Jack Wilshere injury is sad but proves Arsenal were right to let him go

We had a whole year and a half of the Jack Wilshere contract saga, with Arsene Wenger pushing for him to sign the extension, but Jack himself prefering to wait to speak to Le Prof’s replacement before committing to staying at the Emirates.

In the end Emery told the Englishman that he was not guaranteed a place in the new Arsenal team, and he decided to join his boyhood club West Ham, but just five weeks into the new season he has succumbed to another injury. Here is what the Mirror reported this morning….

Jack Wilshere has reportedly been ruled out for six weeks following ankle surgery.

The West Ham midfielder picked up the injury in training last week and missed the 3-1 win over Everton on Sunday.

It was hoped it would not be a serious problem but Wilshere underwent minor surgery on Monday.

And the Guardian reports he will be sidelined for up to six weeks in a real blow to the 26-year-old and Hammers boss Manuel Pellegrini.

You can’t help but feel sorry for him, as we surely all wish him well, especially as his troubles started when he was overplayed by Wenger at an early age, butdoesn’t it also prove that Emery made the right decision to let him go?

Darren N


  1. Peterhos says:

    It is sad that a promising career has been blighted by injury, as happened with Diaby and Eduardo. The reason why so many fans became angry with Wenger is that it took him far too long to offload players who all the fans knew were finished, Arteta is yet another example, whilst failing to get fresher players in. I am hoping for a new era of ruthlessness or else we will limp along in 6th position or worse for years to come.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Arsenal have to be ruthless, but they just have young players as the underperforming senior players’ replacements. Man City have at least two expensive players competing in almost each position

      Emery wanted to keep Wilshere, but he revealed that Wilshere will not be guaranteed to always start and Wilshere chose another place where he doesn’t have to compete too much

      I hope there is nothing bad happened to Maitland-Niles, because Arsenal cannot afford to lose another bright talent due to serious injuries

  2. Sue says:

    I do feel sorry for him… must be so frustrating for him. I think West Ham had better get used to this…..

    1. gotanidea says:

      Let’s move on from the former Gunners and keep moving forward with Arsenal academy graduates

      I hope Emery would give Smith-Rowe a chance in the upcoming Europa League game

      1. Sue says:

        Yes I hope so too!

  3. justjoy says:

    its a simple and clear that if Jack play a whole season without injury gunners will blame UE but now he icked up and injury UE is right to let him go..

    Wilshere is a former player and its sad to hear his injury woes.. lets concentrate on our process and progress now.

  4. Th14 says:

    OT: Gazidiz has left Arsenal for AC Milan. Kev was right after all.

    1. Gunner22 says:

      Good riddance. All did was to frustrate arsene and he left and we have not improoved buying cheap basement bargains and a goalie who does not play and the list continues. Should have joined spuds or united instead and dragged them down

  5. Franko says:

    And we always criticize him….excluding me ofcourse.

  6. jon fox says:

    Sorry to be an irritating realist once agian, but ALL my sorrow is for us fans who had, under Wenger, constantly and long term injured players hang around , on high wages therefore giving nothing (or VERY little ) back to the fans and the club(which means us fans, who ARE the club). Of course on a human level a felt sorrow for Jacks constant injuries and WALCOTTS, DIABYS, ROSICKYS. RvP, ETC ETC. But WE fans are the ones who actually PAID for them whilst injured , so , sorry but I FEEL SORROW FOR US, FAR MORE THAN THEM!

  7. Grandad says:

    Under Wenger Arsenal were more than generous in their treatment of injury prone players who ought to have been subject to pay as you play contracts.This policy will not be repeated in the post Wenger era when a more realistic attitude will be taken towards “non performing assets” which includes players who are regularly confined to the treatment room.Players such as Wilsh ere and Carroll of West Ham are typical examples of guys who have been more than well paid during their careers but have contributed precious little to their Clubs.Sorry to sound so harsh but we need to focus on reality not dreams of what might have been.

    1. jon fox says:

      Great realism , once again Grandad! How very much I appreciate all realists and find the “if only we could” brigade, tedious and childish.

  8. Break-on-through says:

    It wasn’t the injuries that I felt he should go because of, it was that he wasn’t good enough. He rarely assisted or scored goals, even his chance creation was poor. He wasn’t terrific at defending neither, and if you can’t weigh in at one end then you need to do it at the other. Vastly overrated player, an odd dribble doesn’t cut it. That is why Sissoko is so s**t, just a dribbler, but Sissoko is a more difficult opponent than Wilshere. He didn’t want to be a lowly squad player, which is why he chose to leave, but he certainly isn’t good enough to be relied on heavily.

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