Why Jack Wilshere is NOT the answer to Arsenal’s DM question

Why a DM IS a priority by Big Gun

First off, let me say it’s a sigh of relief and a breath of fresh air to see the stalwart that is Peter Cech wearing the red and white. For the last couple of years, in fact since Lehman’s departure, our goalie position has always been one under much scrutiny. Considering Szczesny’s age and lack of top flight experience, I think he has done well overall, but Cech will not only give us stability at the back, but also be a great mentor to the young Pole. Ospina has been tremendous for us, and if rumours are true, it would be sad to see him go but we the sacrifice needs to be made.

Now that the goalkeeping position has been Ceched, we can focus on other areas of the pitch. Interestingly enough, there are some who think we are okay without any additions to the defensive midfield, and if push comes to shove and Coquelin gets injured, we can rely on Wilshere to fill in. The reasoning behind this, is that Jack has been playing this role for his country.

I don’t agree with this notion for two reasons. Jack is naturally an attacking minded midfielder and this is where he excels. He loves to drive forward and play those intricate one twos which as we have seen in the past have formulated into some beautiful and amazing goals. Unfortunately for him, as soon he gets going, he is plagued by injury. This and the fact that we HAVE actually tried him as a DM more than one occasion, and it didn’t work out well, is reason enough not to chance it.

The thing is, when you watch a player after a couple of games, you can see exactly where they are most comfortable. Cazorla for example, we all know is best down the middle. Even if Wenger does put him on the wing, he tends to drift to the middle of the pitch. Ramsey is another player that has been played out of position quite frequently, luckily the guy has the engine of two players, so he is actually capable of covering more ground than most and making it look easier than it actually is.

A defensive midfielder, needs certain attributes to pull it off effectively. They need to have a physical presence, not easily pushed off the ball, good in the air and able to read the game to make critical interceptions. Does this sound like Jack Wilshere to you? Not really no. Maybe a few years ago, because of our financial position, we couldn’t afford to bring in exactly the type of players we needed and were forced to play certain players in makeshift positions. We are no longer in this situation, so why must we keep testing the waters and taking chances that 90% of the time are going to backfire? We are one or two world class players shy of being real title contenders and a European force, let’s bring those players in who have extensive experience in the exact positions we are wanting to strengthen.

Big Gun

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  1. Wilshere should never play in that deep position, he could lose the ball while trying to do too much and that will leave us badly exposed.

    1. First of all delighted by Cech signing.Now a cover for Le Coq is needed and it’s very important and also a top class striker.Going into the season with a strongest possible team and winning the EPL would be a good way to make Mourinho fall from high horse of his.[Anyone notted Cech ommited Jose in thanksgiving and instead praised Roman]

    2. Precisely, and his tackling/intercepting ability is NOT a strength in his game whatsoever. The question every fan needs to ask himself when thinking of a possible DM is “If Coquelin does;t hit the heights he did last year, who are we going to rely on?”.

      That’s why these people suggesting we buy some cover with players like Biglia/Medel/Bender are playing with fire. I would’t want any of them as the lynchpin of our midfield for a title challenge. Give me Vidal/Schneiderlin/Carvalho/Wanyama all day long instead of these wasted wages types.

  2. Wilshere is very injury prone
    where ever he plays.
    Really think we should
    take the 40 mill and run.

    1. Funny. I’d not like Wilshere to be sold. Honestly, he’s good. Just that whenever he things himself the lord, he plays sh*t.

  3. Some Arsenal fans here are act like girls sometimes (me too, perhaps). They be like, “We don’t need Vidal, he’s not really a DM. Arsene should not sign whom. I wish Arsene doesn’t sign him cuz we don’t need a player of his kind, we already got guys like him. Bla, bla, bla!!!” Then Arsene signs him and they go, “OMG!!!!! Bite me plz!!! We f**king Signed Vidal??? Can’t believe Arsene pulled this one off!!! Vidal is f**king worldclass, u shud see him play. I’ve always said it wud be nice if Arsene signed him up!!!”

    1. I think that’s just football fans in general, lol. A significant percentage of them are idiots 😀

  4. Wilshere is those players you dont want, but you know the team needs a footballer like him.

      1. Fans do not like Giroud
        + Mertesacker because
        they are kinda slow but….
        they both do a decent shift
        many times a season.

        1. We want players who put in world class shifts not decent shifts,David Ospina is a decent goalkeeper but Petr Cech is world class he will put in the big performances when it’s most required say a Champions League semi final or an away trip at Stamford Bridge etc

  5. i agree we need another defensive minded specialist to compete and rotate with le coq. If wenger does not want to spend 25m on a first rate DM then we can buy other cheaper alternatives like sven bender, lucas biglia, or a cheeky bid for gary medel. But we do need another DM, coq can’t play all 60 games.

