Jack Wilshere simply never recovered from being overplayed by Wenger..

Since breaking into the Arsenal first team in 2010 and playing irregularly for the Gunners before leaving the Emirates permanently in 2018, it is safe to say that luck has not been on Jack Wilshere’s side where game time and injuries are concerned. He has not fared much better since moving to his boyhood club West Ham United and has only made 8 appearances in both of the last two seasons.

He has also not played one minute this season either and was still not ready to take the field against his former club yesterday, but David Moyes took to the press ahead of the game and stated on the West Ham website: “Jack had a scan on his ankle on Wednesday. He’s got a little bit of bone growth on his ankle which is causing him irritation. He rolled his ankle and felt it, so that’s why we got it checked, but he’s OK and he’s back out training.”

The fact is that Jack has never fully recovered after being massively overplayed by Arsene Wenger in his youth years, which Le Prof himself admitted after Wilshere’s ongoing injury problems became evident.

Our manager Mikel Arteta played alongside Wilshere when he came through the Arsenal ranks, and the Spaniard also praised him when he was speaking to the Arsenal website yesterday. He stressed his disappointment about the situation regarding Jack and his injuries, but he also said how important an asset he can be to a team when he is fully fit and firing.

“Sad, it’s a big shame. First of all, for Jack, who as a person – I was going to say as a kid because he was a kid when I played with him – but he’s such a special character with such talent, ability and personality on the pitch. He could have achieved much more, but injuries have been really tough on him. He’s shown time and time again after, that it doesn’t matter how bad those look, he always finds himself in a position to get back and hopefully he can do that again. I think not just me, but everyone else here wishes him all the best. I hope he can come back, he’s done it many, many times. I hope he can maintain that mental strength and that willingness to still be as good as he can, because he deserves that.”

High praise indeed from Mikel, and of all us Gooners know just how good a player Wilshere could have been, if only Wenger was a little more careful with his talent when he was a youngster….


  1. I wonder why other players such as Mbappe were also overused in their teenage years but still firing and Jack can’t. it just a big excuse to blame it on Wenger…

    1. i agree totally Giggs Beckham Nevilles Merson Adams Rooney the list goes on !! this guy just hates Wenger full stop !! some would say he is a spud in disguise with some of the rubbish he writes here about the club players managers of AFC !!

      1. Never changes even when he’s gone because they know that’s the only way they stay relevant.Just goes to show what a bunch of mercenaries we have at the club and its been like that for over a decade now.Was always about them and never about Wenger.

      2. You do realise Wenger himself admitted as much.
        Also, not all players are built the same — coupled with his playing style, that invited challenges, hence LOADS of injuries.
        Exactly what are you guys missing..?🤦🏾‍♂️

    2. Exactly,

      Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe, Neymar etc…

      all of them played heaps of games in their teen years….

    3. @BZ

      To blame Wenger 100% for Wilshere’s injuries is plain wrong, but he did play a part though. He has gone on record saying he brought players back too soon from injuries.

      I think Wilshere is just one of those very injury prone players you see sometimes, but I would argue that something was going wrong at Arsenal during Wenger’s time, because we had too many injuries for it to be just bad luck.

      1. You were right though (again, groan 😂😂) at Ings scoring, not once but twice 👏👏
        Goals galore these last 2 weekends, Kev!! Never thought they’d score 5 😱

        1. Yeah but so wrong about the score 🤣🤣 me either Sue my only guess is Southampton were so bad today rather than Totts being so good and Kane with 4 assists and a goal 😂 how good was Brighton Sue ? 😯

          1. I would say we’ll never hear the end of it, but Liverpool haven’t played yet!! I bet Ralph’s sweating…
            I only saw the last 20 minutes.. so much for me fancying a geordie win 😂
            I’d love a 1-1 between chavs and jackers…you?

