Jack Wilshere in no rush to find new club despite Fenerbahce links

Jack Wilshere’s contract with Arsenal ended yesterday, and the midfielder, who has been with the Gunners since his schooldays has broken his silence on where his thoughts are going at the moment, and it seems that he is in no hurry to make a decision right now.

“I am willing to go abroad if the right opportunity comes up. Also, everyone knows I like the Premier League and the battle of it,” Wilshere said.

“It is literally the best thing that comes up and the best opportunity that we will take. I am not really in any rush, Saturday is actually my last day with my contract at Arsenal, so it’s been a bit of a strange day.

“I have played 10 years as a professional there and had 17 years at the club. We are looking at things and I am keeping myself fit. So if something does come up I am ready to go.”

Other than his visit toTurkey last week, Jack has also been linked with moves to newly-promoted Wolves, Crystal Palace and West Ham….

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  1. Goonstar says:

    I hope we had kept Wilshere for one more season. I just wanted every single player to be given a chance to prove themselves under a new manager and a new Era.
    But Ey.. wilshere can’t complain, we have bent over backwards for him all this time due to his constant injuries. He was given a final chance last season but he absolutely looked disinterested, average, slow, heavy and immobile etc.. He did not grab that opportunity with both hands last season. Can’t complain now.

  2. Chiza says:

    Emery wanted Wilshere to know that he couldn’t make his team not just because of injuries but his style of game won’t fit emery high pressing style which could even cause more damage to Wilshere’s injury problems and wilshere knows that… I must commend Emery for his bravery,something wenger never had because he considered himself as a father to all of the players especially wilshere but Emery doesn’t see himself like a Father,he is a no nonsense competitor and wants to feel this also….. I want him to show a bit more bravery by selling off Ozil,Ozil can never play Emery’s high pressing game and he could be a problem in dressing room when he starts sitting on the bench… Let’s get rid of him now and get isco or James Rodriguez…..unless emery has a plan for Ozil..let’s watch and see

    1. Goonstar says:

      Selling Ozil? Our fan base would go nuts. There is this cultish thing when it comes to our fans towards Ozil, they have been making excuse after excuse for him in all his time at Arsenal. It is always someone else’s fault but never Ozil. They have their heads buried firmly into Ozil’s backside.
      Now they are blaming his German teammates for him looking average in the Worl Cup. Who would have imagined that a few months ago. All we have been hearing since he moved here is that if he had players like those at Madrid or German National team then we would see how amazing he is. Now it seems like the Ozil fanbase has turned on the German players too, labelling them as average, poor and overrated. All because this time they could not carry Ozil. Lol. Smh

      1. Phil says:

        When will some supporters realise that Mesut Ozil reamains our only World Class Player.I just cannot believe how it seems so easy to blame the player for everything that was so obviously wrong under the last few seasons when Wenger was in charge.We had a (so called)defence that leaked goals like a sieve.We had NOBODY in the team who could provide a solid defensive shield in midfield which meant whenever we went forward there were gaping holes for our opponents to attack.We had no natural width other than our full backs or strikers being forced out wide to compensate.We had (before the arrival of Lacazette and Aubamayang) no goalscorers who could provide the runs and pace Ozil could exploit.(please don’t say we had Welbeck Giroud Walcott as these were clearly NOT the quality required to get the best from the player).Sanchez played for himself and very rarely knitted into a team pattern.
        When Ozil is not in the side we have NOBODY who is able to create like he does.If he was sold tomorrow who do you believe would be our creative link in the team?
        We have an opportunity now under a new Coach to send out an attack minded team with players such as Mykitarian Lacazette Aubanayang Ramsey to really make an impression this season.The midfield will be bolstered with the arrival of a much needed specialist CDM in Torreira ( and what a good player he looks to be).Our defence is being reinforced and we have a GK who will compete with Cech to give him real competition at long last.
        If Emery can set up the team to get the best out of Ozil then an awful number of doubters will be proved wrong.

        1. Durand says:

          Ozil is one of if not still the best 10 in the world.

          So it’s only natural to shove him to RW so Ramsey can play through the middle, then complain about Ozil.

          Or remember when Ozil set to break assist record with months remaining in season?

          Donkey Giroud went 16 games in a row without scoring.
          Wenger stubbornly played Giroud even though his form was garbage. Remember how frustrated Ozil was? Weren’t you? Wasn’t everyone?

          Ozil created more chances in Germany game than any player in any game. But still he gets blamed for everything.

          Kimmich was exposed by Mexico, but hey blame Ozil.
          Kroos and Khederia were bush league, but let’s blame Ozil.

