Jack Wilshere good enough for England – but not for Arsenal?

Jack Wilshere justarsenalArsenal fans have been waiting years for our very own terrier Jack Wilshere to regain full fitness and return to the fantastic form he was in six years ago, and it looks like our wait is finally over (touch wood!). Arsene Wenger is so sure that Jack is back to his best, despite him only playing a few Europa and Caraboa Cup games, that he is telling Gareth Southgate that he should be playing for England in the upcoming internationals.

“Personally I think he is ready,” said Wenger. “He was not three weeks ago but he is today. I have the same problem [as Southgate], he is competitive for me as well.

“In every competition he is ready to play. I would encourage him to do it.

“I personally think that with a super-fit Jack – I don’t know how you can keep him out of the English squad.”

Well that’s all very interesting Arsene, but I just need to ask the question why you think Jack is more than good enough to play for England, but he simply is not good enough to play for the Arsenal first team?

Are you hoping that he can play a bit more competitive football before you play him for Arsenal? This sounds a little dodgy to me?

Darren N.


  1. tom selleck says:

    tottenham are beating real madrid 3-0 in the champions league

    this is heartbreaking

    1. tom selleck says:

      it was meant to be us
      we were promised to compete with bayerns an real madrids of this world


  2. LL_cool_gunner says:

    Madrid playing and spurs scoring, this is hard to watch..

  3. ARZENAL says:

    Please AKB’s. No more excuses or mediocrity from arsene, the board and AKB’s

  4. Sniper says:

    Who said Tottenham forever in our shadow, say that no more,they are better than us and that’s the sad reality

    1. Declan says:

      When they win something maybe, but not yet.

      1. Neo Malefane says:

        People do you realize spurs hasn’t won anything yet. Yes they beat a very out of form real madrid side but they haven’t achieved anything. I only give spurs recognition when they actually win a trophy. We have won 6 trophies (3 fa cups and 3 community shields) in the time pochetino has been at spurs. All they have done is finish 2nd, which we also did 2 seasons ago. So people I understand Arsenal aren’t the same team we used to be, but please don’t tell me about a spurs side that hasn’t achieved anything. Hell swansea city is more successful than spurs. They won the league cup 6 years ago. All I am saying is beating real madrid in a one off game, and finishing in the top four does not equal success. Winning trophies equals success!

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Your right , now suddenly it’s a trophy to finish in the top four but when we done it, it was a failure

  5. Ronny says:

    I feel nauseous tonight, if it isn’t bad enough watching spurs in c when we’re not to see them beating the champions,(although badly off form) 3 nil is sh*t!! 🙁
    Flicking Back over to Napoli v city.

  6. Yossarian says:

    That’s because England would not be a top team in the Premier League, and that’s been the case for a very long time.

    How many of the very best EPL players are English apart from Harry Kane?

  7. Ronny says:

    Spurs haven’t been in our shadows for a while.
    New stadium all players working hard and the clubs in the up.
    Meanwhile our top players are clamoring to get the hell out!

    1. Ivan says:

      It stems from them having a good manager who can motivate players and is tactically good. Unlike our manager who has not been able to cut it at the top level for half a generation but will not go no matter what.

      1. Neo Malefane says:

        Say all you what about our manager or our tactics but please tell me what has spurs won in the past six years..nothing! We have won six trophies. Spurs are no more successful than everton. Who cares that they an out of form real madrid side. Didn’t we beat the best side in the world in barcelona in the 2010/11 season, so why are people going crazy over this result?

        1. Ivan says:

          Do you even read what you have written?
          You are talking about a result how many years ago? Oh yes SIX and we lost the return game.
          We have only won 3 trophies (3 FA Cups) in the last 12 years. Community Shields are a frindly occasion played between 2 teams not a trophy anymore than the Emirates Cup.
          And I would swap a good crack at the leagure over the FA Cup every time as the league shows how we are in comparrison to other teams.
          The FA Cup is played over 6 games, yes that’s right only six games and none of the top clubs play their 1st team. This year of our 6 games 2 were virtual byes as they were against non league sides, one an easy fixture against a Championship team, one against a mid table team. That left only 2 tough games to win a trophy.

          1. Neo Malefane says:

            So you telling me you would finish the season 2nd like spurs did last season but not win anything? Please tell me how is that success? Didn’t we finish 2nd two seasons ago? All I am saying I judge success by trophies won and spurs hasn’t won anything since 2008.

  8. Ronny says:

    And city winning 4.2 in maples also no mean feat.

    It’s childish but makes me feel better…..does anyone think Harry Lane resembles Buthead? Beavis mate? Ha ha ha ha cooool!

    1. Ivan says:

      Lol that cheers me up

  9. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Jack Wilshere is good for club and country.

    1. Neo Malefane says:

      Come on people we all know Jack deserves to be in the England squad. There is no way you can tell me Jake Livermore or harry winks is better than Wilshere. All Winks does is pass the ball sideways. Has he even scored a goal yet for spurs?

      1. Ivan says:

        Although I agree Wilshire is better than the Livermore or Winks he cannot get a game for England if he gets virtually no games for the rest of the time.

  10. Ronny says:

    Right now aguero has the city record surely he’ll be happy to swap with sanchez in January for a new challenge? 🙂

  11. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    if you ever needed a remainder on how far we have fallen..

  12. ramterta says:

    let’s stop speaking about spuds and wait for our turn in the Europa league.
    We failed to produce anything reasonable in the champs league so let other more deserving teams actually go and win it

    1. tom selleck says:

      fair point
      just difficult to ignore

      our biggest rivals our not even that anymore
      there a level above

      pisses me off

    2. Neo Malefane says:

      Haha do you really think spurs will win the champions league? They can’t even win the carabao cup!

  13. uchman says:

    AWWWWWW the last time i checked tottenham has one soletary trophy in 21 years and wenger and arsenal has 17, very ungrateful set of pple, lest i forget our last meeting with madrid we beat them in madrid

    1. Ivan says:

      Actually 3 second class trophies in the last 12 years. Please stop counting the Friendly trophies (Community Shields and Emirates Cups) as they are not competative games.

  14. Turbo says:

    He’s good enough for a squad role in both. He’ll need to step up his performances and consistency to be a candidate for regular serious minutes for either.

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