Jack Wilshere has come back to the Emirates with a smile on his face

Jack Wilshere was back at the Emirates recently helping to promote STATSPORTS.

In an interview the midfielder for the first time spoke about being open to retirement, especially if the right coaching role became available.

More important he’s found acceptance that injury has meant he didn’t fulfil his potential and, crucially, he’s realised that’s never going to change.

That’s in contrast to other times he’s told his story where he blamed West Ham and Bournemouth for believing in the conspiracy theories, not giving him a chance based on reputation.

Especially regarding David Moyes, the 30-year-old would argue he was often fit but the manager wouldn’t believe him.

Arsenal have gone out of their way to help a young man who started at the club at the age of 9.

The Gunners offered him the opportunity to train with them last season to stay in condition.

Some Gooners had the romantic notion that we would offer the player a contract.

When he broke on the scene as a teenager, this was a talent predicted to be a future captain for club and country.

He was once man of the match when we beat Barcelona, a display that Xavi and Iniesta still talk about.

When his stay with us led to a move to play in Denmark, it became clear the reality of the situation.

Injuries robbed him of doing something he loved at the highest level.

The mind willing, the body now unable.

Forget physically, mentally that must take its toll.

Wilshere has been open about how his situation affected his mental health.

The embarrassment of training in his local park or his children not understanding why their dad wasn’t going to work anymore.

Now though he wants to turn a negative into a positive.

He hasn’t lost the desire to be the very best in the sport. Realising he can’t do that on the pitch, he’s using that as positive energy, nothing stopping him from being a world class manager.

Let’s face it, some of the very best names to ever manage had modest playing careers….

Look at Mr Wenger.

It was back in North London where Wilshere got to work with the Under 23s and observe Mikel Arteta’s sessions.

Close to completing his UEFA A licence, it’s a relief to hear Wilshere speak this way.

He’s not against still playing but he won’t be dropping down divisions for the sake of playing.

It has to be an experience, something to learn from a different culture.

He’s not retired, it’s just not everything to him.

It’s like advising your mate about a relationship that’s not working.

You just have to wait for them to see it, to want to see it.

Jack Wilshere is no longer chasing the dragon.

He’s realised he’s been running after illusions.

He can’t catch his dreams because they don’t exist.

He can make new dreams though and I’m sure the Arsenal Family will help him.

Jack Wilshere returned from Denmark with a smile on his face.

That’s more important than anything else

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      1. I doubt it tbh.
        For one to be a good manager he needs to be more than a good player, character is most important, JW character isn’t strong enough imo

        1. Guardiola wasn’t that good during is playing days, he was hit with a lot of injury during is playing days, same with tuchel, but now they are elite managers, so I think Wilshere as the potential to be a great tactician, Wilshere just need to strive hard with the mindset of him not fulfilling is footballing career to being one of the best coach in the near future

          1. Sorry mate, I disagree. Guardiola was a very good player. You’re right, he was hit with alot of injuries, but he played for Barça’s 1st team more than 230 times and captained them during their European resurgence. I saw him live against Arsenal at Wembley and their whole team was outstanding. Tuchel’s playing career was more akin to Wenger’s. JW was very unfortunate how his playing career ended up, but if he has half the success of the guys you mentioned, then I’ll be happy for him.

  1. Wilshire will live to be as an example to many.l always love him. Let him go ahead as a manager.

  2. Only time will tell whether Jack will make a great coach. Some of the best and most motivated of club captains have tried management and failed. To name a few – Bobby Moore, Frank McLintock, Tony Adams, Roy Keane, and some of the most unlikely have made great coaches – Arsene Wenger for one and our own ‘Stroller’ from the first double side George Graham. Even Alex Ferguson wasn’t anywhere near a top player.

  3. JW can take inspiration from injury prone players that became good manager’s like VanBasten and Naeglesman,and become a great manager in the future.

  4. Well, it’s good that Jack Wilshere came back from Denmark with a laugh on his face. Which could mean that he’s not in any kind of distress but enjoying. If this is the case for Jack, let him then give glory to the Almighty God in the highest of havens for showing HIS mercies that endureth forever on him.
    And who HAS given him this privilege to be basking in it enjoyment to enjoy his life now than before.
    Which is a departure from the numerous physical and mental agonies he went through at Arsenal when he was playing for the club.
    An unpleasant situation that saw Arsenal loaned him AFC Bournemouth and subsequently later let him go to join West Ham. But he couldn’t continue with West Ham. Still due to the injuries he had picked at Arsenal which didn’t allow him to continue plying his beloved football trade career.
    But now that he wants to become a footbalk club manager, us Gooners should wish him well to succeed in his endeavoured to become a successful top football coach/manager in the nearest future.

  5. No way does this hickey kid look the part.

    Sorry not worth the cash and no better than Tavares

    1. Totally agree would prefer the man City guy to cover for tierney and invest in other departments like cental midfield and forwards!!

  6. Great article brother, well written. Was a pleasure watching him, I’m a Liverpool fan but I also wished he would’ve ran out for the Gunners. Everyone should watch the replay of him and Adam Lallana for England on YT, can’t quite remember the fixture tbh

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