Jack Wilshere has only proved he’s a REAL Arsenal fan!

Every year Arsenal fans take great pleasure in St Totteringham’s Day nd this year has been no different. We also all know the famous chants that Jack Wilshere used in the FA Cup Parade from the top of the Open-Top Bus and most of them have been sung by ourselves when we are out with our mates (or even with Tottenham fans!)

My particular favourite is “My Old Man Said Be a Tottenham Fan…..” and I remember giggling all the way home when I first heard it at a match. It may be schoolboy humour but it is still a laugh! Obviously the media always jump on their high horse at the first sign of public swearing and try to blow things out of proportion, but I would LOVE to meet a journalist that didn’t smoke, drink, swear and has never taken drugs if such a thing exists. Perhaps then I would bow to a little criticism from the media, but the fact is that even normal people like that are very few and far between.

So I am totally in agreement with the Arsenal Independent Supporters’ spokesperson Lois Langton who has tried to put things back into perspective. “There has been far too much sanctimonious comment from certain sections of the media following Jack Wilshere’s singalong at the Emirates yesterday,” she said.

“Much is often made of the so-called disconnect between modern-day players and supporters. It is hardly surprising that players are cautious about wearing their hearts on their sleeves if the reaction to Jack Wilshere is anything to go by.

“No doubt Arsenal will be obliged to remind him of his duties when representing the club in public, but Jack Wilshere showed yesterday that he totally understands what it is to be an Arsenal supporter.

“He has been with us since he was nine years of age and, for him, winning with Arsenal means celebrating with supporters.

“Jack simply reflected what is sung on the terraces up and down the country, week in and week out – the Spurs supporters have exactly the same songs for us.”

There is the rub. It is simply light-hearted banter that goes on between footy fans all over the world, and should (and usually is) taken in the good humour that it is meant to be. Tottenham fans would soon punish us with them (if they could lol – not likely for anytime soon!)

Langton went on to make a very good point about our Jack: “Look at Jack’s personal life and the wonderful charity work he does, especially with young people. He goes above and beyond what he needs to do, that should be the benchmark for measuring his role model status.

“In view of the real atrocities taking place around the world, it seems remarkable that Jack Wilshere leaning over a railing singing songs containing some expletives should generate such an outcry.

“Let’s get back instead to focusing on Arsenal’s superb team performance on Saturday to secure back-to-back FA Cup wins.”

And so say all of us!

One thing that pleased me was that the Tottenham Supporters club refused to make a statement in response to the press questioning. Real football supporters wouldn’t have given it a second thought…..

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  1. Well what do you expect. Besides him being an Arsenal player is also an Arsenal fan. He has the guts and that for he is one of my fav player at Arsenal. He needs to stay away from injuries and he will be soon king.

    1. Totally Agree!!! He cant help it if he’s Arsenal to the core. He also has the guts to defend and promote his club at all times. I really hope the manager can work him back into the team after a good run of games. He is a special talent and would be a shame if he was to be sold.

    2. Am very angry and sad that jack had to apologise for this. Fxx all this pundits and skysport guys criticising him. Even Tottenham fans think theier team is shitttttttt. So what do you expect us Arsenal fans to think?
      Jack loves this club and he is passionate about this club. U will never hear a contract fuse with jack. He is at arsenal since the age of 9. I hope he will be our Xavi or our Gerrad. You can tell he loves the club.

      1. Let’s just pray/hope that with Forsythe’s magic fingers and a more cautious entry to duels, Wilshere might be able to go through the rest of his career without any major injury.

  2. Wishere would surely yield quite the return in the transfer market this summer. #WarChest

    1. No he would not yet, at least not before he completes a satisfactory season again. You really need to hone your financial skills “Ivan”.

