Jack Wilshere finally gets the injury he has been waiting for

The Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere made it clear last week that he wanted to get back into the Premier League starting XI or he would seriously have to consider leaving the club in January, which would basically mean that he would have played his last game for the Gunners, as his contract runs out this summer.

But he said after the midweek game at Cologne that he was waiting for his “lucky break”. He told Arsenal.com: “You never know what can happen in football,”

“I remember when I first broke into the team, the only reason I was in the team was because Diaby and Fabregas were both injured and the boss put his faith in me. Sometimes you need that lucky break and then you can fight and keep your position.

“I feel good, and I felt that as the game went on [in Cologne] I got stronger, had a few opportunities, probably should have scored but I felt good with the ball at my feet. I feel fit enough and have said for a while that I am ready and waiting, I just need to be picked.

Strangely enough just four days later, Mesut Ozil has come down with a mysterious illness, and Jack was given a run out against Burnley on Sunday, and now it looks like he will be playing again on Wednesday in the home game against Huddersfield. He must have impressed Arsene Wenger as the boss said: “I feel he did alright when he came on because he had that little burst to be dangerous.

“I think he is focused, determined and that’s what we want from him. We play so many games that he is getting up and stronger in every game.”

So Jack finally gets his lucky break, and suddenly the chances of our new Mr Arsenal signing a new contract have improved dramatically, especially as nobody really expects Ozil to even be at the club next season…



  1. Guneal says:

    Jack wishing his fellow players injury lol. Little wonder he has had countless of injuries. Karma is real.

    1. Can you blame him? We have a manager who will play the starting 11 into the ground and work them to the bone before he rotates. People like Xhaka and Ramsey have been producing suspect displays week in week out surely can’t Jack be given a chance now? No big player is happy on the bench and the 8M-a-year manager should find away to keep everyone happy..I mean, that’s why he earns so much after all.

      1. Segun says:

        What games have you been watching? Jack cannot match Ramsey’s energy and cannot be a Ramsey replacement, unless in an already won game. At best, Jack can come in for Ozil or maybe, Xhaka in the deep lying play maker role. Ramsey is coming into form and is an important player for us now.

        Again, it must be noted that not much has changed as Ozil is only illl (not injured, as the headline will have us believe). Jack has to prove himself over the next month’s run of games.

  2. Georgy says:

    This will be the first test of the relaunch of the career with Arsenal for Wilshere.The next 10 games in a space of one month will probe if he is capable to apply for a new contract.
    This is the schedule: Date Rival Location
    Wed.29/11 Hudderfield Home
    Sat.02/12 Man .Unit. Home
    Thu.07/12 BATE Home (E.L.)
    Sun.10/12 Southamt. Away
    Wed.13/12 W.Ham. Away
    Sat.16/11 Newcast. Home
    Tue.19/11 W.Ham. Home (Carab.Cup)
    Frid.22/12 Liverp. Home
    Thu.28/12 C.Palac. Away
    Sun.31.12 West Bro. Away

    These lot of games should be a test for another few players who want to continue with the Club.

    All the best.

    1. Joey Mack says:

      What’s great about this run is that the majority are at home and even two of the away fixtures are in London, reducing travel time. St Mary’s has always been a tough one for us, but they’re having problems of their own and this time I’m hoping we’ll find it a little easier. By the time we land in West Brom, hopefully we’ll be looking at our 12th win in a row… COYG!

  3. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    The title nearly scared the hell out of me. I thought that ozil has actually picked up an injury. But we all know that he is just sick and let us hope that worst case scenario is that he just misses the huddersfield gameand comes back for the utd game as we really need his vision and magic to go through the JOSE COACH that he will bring to the emirates. As for wilshere,he needs to be consistent in whatever time he gets on the pitch and eventually he may sneak into the first team squad….

  4. ANZO Simon Peter says:

    With or without injuries to other players, Jack is a quality better than so many first team players. He should not be on bench

  5. Xi_gunner says:

    He has to show maturity through patience and good focus..

    1. kelisjech says:

      You just sounded like Wenger there

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