to drive the team forward and he can score goals. You look at the best midfielders in the world over the last few years like Lampard and Gerrard, who can score goals, and he’s got that.

“With Santi it’s easy to play because he understands the game so well. If I come inside, he’ll go outside and we’ll link up. Now he’s got more responsibility in the centre of midfield and he’s done brilliantly there over the last few months. He’s probably the easiest player to play with.”

Wenger has always aimed to get in creative midfielders and there is no doubt that we have more than enough of quality in those positions, but is there any chance of Jack supplanting any of his competitors unless we have another wave of injuries?

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  1. It’s because you smoke and drink too much and haven’t progressed in the last 5 years.

  2. Jack’s biggest problem is his versatility, or better said, nobody really knows where he excels best. Arsenal has better playmakers and a better box-to-box midfielder that all specialise in a main position, where Wilshere can play literally everywhere in midfield. At the moment I don’t really see where he should play in a starting XI he’s definitely a second choice on all positions, but what a great luxurious substitute to have at Arsenal.

    1. Our style of play is one of the most flexible in Europe. The players move and change positions at will and so when players move from their comfort zone they are comfortable in different areas of the pitch. Look at Ramsey who was terrific vs Liverpool playing on the right but he was all over the pitch. jack been versatile is a good thing as when the players are in transition they feel comfortable everywhere. Look at sanchez Ozil cazorla rambo they can all move positions during the game.

      In fact Ozil is hardly ever at number 10 position. I call OZIL a floater. He is always floating drifiting out on the wings and going into space to ask for the ball. So its also part of the arsenal style.

      jack is more of and enforcer who likes to be in the thick of action putting in tackles winning balls and and transitioning from defence to attack. I think having versatile mid fielders suit Arsene Wengers tactics. As he plays with a lot of movement and players changing positions on the pitch.
      That said competition is great. No player is on form all season. Its impossible. Benteke went 19 games 0 goals and now he is scoring for fun. pele 17 games 0 goals. having a big squad with rotation and form is just what we need. Welcome to all our injured players.

  3. You are good backup Jack Wishire!!! And when we purchase Morgan Scnheiderlon it will be more hard. STOP SMOKE!

  4. Jack needs to focus on his game and development of himself! In a nutshell he needs to get his” act together” and his head back in the right place!

  5. He needs more hard work and determination and needs self beleive like ramsey to progress further.. Coyg!! Any ways where is my freind johannesburguner? sory i can’t reply to u in last post..

    1. Salaams my brother. Just logged in now after a day out shopping on a cool day here in South Africa and saw your comment. Every player is an asset to the team and hopefully will stay loyal to the Arsenal cause, improve and earn their right to play. We fans want to see the best from all our players, and we appreciate each one is unique in strength and weakness. Wilshere will come good from watching Cazorla, Ramsey,Rosicky, Ozil and can only improve and get better. We rave about that team goal that he scored and I can see more coming. He is one of us.

      1. @johannesburgunner!! Wa alaikum assalam bro! Saw your comments now yeah wilshere will improve with game time and if he avoids injuries then yes he will be a very good player and asset for the team in future because he has the talent he just needs to fulfil his talent and act like a mature guy..

  6. Some of you out there are just terrible and sad sad human. U treat an arsenal player as if he plays for spurs. Some of you act as if you got the perfect life out there WITH THE PERFECT WIFE AND KIDS. always coming and bashing our players.
    Most of you are just waiting for the next loss to Bash Giroud rambo jack and Sczeney. How can you call yourself and Arsenal fan when you hope certain players stay Injured? And you make fun at their misfortune?
    Jack never said he is a starter and I know he is fighter and will keep on working hard to get better. U don’t get voted man of the match in 3 straight England Qualifiers by been useless. U don’t get Linked with City Chelsea Barca Bayern by been useless.

    Cazorla and Rosisky are in their 30’s and you want to sell a 23 year old. then How much will you have buy a replacement midfielder. Ozil and rambo have also develope a habit for missing atleast 3 months every season.