      1. Nobody speaks to Ivan in such a way. You’re lucky I don’t own you, or else I would loan you off to Siberia, for life!

    1. Exactly “ArseOverTit”, as a rabid Spurs fan i am very happy that he hates us.
      Thats exactly what i expect and wouldnt want it to be any other way.
      I like the passion and the rivalry. This is no big deal.
      I do think its a bit weird though to think about Spurs so soon into a historic
      celebration. Seems like he is obsessed with us. Oh well he is just a kid.
      I wonder if you will be able to get a victory over us next season…

      1. Spurs fan a member of JustArsenal.com? Seems you’re more obsessed with us than Jack is of your sunday league outfit…

  3. I would rather have a player that is a fan and passionate about our club, than one thats just here for the money.

    1. Exactly, after wenger jack loves afc the most and he is celebrating like a fan. It is harmless football banter it’s not like he was talking about race,religion, sexuality etc people need to calm down

  4. Next year pace, pace, pace and pace. Let us forget the holdup play we need to move the ball forward, creating fear to our opposition that is the way forward. I am very happy to see Theo given a new deal, he was just amazing in his last two match, i can see him back where he was before injured. Technically he improved dramatically, watching him playing behind the shoulders of defenders, collecting the ball with his back to goal turning and shooting or running with it, was fantastic. Hope he will be injury free next year, and with his style i will not be surprised if he will end up with 30+ EPL goals next season. Let us hope for the best!

    1. Holdup was so boring led to side to side passing with no penetration and no chances being created ..

      Ozil cazorla etc never thrived and defenders from oppositions loved it

      1. I didn’t think people still could not see what giroud brings to the team but I guess I was wrong smh

          1. The same hold-up play that led us to that winning streak? 4-1 vs. Liverpool? I wouldn’t blame giroud for lack of result when holdup-play fails, it is quite easy to see that if they manage to neutralise Giroud, we have no real goalscorer, except for Sanchez when he wants to. Giroud in Montpellier was well able to play as a benteke/Lukaku-like striker.

    2. Let’s shall we go back to the Man City away game. One of our better games I think all will agree on. Playing back to goal OG received a pass from Monreal who then continued his run looking for the one two. Kompany one of the better defenders could not deal with the play and fouled him in the box.Santi converted. A direct result of hold up play. What OG does is he allows others to use him to make runs off of. Jack especially plays well with s target like OG. Bringing others into the attack is a great weapon to have.

    3. Sorry, but you guys who deride hold-up play in a CF who plays alone up front really need a talk with yourselves. Or better still go to any football management or tactics website and educate your self. If you don’t want to do that then watch a random selection of say 50 goals and see how many come from first phase possession going directly to the CF who then turns on goal and goes through and scores. Not many at all. When it does happen it appears on GOTM or goes on a highlight reel – and for good reason, it is bloody difficult to do against any team, let alone the top drawer teams.

      I think what you may be getting confused with is the ability to score counter attack goals on the break – and no doubting OG’s weakness in that department. But if you have a Walcott, Alexis or even a Welbeck on the pitch then that won’t be his job in a properly crafted counter-attack.

      1. Can’t agree more Jonesy. Giroud offers something that all our other strikers do not. We have seen his style can be effective against certain teams, even at a certain time frame in a game. Wenger just needs to to use him discerningly. Since Giroud has joined Arsenal, he has scored a goal every two games. That is not bad going at all, in fact for his slow pace it really means he excels in other departments, like his headering and poaching ability. I used to criticize him in the past but have realized he is a vital player in certain situations.

  5. Ok so this post may not even be posted as I’m a spud, however I can tell you I like to be fair and enjoy the rivalry even if at times it borders on hatred. So here is my point. Yes I hate Wiltshire with a vengeance. Doesn’t take a lot as a spud to hate him. Its visa vera for most spurs players for you gooners I guess. On 1 hand I actually see the point big time about players connecting with fans. For all their money, how many kiss the badge and mean it. Hardly any and it riles me how much they take home and don’t have time for the fans! Totally get it. Respect the Jack the lad for being just that and having that passion.. .I mean that!

    Secondly, I find that ‘my old man’ song also rather funny. As a teenager it made be laugh so much. Irrelevant who the tune was aimed at.

    Here is my point!

    As a role model for kids as young as my boys who are 10 and 7, you just can’t sing those in public. There is no need to swear like that in public… It just breeds and the next generation of scum if that continues! For those that don’t think that is true and think that swearing in that position of responsibility, I’m afraid you have already gone down that route!

    By all means mr. W, have a rant, have a laugh at Tottenham’s expense, yes I hate you every time you do… my blood curdles… But I respect the passion 200%. Its about bloody time we see passionate footballers who care… it is just to far , too thugish, and scum like to do it how you did it!

