Jack Wilshere Saga – A disrepute charge or ‘a bit of fun’?

So now we all know that some of Jack Wilshere’s family are NOT Arsenal fans, in fact some of them support Tottenham! We may never have found this out if the FA had not charged our young terrier with bringing the game into disrepute for singing some bawdy anti-Spurs chants during the FA Cup-Winning Parade.

The charge sheet from the FA mentions his “conduct in making and/or inciting certain comments during the club’s open bus trophy tour was improper and/or brought the game into disrepute”, but I’m not sure that it merits such a strong wording. Yes he did swear in public, yes he did insult another team in public, but then so do thousands of football fans every single day!

Jack, too, seemed surprised by the FA’s decision. “I was a little (disappointed with the charge), but you know that is something the FA are dealing with and my club are dealing with so what will be, will be,” Wilshere said.

“I have always had that bond with the Arsenal fans since I was young because I came through the club. I grew up at Arsenal and I love the fans but, believe it or not, I have actually got family who are Tottenham fans so it’s nothing personal against them, it was just a bit of fun.”

Jack has already issued an apology via his twitter account, and I am sure the club has also giving him a ticking off in private, but does it really merit a disrepute charge from the FA?

What are they going to issue him as punishment? A day in the stocks outside White Hart Lane, perhaps?


  1. OT:
    Falcao to Chelski then:

    The Monaco striker has been strongly linked with a move to Stamford Bridge after his Manchester United loan spell expired.
    And after reports claimed the move was close, Mourinho appeared on South American TV and was talking like Falcao is already a Blues player.
    ‘If I can help Falcao reach his level again, I will do it,’ he told the reporter.
    Falcao looks set to sign on the dotted line (Picture: Getty)
    Falcao looks set to sign on the dotted line (Picture: Getty)
    ‘It hurts me that people in England think that the real Falcao is the one we saw at Manchester United.’

    Mourinho made the comments on the Latin American TV station DirecTV Sports, while he later went on to rule out letting Juan Cuadrado go, despite a deal with Inter Milan apparently being close.

    Think we may well see a different animal altogether at CFC next season.

    1. I think Falcao could make all his doubters eat their words. I really dont want Falcao ending up over there, imagine if mour gets him scoring like he was not too long ago… disaster.

      I know your not supposed to focus too much on what your neighbour has that you dont, but i would just love to see che curb their spending for once.

      1. We can’t help but compare ourselves to them.

        Maureenho said he would get 3 or 4 more to cement their position and push on and it won’t surprise me if he does.

      2. While we are busy dragging on the wilshere saga and doing battle with Little Tottenham…. The real war is taking place out ere and bigger teams are reinforcing to cement their place…. When are we ever gonna put these irrelevant things behind us? And forge ahead…someone ere was trying to state espanyol as the local rivals of barca…. But hardly do we ever hear of barca looking their way and throwing mockeries arnd… They see R.mad, At.mad or sevilla as those teams who really need the brushing…… We should be setting a challenge for the bigger boys… Giving em Headache at all times…. IGNORE THE SPUDS..we ain’t on the save LeveL

    2. Mou surprising us all again with his imaginative transfers. Sounds like he has gone a bit soft – feel sorry for him and wants to help him. Mou the Good Samaritan. Looks like we right in not getting Falcao last year, despite the fan outrage – lets see how it turns out this year. Looks like we were right not getting Remy in as well.

  2. These people should let jack be. Would they have sanctioned the pundits,anti-arsenal tabloids and fans for their badmouthing of arsenal if we had not won the fa cup?

  3. If falcao likes let him turn to a bazuka in chelseas color, i dont want him near my lovely arsenal fc

  4. In my opinion Jack should slap a charge on the FA of England with dishonorable conduct. What Jack said was truth. 100% Fact. But the FA are spreading lies that Tottenham are not Sh*t. They haven’t won the league since the first satellite was sent to space.
    They should be relegated with immediate effect, at-least they can win the championship then. And have a parade of their own without having to eavesdrop on ours.