    Those of you who don’t want jack are lacking alot in common sense .U really dont have to go to Uni to understand that that Arteta Flamini cazorla and Rosisky are all 30 + and won’t be here forever . In and era where sterling Pogba are now 50 million players how hard will it be to get replacements?
    Then You have jack who was terrific at the start of the season when the team was poor him and sanchez desire and fight carried us through and we could not even beat the likes of besiktash but jack took the fight to them and we even played Champions league this season greatly because of him and sanchez.
    Now our player gets injured and returns instead of support and love he gets all this hate and insult. Am not saying jack should start. far from it. But having him on the bench and helping us in the last 30 mins when we need fresh legs against parking the bus teams cannot be call disadvantage. Am also delighted to see the other lads diaby arteta and debuchy back. Its better having them on the bench or in the stands than having them at the clinic. WELCOME JACK.

    1. @galen
      everyday u on here lecturing people with some 10 paragraph essay breaking down why there bad an your good.
      fall back , we get it already

      1. @ Muff. U don’t have to read it if you think am lecturing. We are fans and our role is to support our players especially when they are down. That is what fans do. Even when we are on a good run some people are still looking for negativity. I will keep on defending the likes of jack Giroud rambo and Sczeney. they are good enough to play for Arsenal and be part of a great squad.
        I know this forum. Some people are waiting for just 1 loss to tear giroud or Rambo into pieces. I am here to support the team and every player. On mi way to burnley. Have a great day to all you GOONERS.

    2. I agree totally. If Jack comes back with the right attitude and commitment he will become a WC player. A replacement will cost in excess of £30 mill, or Wenger will buy a promising kid. Kids are for the future, we need experience now and for next season. Selling Jack would be stupid.

    3. Very true, Galen, and it seems that almost every player seems to get a turn to be bashed when results go against us. Happened to Schez, Mert, Monreal, Ramsey,Wilshere, Ozil,Walcott, Welbeck, Giroud, at some point in the season. Nobody gets injured to be out for months on purpose and it takes time to settle in again, and we need to be mindful of that.

  7. Everyone loves to write players off as not being good enough.

    I’ve seen what jacks capable of & he’s a top quality player he just needs a period without injury & niggles That are stoping him playing to his full potential.

    A different type of player but looking at Le Coq and how much he’s progressed & the same with Ramsey if Wenger believes in Jack then so do I. Jack in my opinion has more natural ability than both those two.

    On the other hand we do have plenty of midfield options so I think some of our players will have to come to terms with coming in and out of the team, being able to rotate & finding consistency even tho they won’t be playing every game.

  8. Just use him as a sub, if he plays really well give him an odd start. He has a lot to prove before he gets close to being a starter ahead of the rest.

  9. if we sign Schnerlidin whos going to rot the bench?

    Schnerlindin is a CM not a DM…..Super Wanyamam is the DM….

    1. We get Morgan to Rotate with Coq. may be am a bias fan. But Coq in my eyes is as good in his role as anyone out there. Some away games may require 2 dm. So morgan fits the bill. From the look of things it seems as if there is no contract rumours on Arteta Flamini and Rossiky. I don’t know what the situation is. But it looks as if they are not gonna be here next season.

  10. It’s wonderfull not hear about trophy drought and phisioroom, short on players, AW knows best and AW out,

    we need all our English players in case FA changes their rools with foreign players,

    if we can get Sterling and keep Walcott buy Southamptons Schneiderlin, we are ok,

    OK and Hugayin from Napoly his not fast but boy his great in the box.

    Job done and make room in the trophy cabinet.

  11. You dont need enemys when you have C**nts of Fans like we do. I cant understand how people can bash him and claim that he is the weakest link in our team, only bec people disslike him for not being sunnyboy of a player. This bs reminds of Messi and Ronaldo. All people like Messi bec he is such a nice guy and role model ( so they say ), but when it comes to acknowledge Ronaldos greatnes, people tend to bother them self with his private life more then his talent in the pitch.