            1. Oh between bale and Thiago being the best in the world I can’t listen to no more of it 😩 any news on us getting Aouar and Partey Sue ? Give me some positive news 🙏 even Kolasinac leaving ? Omg how bad is he Sue ? Arteta said he had a good game 😳 he went to cross the ball at one stage and it went into the stands and he fell on his arse 😂😂 king Ralph will be out of a job soon if this carries on 😂 haha never believe in Newcastle they will break your heart 😆 yes I will go with that Sue I’ll take a 1-1 😀

              1. All gone quiet on that front, Kev.. incomings and outgoings..
                Yes, Kola was poor… but tbh nobody really stood out for me last night.. saw a few glimpses but nothing extraordinary.. but we won, phew!!.
                I haven’t got any scores right as yet.. maybe whatever I think it’ll be, I should go with the opposite!!
                Loving seeing Chelsea losing, but to Liverpool 🙈 Argh!!!!!! Kepa 😂😂😂

                1. Damn so nothing to look forward to this week 😩 we are in trouble if no one else comes in we’ll finish between 6th and 9th 😩 he was awful and Leno looked really nervous but I think that’s because Martinez was so steady 😀 jorginho and that stupid jump I knew of those jump pens would get saved just not Chelsea’s day 😂 haha I think Kepa may have played his last game in a Chelsea shirt 😆

                  1. I’d say most of the team looked nervous, Kev 😂
                    Yes I do too, which makes me think that awful performance was his parting gift?! Haha..
                    What did you think of their new signings? Werner looked alright.. didn’t go a lot on Havertz…

  2. Not much to do with Wenger, I blame that Manc @&$? that sliced him down and put him out for half a season and didn’t even get a card.

    1. i agree to a point !! with your comment but wilshere be fair didnt help himself at all by playing football in his garden with his mates when recovering going out clubbing and smoking etc etc

  3. I’m so glad to read these comments because blaming AW is the silliest thing I’ve heard. Wilshere is just injury prone! Dont just write stories for the sake of it mate – there was no substance in anything you wrote

    1. Totally agree !! Problem his this guy writes stories for the sake of writing them with no substance at all !! or knowledge into the facts !! he actually reminds me of a spud fan !! pmsl if you get what i mean !! not a clue !! pmsl

  4. Pat, What your article is in effect saying is that WENGER DESTROYED WILSHERES CAREER. I do agree with the overplaying comment and was never taken in by the much put about idea of Wenger being a great coach. In my opinion , actual coaching was precisely where he could not keep up with real and detailed coaches with great attention to personal detail for all players.

    Wenger was a style cavalier in an age of efficient roundheads and the roundheads win out normally, as they play the percentage game, though it is possible to play with great attacking style while still being a roundhead.
    I always saw this as a huge weakness for Wenger. Compare Wenger to the great coaching roundhead manager we NOW have and then weep for that long gone by fallow period.

    Apologies to those who have no idea what roundheads and cavaliers are but Google will enlighten you, should you wish!

    1. Despite my above post, the fault for Wilshers constant injuries was only partially the fault of Wenger.


      1. Wilshere comes from the same town as me and his bro played for a local team my son played for !! Wilshere’s problem was his choice of mates and his desire in going out clubbing smoking etc etc !! he never looked after himself and hence why he has ended up like he has !! Even when he was suppose to be recovering after injury he was playing football with his mates in his garden where he had a pitch with flood lights !!for anyone to blame Wilshere down fall on Wenger just show they know nothing about football or the situation at hand !! God i hate these Wenger out knobs !! the guy was a genius !! he extended players careers by 4 to 5 years at least !! Wenger brought in the dietary program that all clubs follow now !! to say utter rubbish like this idiot has just shows his lack of knowledge of football !!

        1. right on… some people just SHOUT their dislike of Wenger, and they know little about football or its players. Even less about being a manager.

          What Wenger did do was try to create a British group after his French corps that helped France win the World Cup, and of course it failed. The English lads were not good enough to play at the world level. They cannot even start for Everton now!

          Jack, Theo, etc. were simply not good enough to follow the French corps that Wenger created. Areta knows this, and is desperately trying to get a good enough team to make top four. But… it is too late.

          City, ‘pool, Chelski are going to make top three.
          Then United, Spuds, and Everton/Arsenal/Wolves/’surprise’ team?

          1. i think its the club policy

            The manager was critize at that time for fielding a foreign team and way too many foreigners for an English club….

            after the homegrown rule was introduce, the club took the British core recruitment to the next level…..