  5. @Tope, oh no u would rather arsenal stick with the world beaters giroud n welbeck don’t you!!!!
    Form is temp Class is perm don’t forget, a fully fit Falcao will show the prem what he’s made of, would I like him at Arsenal 100%

  6. Chelsea have costa remy think it’s not good enough and go sign FALCAOOOOOO

    WE HAVE GIROUD sanogo welbeck and won’t sign anyone

    Is Wenger really the man to take us forward ?

      1. Dan.M, you can put Sanogos name down if you like but why not put in two players who have played more games than him and if it was a straight choice would get the nod Sanchez Walcott. Also we are on the lookout for a striker and Arsene has said he will only buy quality so patience man… wait to see who we get and then have a look at our competition because as things stand noone has moved yet.

    1. Yeah…
      Falcao and his amazing four goals which would’ve cost United roughly 5mil a piece! I’m sure there will be no-one of that amazing caliber available this window….
      Let’s axe Wenger based on your incredibly educated predictions on this window.

      Please spare us if you’re going to whinge this early into the window. Transfer season has barely begun.

      1. Falcao scored 6 in 32 games (inc 3 for Monaco) coming on as sub on 6 occasions and being substituted on 24 occasions.

        Wellbeck scored 8 in 34. coming on as sub on 4 occasions and being substituted on 22 occasions.

        Both hardly set the world alight.

  7. The FA are all over Jack for a foul mouthed chant, but are silent about the Leicester City teams racist orgy with Thai hookers(complete with video)…SMFH

    1. Nigel Pearsons son was in it too. They don’t want to mess with Nigel. He will choke slam them. 🙂

  8. Don’t underestimate Falcao. Some players have bad first seasons. Falcao is not Torres.

    Costa, Remy, Falcao vs Giroud, Welbeck, Akpom
    United spending £200 million
    City spending £100 million or more

    Fact is that we can’t compete financially with Chelsea, United and City. BUT Wenger has built a fine team and all we need is a top striker and top DM

    Anyway, get Martinez and we will be fine. We have Alexis and Walcott and Giroud and Welbeck.

    If we get Martinez and DM like Kondogbia we will be fine.

  9. Wilshere was just having fun. He is English and Arsenal fan so he is like an average Arsenal fan.

    I’m more concerned about him smoking then him singing lol.

    I wonder if he and Szczesny has smoking sessions lol.

  10. Everybody has been saying that the FA is stupid, it is just a chant, and he is making a connection with the fans and so on. Since its Tottenham the one he did it to I am happy and every Arsenal supporter is happy. But we have to see it beyond that, he needs to care about the way he portray himself and the club on public stages.Everybody has been making excuse for him, but no matter what you say, you do not swear on public TV. The journalist has to apologise for him, the club officials has to apologise for him. Why put yourself and your club through that? The reality of it is Wilshere needs to mature. He always makes the headline for all the wrong reasons: Wilshere smoking outside a club, Wilshere smoking in a tub, Wilshere gives middle finger to City fans, Wilshere swears on live TV. He needs to grow up period.Why didn’t the other players do it or why don’t other club players do it when they win trophies? Do you think they hate to mock or rub their success on the face of their rivals? No, but at this kind of stages you need to show respect and maturity since you are representing your club.
    He is a player with potential, and I remember him saying that he wants to captain England and Arsenal .If he wants to do that he needs to show a maturity level his country and club requires.

  11. While I take on board all the comments here, as to portraying a good image on TV, and why do we really care about the Spuds, I can’t help thinking that the FA have a serious problem, when they don’t take action over a convicted criminal, Massimo Cellini, taking over a football club, and stopping all the subsequent disorder, when they take no action over convicted rapist Ched Evans, leaving the sponsors and supporters to do all the dirty work, and they allow worse language than s*** to be broadcast on TV week after week by both players on the pitch who can clearly be lipread, and the crowds such as Stoke, who were comparing Arsene Wenger with Jimmy Saville, surely a club fine if ever I saw one? I would say what JW did pales into insignificance, and the bigger issue need to be sorted out to clean up the issue of football.

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