          IMHO play Ozil as a 10 with real wingers and a DM behind him and watch him shine.

          Instead Ozil has been shifted to LW, RW, Giroud, Welbeck, Walcott, as strikers, no decent DM, and supported by CM’s like Ramsey, Wilshere, Xhaka, and Elneny.

          Just trying to add some context to debate. Who wouldn’t struggle when manager gives you those tools to work with.

        2. RSH says:

          Ozil is not a world class player. Aubameyang is our world class player

          1. Billy says:

            Do people watch a different game to me? Ozil does not dribble or do stepovers, he makes the best passes look so simple. He is by far the best player in our team without a doubt on his day, we need Emery to make his day every time he plays. Our best football with the invincibles was simple football, touch, pass and move into space. IMO Ozil is, if not the best in the world at making football look simple, he makes it look so easy, just need this every game

          2. RSH says:

            “on his day”. Same can be said about so many players in football. World class footballers are consistent. Ozil is not

          3. jon fox says:

            That’s my opinion too!

        3. RSH says:

          nobody has ever blamed Ozil for everything either. Another lie that ozil fans always say. It’s just the simple fact Ozil is always part of the players that underperform in big matches. Why is he always in that group? Arsenal fans have been clamoring on for years about our crap defense and lack of real CDM. Xhaka has gotten threats for his performances, Mustafi nobody rates, Bellerin has been hounded out by Arsenal fans the past 2 seasons…. Stop with the false narrative that Ozil takes blame for everything. He actually gets it easy compared to some of our players with less of a high reputation.

          1. Goonstar says:

            Hahaha. And stop with the excuse. Why should everyone else be burdened with scoring goals apart from Ozil? It is so funny that the Ozil fanbase has convinced themselves that Ozil should only create goals while everyone else in the team is expected to do much more than what their position demands. All the front 3 players and our CM’s are expected to defend, run about, create, dominate games, close down opponents, and score goals. But Ozils lack of goal scoring ability is being celebrated as some sort of genius. For a player that spend more than 90% of his time in and around the opposition penalty area his goal scoring stats are embarrassing. He is technically a 2nd striker but he is much of a goal threat as my lovely Cat ?. He came with the assist king title, then he started averaginf 7-8 assists per season at arsenal. His fanbase had to change from calling him an “Assist King” to Chances created King”. Smh. Lol

          2. RSH says:

            lmao, harsh truth right there. It’s his reputation at Real madrid that keeps him relevant. Since moving to Arsenal his form has been all over the place. When you have consult the stat sheet every time Ozil plays because nobody thinks he ever does anything meaningful, there is a problem. “Chances created” is such a broad umbrella and says nothing about the quality of those chances. Without context it can look impressive.

        4. Goonstar says:

          @Phil.. That is your Ozil fanboyism. Ozil is not world class. He us a good player but not world class. This is the problem with you his fanbase. You love heaping all this over the top titles on him; “He is world class. Best No10 in the world etc”. But when he is analysed / criticised like a typical world class player is supposed too then you guy get sensitive about the criticism. You can’t have it both ways. He is either world class like you say or he isn’t. Labelling someone a World class players come with the baggage, you make a lot of money from it, recieve and enjoy all the hype but be prepared to be criticised and put under the microscope on everything. Ozil fanbase love claiming he is world class but then blame each and everything including the kitchen sink, but it is never a Ozil’s fault. Smh

    2. stubill says:

      1) Emery wanted JW to sign a new contract, but wouldn’t guarantee playing time, that’s why JW didn’t sign.

      2) No one is going to sign Ozil and pay him £350k a week, so he’s not going anywhere unless we give him away.

  3. Phil says:

    I would have thought the best thing for Jack Wilshere to do is to NOT hang around waiting to see what financial offers he gets and to sign up quickly for a club and get a full pre season with new team mates under his belt.If he wants to be taken seriously as a Premier League footballer again then money should be the very last thing on his mind.

    1. jon fox says:

      As Wilshere is no longer our player I am competely indifferent about his future and who he plays for. YAWN!

  4. Chiza says:

    Emery is a competitor and he would allow the arsenal players feel this.. Exciting times ahead for all arsenal fans..i know God has answered the prayers of every arsenal fan with our new coach and new world class management set up… I don’t want to put so much pressure on Emery because i know Wenger brought us to our low but i have a feeling that Emery would bring so much success to arsenal,he would be the coach to bring back the premier league to arsenal,he would surely win the Europa league I know that but dare I say it because i believe this one so much.. He is going to be the coach to win our first ever champions league

    1. snowden says:

      @Chiza. I would think that all Arsenal fans would hope your last sentence proves correct. What can you tell us about the PGMOL?

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