            Dein departure make things worst……..top targets were missed …

      2. Yup agree.
        It was his refusal to tweak his game – to invite challenges, but AW was responsible for picking him regardless of this. Last i checked – players dont pickl themselves to play

  5. I have never read so much BS in my life !! over played wilshere !! seriously are you for real ??? So Giggs Shrek Adams etc etc etc should all have been in the same boat as Wilshere then ??? Adams was captain at 18 yrs old Giggs was 16 when he was brought into the first team by Fergie as was Beckham and the nevilles etc etc Adams was captaining Arsenal at 18 yrs old and starting week in week out, shrek was playing for Everton first team at 16 yrs old week in week out !! so if your theory was right they should all have had the same problems as Wilshere ??? what a load of rubbish !! the truth and the facts are either you are prone to injuries or not nothing else !! and wilshere was unfortunatley was prone to injury !! absolutley nothign to do with Wenger !! I know you hated Wenger and hate him so much !! but you are talking utter rubbish !! People like you should actually go play football or manage football before being allowed a site focusing soley on football !! Merson started playing for Arsenal at 17 yrs old i suppose Wenger was at fault for he addictive personality as well even though he wasnt at the club when Merson started his career !! you talk utter rubbish !! and this proves it !!

    1. Jesus, how old are you guys?

      A few things to consider –

      1) Wilshire played as one of the main components of the team – a very young team with no old heads around them and a lack of depth in the squad, so ‘he’ was overplayed.

      2) comparing Wilshire to Rooney, Mbappe – who are rare examples of true international class teenagers players – lacks intelligence and Is just plain dumbass logic—for starters they were boys in men’s bodies, so were more built to stand the rigors of the game.

      3) The famous ManUtd core was taken in and out of the side expertly by AF, also — they all have said the main reason they survived the first year or two was down to having experienced players to look after them and guide them through, hardened, class level players such as Bruce, Keane, Ince, Pallister, Irwin, Cantona, are you guys saying they’re lying — who did we have that did the same for Wilshire..Please don’t say Song..🤣

  6. Fabregas was playing regularly from the age of 16, didn’t seem to effect him like it did Jack. Could it be that his body just wasn’t build to withstand the demands? Also he didnt shy away from a tackle, got quite a few injuries from 50/50s. I find myself blaming wenger for alot, but can’t blame him for the likes of Diaby, Wilshere and Ramsey, it’s just bad fortune

    1. 2 things:

      a) Play type (style of play)
      b) Football intelligence

      Wilshire, despite the injuries never adjusted the aspects of his game to limit them happening—mainly, keeping the ball long enough to invite the challenge to get away – even after losing much of his limited pace.

      Most here really haven’t thought this through very well…

  7. This is probably the silliest reason ever given for Jack’s injury. Jack’s injuries were as a result of two things.
    Firstly, Wilshire is made of glass and secondly, he so much believed in his great dribbling abilities that he constantly ran into cul-de-sac manned by butchers disguised as footballers.

  8. Rubbish. The injuries caused by taking on unrealistic tackles was his problem. I am not a AW disciple but it’s nonsense to blame him.

  9. Who are these writers posting this nonsense?

    Really bad material when you have Jon Fox endorse it. When it is Fox news, it is useless.

    1. JJ PAWN, a terrible affliction, jealousy. And so obviously yours, as your own words betray you, only too well.

  10. Wilshere had bags of talent but wasn’t mature enough to do the right thing at times. I’m sorry that his career nosedived so dramatically
    Others refer to him as being made of glass. That is probably true to a point but it doesn’t mean that the club, with all it’s expertise, didn’t manage him correctly. They didn’t manage his physical frailties well enough to get the best out of him. If as stated, Wenger thought so then there has to be something in that

  11. Silliest article I’ve read on this site.
    But, it’s obvious the writer is twisting the narrative and pursuing their own agenda.
    Wilshere was repeatedly warned about his tackling technique, as a youngster.
    He was told it would lead to injuries.
    He ignored the advice and sabotaged his own career.
    Wilshere’s problem is that he is an idiot.
    But, hey, let’s blame the most successful manager in Arsenal history.

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