Jack Wilshere to leave Arsenal for Champions League football?

Latest reports are claiming that Juventus are eyeing a deal to bring Jack Wilshere to Italy this summer, with the player set to depart on a free transfer at the end of his contract.

The 26 year-old has been with the club for the last 17 years, progressing through the youth ranks into the senior side in 2008, but has since struggled with a number of injury and fitness problems which have halted his progress.

Wilshere has always been touted as a future captain at club and international level, but after a number of large setbacks in the physio room, that looks an impossible dream.

Jack has been called ‘Mr Arsenal’, among a number of other nicknames, and fans will be disappointed to see him go, but he appears to be outside Unai Emery’s plans for the coming season, and nobody can blame him for leaving under the current circumstances…

His best option being booted around by the press was an offer to stay in London with West Ham United, with the club keen to raise their profile since their move to the London Stadium, but he may now be tempted to jet off to Italy.

Roma had been touted as an interested party some months back, but it is Italian champions Juventus who are now claimed to be eyeing a deal, and he could find himself paired in midfield with fellow free transfer Emre Can, who rejected the offer to stay with Liverpool in order to secure the switch this summer also.

Would Jack fit the style of play of Serie A? Could Jack turn down the chance to move abroad? Would a move to Juve pose a risk due to a lack of guaranteed game time?

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  1. James 79 says:

    Why do we care where he goes? We should be looking forward not back all the time!

  2. Someone says:

    Who cares ? Jack Wilshere is no longer an Arsenal player so no longer our problem 😀

    But we do have 2 problems that should be sold to fund money for a winger : Danny Welbeck and Alex Iwobi. 2 Poor players that Arsenal doesn’t need.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree and the rumor doesn’t make any sense. Why would Juventus need Wilshere, when they have Can, Khedira, Pjanic, Matuidi and Marchisio?

      Both Welbeck and Iwobi can still be useful, but I think Welbeck would be shipped out because of his contract duration. Arsenal might not buy a winger, because they already have many CMs

      Hence without wingers, they would rely on their playmakers and wingbacks with 3-5-2:

      ………Soyuncu . Sokratis . Mustafi
      Lichtsteiner . Ramsey . Xhaka . Monreal
      ……Lacazette ………….. Aubameyang

      Or 4-1-2-1-2:

      Lichtsteiner . Sokratis . Soyuncu . Monreal
      ……….Mkhitaryan ………… Xhaka
      ………Lacazette …………… Aubameyang

      1. James 79 says:

        I prefer your second formation but still would like sead to be given a fair crack now that tactics & coaching staff have been overhauled

        1. Phil says:

          Are you not forgetting we have a World Class playmaker on our books? His name is Mesut Ozil

          1. James 79 says:

            You are correct Phil, however I do not feel any player should be an automatic starter whoever they are. They should all be judged on their form & previous match. If their form dips or they were poor in the previous match they should be benched & if to work hard to get back in the starting line up

          2. RSH says:

            we dont have one of those. we have a guy who lives off his real madrid reputation only.

      2. jon fox says:

        In the extremely unlikely event that Wilshere goes to Juventus, it can be only for the money, new country life experience and , playing Devil’s Advocate, should he do well there, it proves nothing at all. In the Prem, where we play, not Serie A, he failed. Nothing he does in the future – if anything much, which I doubt, can change that FACT. I am heartened to see that neither of your two formations include the non defender , Bellerin. Seems some of us at least can recognise a dud when we see one.