    Wilsher is great and very talented, he is one of the best the english have to offer, and when you mother fackkers think of him as sh&t, your whole international team has te be sh*t aswell. Lol.

    Arsenal player and also an Arsenal fan himself. Jack is the man.

    1. Even leaving aside his injuries, I struggle to think of a game in recent seasons when the best performance of Wilshere has come close to matching the best performances of other Arsenal players in his position. I don’t think his attitude really comes into it, although it certainly isn’t backed by the level at which he has been playing.

      People like Messi because he’s one of the greatest players in the history of football. Ronaldo is a prolific goalscorer, but his ability is just not comparable. He still wouldn’t be thought of in the same light, even if he were less of an objectional human.

      The England team is mediocre at best. Very few people would say otherwise and I definitely wouldn’t.

      1. So you are saying that Ramsey is that much better of player then Wilsher is? This year he was better then Ramsey he had barrely any bad performances. He played a big role with Sanchez in taking us further in the Cl. He was named man of math against Man city, and do you rememeber his wonder goals at all? 4 man of the match performances one after another with england, what more can you ask?

        He knows his weaknesses and his strenght, its up to Wenger to develope him and use him where he wants to play. Playing players out of poz ruins them, like we did ruin Ramsey for years, or Coquelin playing him as a Rb only to loan him out, only to bring him back again out of panic which made our team then tick. ( lucky us ).

        Wilsher is very good, all what he needs in his game to make his haters shut up is him scoring goals, bec thats the only language fans understand.

        He is the best playing with the best team in the world, in a weak leauge like la liga, with also having fifa at his back.

        1. That’s exactly what I’m saying. Ramsey in recent years has been far superior. Wilshere played his best game at the age of about 19 (against Barcelona) and has never quite lived up to it again. That’s not to say he won’t, or that he’s a bad player. We just have better.

          Playing players out of position doesn’t “ruin” them. It allows them to quickly develop attributes that might otherwise take longer to form. Wenger has openly stated that he deliberately played Ramsey on the wing to improve his play in several areas, and it worked.

          Your statement about “goals being the only language that fans understand” is false. Notice everybody raving about Coquelin, Ospina, Koscielny, etc. It’s true that Wilshere rarely scores, but it’s also true that he rarely assists. His tackling also isn’t very strong, there are much better passers of the ball in the team and he holds onto the ball for far too long, often conceding possession as he dribbles straight into a bank of about five defenders. That’s just before he rolls around on the ground for five minutes, leaving the team down to ten men.

          Oh, and don’t give me that nonsense about Messi. Weak league or not, I’m sure you remember when he put four past us? It doesn’t matter where he plays.

          1. Ramsey under performed for the past 3 years, he had one half good season last year and thats it, and bec of that you call him superior?

            Wilsher> Ramsey, talent wise. Wenger is stubborn, he rather throws players in the deep water before he only gets the idea to spend money. Dont make Wenger into a genius of a manager, dont esxcuse his failuare by comparing past mistakes with reason. Ramsey played bec Wenger wanted him to succed at any cost, he is Wengers beloved player.

            Denilson and Bentdner both played over 100 games for Arsenal and this tells a lot. If you guys would support Wilsher the same way you have been babysitting Ramsey, then known knows maybe he would be playing even better then he is playing now.

            1. Our opinions on what constitute talent and good management are evidently too different for this conversation to be worthwhile.

              1. True on that. Just dont forget to count the years bec we are closin the 10 years without the epl and 17 years without a Cl trophy under Wenger. Neverles a good day to you sir.

  12. I would like to see how Wilshere can perform next to Coquelin and in a defensive minded B2B role.
    He has a great long pass on him and that could work well after Coq has won the ball back and to turn it into a quick attack for us…

    He has played the holding role for England and apart from his tackling, he looked good there, thats why I would like to see him next to the beast Coquelin ^.^

    Long term I can see him and Ramsey fighting for that B2B role next to Coquelin, Wilshere needs to refocus and come back like the kid he was, eager to impress and fight for his spot.

    If he needs it then why not loan him out?

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