    Retract it, apologise and stick to your irritating bragging on every St. tottering day or whatever it is!

  6. Who is the player a few years back who shot someone with an arrow or pellet gun or something during training? I forgot his name. Some greedy, stupid git probably

  7. Szczesny smoking in dressing room
    Wilshere smoking in pool and Shisha and now this
    Giroud and Travelodge

    Boys will be Boys I guess

    1. @fred cowardly
      Thats the problem. Boys being boys when they should grow the fck up and be “MEN”

  8. I would like some Cech, Lacazette, Schneiderlin or Vidal for main course and maybe some Reus for dessert please Mr Wenger

  9. Imagine what Tottenham fans, Chelsea fans, Manchester United fans, Liverpool fans, Media and pundits that love to hate us would say? Wilshere didnt do anything wrong…..This is a game of football and there is what we call Football Banter. I respect those that appreciate the way we demolish Aston Villa because some pundit are still saying its just AstonVilla…We started playing the FA CUP with other top teams in the league and they were all knocked out….If it were Chelsea or Manu that defeated Aston Villa, We all know how the media will be all over them…..After all, You play against whats infront of You…Aston Villa got beaten on three occasions (Home,Away and Wembley)…We were deserved winnerssss. Welldone Wilshere, I wish you well next season and love your big heart….

  10. The advantage of playing in your home country is that even if you do inappropriate things the admiring fans will cheer you. If you play one or two games that can be referred to they will call you the best play. If you score one or two goals they call it the best goal of the season.If you are dropped for poor performance they will launch a massive campaign for you to be restored in the team. The only disadvantage of playing in such an environment is that you will never be a world class player on the field . You will only be one in the minds of the home fans and in the local media.

  11. TBH I get pretty fed up with the mostly anti Arsenal media comments. Ok so Aston Villa were the underdogs but look at the fuss made out of a possible disallowed penalty and free kick outside the area for AV on the BBC, when Ozil was clearly brought down inside the penalty area, but didn’t make a fuss about it, got up and carried on, Bellerin was smacked by Agbonlahor with what looked like a forearm smash, or possibly an elbow in head and was down for a while, when the ball was on it’s way, but hadn’t even reached him and we weren’t even allowed a replay by the BBC, let alone a comment on a possible penalty / free kick /yellow card. Agbonlahor clearly came on shrouded in the red mist, and it was only after persistent abuse of the referee and a subsequent yellow card that he calmed down.

  12. I don’t agree with the majority people on here.

    JW should learn to keep his big mouth shut, he acted like a yob (again) and spoiled a great celebration of a great achievement, what the hell have Tottenham got to do with the FA Cup final.

    I noticed that some of the other Arsenal players looked bemused and embarrassed by his somewhat bizarre outburst.

    Is this really the way you want to see Arsenal players behaving and representing our club, I know I don’t!

    It’s time he grew up, and acted like the very highly paid professional he is.

  13. What good is a rivalry without a bit of banter? Tottenham feel exactly the same way about us. What is next? Fans will be prosecuted for booing their opponents in games? This is plain banter and the day Spurs will manage to win a trophy, we will never hear the end of it. How many times have they declared that they are better than us based simply on starting a season with a better points tally? And what about that dvd they made based on their performance in one Game? Please, this is a non issue.

  14. Do you not remember what Tottenham fans were saying about us when they beat us in a league game? All sorts of nonsense. I for one am glad Wilshere put them in their place and made them eat their words. I am not from England, but I can understand why their is huge rivalry between the two clubs and why the verbal abuse doesn’t stop for two reasons.

    1.) Tottenham are jealous because they are an older club, Arsenal to them are like the bast*rd child who ironically has had much more success over the years and has developed into a much bigger club. Simply put, their jealousy has made them nasty.

    2.) Although Arsenal are obviously a much better club in EVERY way, including finishing above them every year, Spur fans just won’t admit it and give them an inch and they will spout all sorts of verbal abuse at us. This type of behaviour deserves a reaction, and this is exactly what Wilshere was doing.

    Perhaps if Spurs fans were more humble, they would actually start doing well. But it seems to me they are a jealous bunch and when they beat us in one game, they rub it in our faces. Pride comes before the fall, and this is what has happened to them.

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