  6. One thing I am certain of is that this window won’t shut without us getting a french player.Watch this space gooners

  7. Mr wenger will not buy an defensive midfielder these summer for a simple reason….
    he has a way of making sure that we go into a season a player or two less every-time even…cech was our big name signing these summer and i bet we wont see another big name signing…mark those words in your diaries

  8. Never in a million in 1 years is JW a DM.
    Can we stop trying to fit round pegs in square holes now that we can actually buy?


    1. If the team looks good
      through the Emirates,
      the Community shield
      and the first 4 league games
      in August is that reason
      enough not to strengthen?
      Or should we strengthen regardless?

      1. Fella! This is not a question!

        We strengthen and keep strengthening to become and maintaim ourselves as the strongest beast!


      2. Even Barcelona the best team are strengthening,they signed Aleix Vidal while they still renewed Dani Alves’s contract now they have 2 great RB’s,big teams don’t ask where so and so is going to play they must come in and compete for their position

  9. Why Jack Wilshere is NOT the answer to Arsenal’s DM question?

    Easy one!!!

    Because he isn’t a defensive midfielder!


  10. Turkish media reporting that Lukas Podolski’s €3.2m move from Arsenal to Galatasaray is almost complete + Marseille are interested in ospina willing to pay 4m & they also want flamini

  11. arsenal are interested in William carvlaho club willing to pay 15m sporting wants 25m+ vidal is also a target

  12. Well,morgan sneiderin is still in the market…soton’s manager has come out to rubbish rumours of an agreed deal for the player with manure united…with a 4-2-3-1 formation,who says we can’t play coquelin and sneiderin against the big teams…if we do get sneiderin,there’s no team in europe we can’t face….the player himself prefers switching to the emirate(who wouldn’t?)…I say let’s go all out for him!!…25million??…sure worth it!…#COYGs!!

  13. Yes boss!!!
    Schneiderlin, vidal, cavalho, wanyama…just get anyone of this players & we are ready to kick ass!!
    I believe in AW

  14. hmmmm to sign VIDAL is like we are having Flamini as our DM cox Vidal is no longer a DM by considering his playing style @ So i guess Arsene should sign Morgan as he is still in the market rather than those Carvalho & Vidal @ cox Morgan has experience of EPL playing style while those Vidal & carvalho does not has .

    By signing Morgan i though our Defenders will be relief from excess pressure as he is good in interception

  15. Let’s make something, that is already evident (unless you are blind), very clear, Wilshere will never be top class (or world class football player).

    Is he the kind of player who will improve a squad performance, well may be if you are Leicester, Watford, Bournemouth (in the case of Bournemouth, I might be wrong as I think their number 10 is better than Wilshere) and Sunderland… And again it might also not be the case even for those team.

    Wilshere is a squad player, like most of English players in our club (with very few exceptions), that is just a fact.

    Some fans (well, the delusional ones) said that Wenger was becoming ruthless as he got Cech… Transfer who was sanctioned by the Chelsea owner (without Mourinho clearance) and we know it would have never happened in other cases (no “balls” in our camp to shake things up, always playing fair or “p*ssy” like… Saw Gazidis interview with those people from Arsenal fan tv who could not even ask the hard questions, but were trembling because the “money man” was out… It was embarrassing to see…!)

    Being ruthless would have seen Wenger bringing Cech and keeping Ospina and make them compete for the top spot (as well as selling Szczesny asap).

    Everyone assume that Cech is still top class… I hope so, but he has been warming the bench at Chelsea… If he was that good he would made a fool of Courtois, which was not the case because the Belgian is just a better GK… So we are getting the secong best of Chelsea and we are excited…!!! Typical Arsenal “bullshits”…!!!!

    Regarding Wilshere, a £40 millions offer from Man City (apparently) is called a blessing in disguise…

    Here or not, Wilshere has no influence on our seasons, year after year… As a matter of fact it seems that while injured we get better runs because Wenger is not tempted to f*ck up and put him in the first team (15 first games: 5 wins in total… This is where we lost the league). That is £40 millions of free cash which could allow us to bring a top player on the back of an overpriced British player (as usual)…!!

    Now it seems that we might not bring another DM because Coquelin has put his print on the position… OK, is he going to craft 70 games next season? Because if Arteta is the suppliant, some of us are not laughing…!!

    In this transfer window, Wenger needs to make his marks and bring home all the players we need to achieve a successful season (third place and a FA Cup is not a successful season, if, only if, you consider yourself a top club, otherwise that is delusional insanity and believing something that do not exist).

    Arsenal should be challenging for all the trophies, domestic or Europeans, simple… !!! Anything else is ludicrous and calling ourselves a “top club” is insulting to the one that really are… And we know which ones they are…. We are not one of them…!!

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