Jack Wilshere tells The Ox he will be dropped for Walcott!

Arsenal’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has been impressing for club and country this season, especially since this injury crisis hit the Gunners, but his Arsenal and England team-mate Jack Wilshere has made it clear that once Theo Walcott is back to full fitness, the Ox will have to be relegated to the bench.

“He gives us something different – he gives us pace,” Wilshere said on Arsenal.com. “I know we’ve got Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who gives us pace but Theo gives you something different without the ball.

“I’ve never played with someone before who times their runs so perfectly and keeps doing it, time after time. It’s tough in a game to repeat those sprints 15 or 20 times but he does it, and it’s a dream for a midfielder.

“People questioned his finishing before but he’s improved so much. He can run in behind and he’s good on the ball, he’s improved that too. When you get someone back of Theo’s quality it’s going to give everyone a boost.

“He’s got physically stronger and he looks quicker than he did before – that might seem impossible but he does. He’s done a lot of work on his quads and his power so he’s going to come back fine.”

That’s very nice of Wilshere to give Theo a boost on his return to the squad, but it is hardly going to impress Oxlade-Chamberlain, who perhaps brings more to the team that just sprinting into the box?

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    1. ” but it is hardly going to impress Oxlade-Chamberlain, who perhaps brings more to the team that just sprinting into the box?” Really?? what does the ox add to the team apart from a few exciting runs with no particular end product.
      Walcot is a big game player always scoring against the top sides and keeps the defenders on their toes…
      And i would advise jack to play not just comment about others because he’s not yet gotten the superstar level and he also belongs to the bench.

    2. Interesting to see how people react to Jack’s comments. Would Arsenal official site publish something that would affect the team? It seems we are confusing arsenal with justarsenal 🙁 🙁

  1. Y will he had in a request???? Is theo nt suppose to take his place back???? D only player in dis team dat can make theo sit on d bench is ALEXIS17 if given d chance bt as u can see he A17 has made d left wing his own already. Even needs to b bench at some point cus he needs it to learn hw to make a simple pass.

  2. The ox has been impressive with his directness this season but he just lacks that x-factor when it comes to finishing and creating chances… im sure that will come in time but i think wilshere is right in that Walcott brings a whole lot more and is going to be great for the team to have theo back

  3. It will take Walcott a while to get back into form. I expect to see him used as a substitute and on a rotational basis for at least a month before he regains a full-time starting position.

  4. Here’s a thought. When Theo is back in full form, play Walcott on the wing, move Ox to a central position and move Jack to the bench where he belongs.

    1. Wilshere is correct, unfortunately the Ox has not done enough to merit a first team start. Sanchez will have to be moved to the LW, Welbeck CF and Walcott RW. A Pretty decent front line if you ask me. With Walcott’s return, I feel Wilshere must be played either alongside Ramsey or Cazorla as him and Walcott have a good understanding and have played well together in the past.

    2. U are right…whilshare beached while Ox or remsy behind Ozil with a new DM wit sacheZ, welback and Walcot at d front line whil Ozil do all d deadly passes when ever he loose the ball OX pick it up n give him back to continue feeding d 3 jets at d front

  5. Don’t need one of your own teammates saying who’s to be dropped Wiltshire. Your form ain’t exactly world class at the moment Worry about your own game and keep your trap shut.It hasn’t gone unnoticed your a bit gobby on the social media.

  6. Wilsher should watch his mouth, I kno is right but he shoulld learn how to control his words b4 d press. Ox may not be good like theo but he has been helping us, he deserves respect.

  7. I have giving up on this season and its now down to just enjoying watching our great team play.
    But I have a dream! A great dream for next season…
    Wenger decides to return to Monaco, and we get Klopp or Diego Simeone to replace him. Klopp brings Hummels and Reus with him. On arriving first order of business is to sell (or get to retire) Arteta and Flamini. He also offers BFG a job as a assistant defencive coach and Podolski the offencive Job. He buys Pogba, Kompany and Cavani/Benzema and send Sonogo out on loan while getting Jenko back…. We the mighty Arsenal win everything.

    But that’s just me… I will be happy if only 20% of this happens

    1. Why all the thumbs down? who don’t you like in my list? Pogba? Kompany? Hummels? Benzema? Simeone?

  8. I dont care who goes to bench or who is sold as long as we buy world class players and we win trophies. Specific player fan girls can sit with them on the bench or move on with them

  9. This unfortunate statement by Wilshere has shown that he is not concentrating properly on his football as he should. If not, what on earth has come over him to start causing disaffection between 2 Gunners? Selection of players is entirely the preserve of the boss. Henceforth, Wilshere should watch his comment and pay total attention on how he will improve his game for Arsenal.

    1. Worrying isn’t it. It smacks of a lad who is becoming a bit too big for his britches. You put that together with his other faux pas and he is becoming a liability to himself. He’s not that good to be able to say these kind of things and not have people come back at him.

  10. Jack might be right but you just don’t disregard one of your teammate for the other, that might cause tension, resentment and a bit of bad blood. You think The OX will be happy to be judged by another teammate who let’s be honest id in the same situation as The Ox.

    Imagine The Ox coming out and saying “I think when Ramsey is back fit and in form he gives is more drive goals and chance creation, Jack is good but Ramsey gives us more”.

    Would Jackie boy be pleased?


  11. It does not really matter if it is sarcasm or not…
    In a top club, Wilshere and Chamberlain would not play in the first team.

    We have no choice because the guy in charge still thinks that you can win major trophies with “little” young unproven players and will not recruit (may be because he is the one who developed them… His “lovely” youth policy which basically produced nothing).

    It is a fact that a fit Walcott will always be first choice… Walcott is 10 to 15 goals a season. OX does not come near those stats, so his Wenger prime jewel, Wilshere…!!

  12. I think Jack should keep his mouth mute and do the talking on the pitch rather. And who the hell does he think he is? an expendable in the team? what makes him think he is even better than the Ox? at least the ox brought something to the team this season so far. he should learn to mk comments that would keep a balance amongst his team mates and not this kind. its actually not his fault, wenger made him a regular starter that’s why he is “Jacking” his mouth anyhow.

  13. we lost against Chelsea not becuase we were very poor but because a player named Wilshire could not control a simple pass in the 18 yard box, now he has the guts to crucify a player who always gives his best on the field.. its just ridiculous for a very BLACK kettle(wilshire) to call a clean pot Black.
    its sheer madness for a fellow team mate to ridiculous another team mate..
    As poor as torres was in chelsea u never hear chelsea players verbally attacking him instead you find his teammates supporting him to the extent that david luis would even pray for him before match….

    Wilshire thank your star you had a father like wenger who keeps sacrificing the best cam in the world for a mediocre player like you to keep on playing rubbish on the field…

    we keep talking about wenger not doing well I think players like Wilshire dont deserve to be in this team….
    we are already complaining and fadeup about your poor game yet you wanna add other bullshits to that… really…

  14. This has to be taken out of context. There is no way Wilshere is dumb enough to put down his own teammate. Or maybe he is and it will come back to bite him.

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