Jack Wilshere NEEDS to stay fit for England AND Arsenal

The Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere scored his first England goal in style and followed it up with another screamer to help maintain Englands 100% record in the Euro2016 Qualifiers, and he hopes that this will be the start of his proper career in the national team, like some of his previous heroes…

“It’s obviously nice to get my first goals for England, they have been a long time coming,” he said. “I probably wouldn’t have had a shot for the second one if I hadn’t already scored, but after I’d scored one I had more confidence. I have said that I need to score more goals, it is something I need to add to my game, something Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and Paul Scholes have all done for England.”

But if the 23 year-old is to emulate those England legends he must first make sure that he loses his sick-note status first. Roy Hodgson was obviously pleased with his impressive performance, as he gushed after the game: “They weren’t just any old goals from Jack,”

“Neither of them was a tap-in. Both were fantastic and Jack took over the midfield in the second half. That was good to see.”

But Woy tempered his praise with the rider that Wilshere needs to stay out of the treatment room if he is to be a factor in the Euros next summer. “If we can keep him fit and he can get plenty of Premier League matches and international matches under his belt,” added Hodgson, “at his young age we think we’ve got a good player going forward.”

England have got a young improving team with quite a few Arsenal players stamping a claim to become regulars, but Wilshere, as well as Walcott and Gibbs, simply MUST stay fit to give England AND Arsenal more chance of winning some trophies next season…

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  1. even if hes fit who is he going to replace???

    with pending players coming in….

    is he satisfied with 10-15 games max a season if there is no major injury crisis???

      1. Jack is a huge talent, no doubt. He needs to be at his best all the time. We need performance’s from him like the one for England all the time. Hope he gets his attitude right and fight for a place in the team cuz he is definetly one of our top players and we will need him to be at his best to challenge for the title plus 3 new signings. Cech/DM/striker

    1. CHEEPerspotter

      You must be realy desapointment us coming 3rd this season your missing your fourth trophy I see

      1. cheeterspoter

        So you pressed return before finish wrighting your coment fare enough HAHA happens to me all the time welcom back to third place 🙂

  2. Jack’s a real top talent and it’s great to see him getting back to his best. Having 4 real top quality players fighting for 2 positions is great for the club keeps everyone giving there all to keep / fight their way into the team. We need consistency as well as top performances in our team so for now Santi, Ozil and Ramsey are slightly ahead of Jack but Jack has the potential and talent to force his way in there. They’ll all get plenty of game time next season even if there all fit there will be time’s when one might not be happy with the amount of game time there getting but they will all play a big part throughout the season.

    I’m not saying Jack won’t get injured again but I think his days of being injury plagued are over (fingers crossed) before you could tell he wasn’t 100%. He seems more confident in his body & playing with more freedom. First time in a long time he seems completely fit It’s still early days but it shows he hasn’t got any niggles preventing him from playing his natural game. Nice to see him scoring too I think he’s been watching Ramsey getting himself in that area outside the box at the right moment and that’s what he needs to do more of take shooting chances he’s certainly got the talent.

    & does Wilshire ever score simple goals?

  3. It’s a fact. Players who have potential and talent will never develop and become top players unless they can continually play for their club and International football teams.

    Theo, OX and Jack are in this club.

    I personally don’t rate Gibbs that much as a defender. Good going forward, but call me old fashioned however I like defenders who can defend and make the simple pass to other more creative players.

    1. @ArseOverTit
      Gibbs is a winger who can’t cross, a defender who constantly gets caught out”ball watching”. Otherwise, I like the guy…

  4. Hope he can stay fit. If Jack, Theo & Ox can give us a full season the I think towards Feb/March we’ll see them break out the way Rambo did 2 seasons ago.

    Off topic- Peter Cech tweeted he’s decide to stay at Chelsea 1 more season & fight for his place.

  5. Sorry people’s Google Chrome is being a pain in the Ar**.As I was trying to say,I wouldn’t do any business with the Greater Portuguese Gob. Not to be trusted at all. Cech or no Cech, look somewhere else.

  6. Podolski –
    “I can’t make any claims,” He told Kicker “I am under contract at Arsenal. I have not talked to Arsenal yet, but if I return I want to play. I won’t sit on the bench or in the stands.”

    Sooooo… if he’s followed our season at all surely he’s heard of the Chilean who plays in his favoured position.. The one who doesn’t seem the biggest fan of taking a breather..

    1. The worst case scenario with Podolski is that he stays with us next season. It not exactly the end of the world. A couple of seasons ago we needed to shift players like Park, Chamakh & Bendtner. Podolski is a bit out of form at the moment but still a very good player and would be a good player to call upon if needed. I think he will leave this summer but still if he did stay for one more year it wouldn’t be the worst thing ever.

  7. But the fact is every year we have tons of injuries

    I can’t imagine what would happen if Coquelin got injured and we didn’t have a quality DM replacement

    Wilshere is box2box and attack minded, not defensive. Flamini?.Bielik? Arteta? Chambers?
    two are past it, the other two are not experienced in DM

    1. It would be the same old problems as previous seasons.

      No Cech! Go figure. Our only apparent target decided to stay.

      Say hello to our no.1 & 2 keepers: Ospina/Woljeik

  8. PSG, Man-U, City Sending a msg by flexing their valets to attract big players just like…………. I forgot what I was going to say

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