Jack Wilshere makes Premier League claim if Arsenal hadn’t sold their stars

Jack Wilshere has claimed that Arsenal would probably have won the Premier League if they had kept hold of their top players.

The Gunners haven’t won the Premier League since the 2003/2004 season when Arsene Wenger’s men won the title without being defeated after 38 games.

There have been seasons when the Gunners have challenged for the title and they would be expected to build on that the following campaign.

However, they would eventually sell their top players and Wenger would have to start building another team to win the competition again.

In a recent interview, Jack Wilshere has rued those times when they have sold their top players and he claims that they would probably have won the league again if they had kept their team together.

Wilshere told the BBC’s 606 Savage Social podcast. “I was there when Fabregas left, Nasri left, big players. If we had kept that team together I think we would have gone on to win the Premier League – and who knows from there?”

JustArsenal already covered Wilshere’s feelings on Robin van Persie leaving and Wilshere was clearly devastated, however, it was just not about the Dutchman leaving, Wilshere is right to highlight the loss of Nasri, Fabregas etc. Whether we would have won the title is open to debate but you simply cannot keep on losing that calibre of player and expect to win major silverware.

It is also relevant right now when you consider that Ramsey went last year, Aubameyang could go this year and even Lacazette but not to worry, we did buy David Luiz.

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