      3. Rkw says:

        As a first 11 I am sorry to say if that is It we would be challenging for 4th place at best …assuming torreira is coming we still Need a quality midfield general and a decent attacking right wing back at least …

        1. Someone says:

          Challenging for 4th at best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Based on What ?? your negative perception of Arsenal !!!!!!!! this is not Fifa 18 , teams don’t go and buy players for the sake of it , with the transfer of Torreira , we will have a midfield of Ramsey , Xhaka , Torreira , Elneny and Maitland Niles , Ozil and Miki can also be a contender based on the system that Emery is gonna use , so buying another midfielder would be unnecessary and only a fantasy , and a Right wing back !!!!!! lol

          If you are actually an Arsenal fan then know your negativity is not going to help the team and will only annoy other fans , also just because you have a pessimistic point of view regarding Arsenal and only stupid amount of spending like man city and psg is gonna make you happy , it doesn’t mean you are right or you can actually predict what’s gonna happen next season , the line up mentioned above theoretically has a chance to win the title but we have to wait and see what’s gonna happen.

          1. Xxnofx says:

            He’s right though doesn’t matter how you sugar coat it ,it just is t good enough ,I said 4th at best but maybe lower .that midfield of Ramsey and xhaka as been with us for 2 years tell me anything something good about that pairing ,Ramsay’s had 1 good season in 7years .hes nothing special ,how many points have them 2 cost us over the last 2 years because of there lumbering styles and non positioning . If the rumours are truss and we’ve got the Argentine guy that’s good but it still leaves us with them 2

          2. Xxnofx says:

            And maybe don’t be another guy who attacks and belittles other posters because they don’t agree with you .we all have our own opinion

          3. Rkw says:

            Think it was Marilyn munroe who said its better to be happy alone than unhappy with SOMEONE … Boy was she farsighted,,, if you think whatever I or anyone says on this blog is going to affect the team you seriously need to get a life or a sex doll at least… It’s uh just your opinion man … So let me restate mine … Ceteris paribus if our midfield has to come from Ramsey xhaka torreira elneny and miles we will IN MY OPINION be fighting for 4th place .. And adding benaga will not change that

          4. Ken1945 says:

            And to think our fanbase so recently saw 4th place as a failure by the club, manager and players.
            If we qualify for the CL and win the FA cup, while playing ticky tacky football etc how will the season be viewed?
            Success or failure by the new regime?

          5. James 79 says:

            4th place & qualify for champions league will be a very successful start, however that is because we have a new manager & the players will be learning new tactics & formations. We are now in a process of rebuilding which may take a while. The important thing in my mind is that we some form of progress every season even if it may be a small amount of progress each year. We did not see that progress towards the end with Wenger hence a fresh start & hopefully exciting & successful times ahead.

          6. Xxnofx says:

            Ken I did see 4th place as a kick in the teeth and I will this season there is no need to be scrabbling for 4th place again ,we have the money to spend but for some reason our board think we can get away with the same shit as the last 10 years ,footballs moved on it’s all about money ,as the league will show in every country ,yes Leicester won the league but that was a once in a lifetime fluke and they had a core team of good players which they put together ,but if you look at every top league it’s the teams that spend the money

      4. Sydney says:

        Happy he’s going, so overrated liability

  3. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Does it matter? He flopped at Arsenal and he flopped at Bournemouth. Arsenal can’t just keep on taking a punt on someone that isn’t giving anything in return.

    If he goes and does something great elsewhere then well done to him but Arsenal have absolutely done the right thing as his squad space needs to go to someone else.

    1. James 79 says:

      Couldn’t agree more & I don’t think it’s going to take to much to upgrade on what he has contributed over the last couple of years. It’s time to move on!

    2. RSH says:

      it’s all emotion, no logic. Can’t wait until season starts and we can shut up about Wilshere, and especially Wenger. Wilshere has no accomplishments for us. None. Hasn’t helped to win us squat. Just has “passion”

      1. Ken1945 says:

        RSH, you say we have won nothing with Wilshere and Wenger?
        Just check the actual facts before making such a ludicrous claim.
        It is time for him to go, likewise for the club to make that decision as well.
        But please don’t try and rewrite actual FACTS about the club’s history.
        What team have you actually been watching since Jack and Arsene joined us?

        1. RSH says:

          he was not essential to any of our FA cup wins, none of our community shield wins even. Ramsey, Giroud, Ozil, Sanchez, Santi even Arteta were way more important. Jack was a passenger. Just facts.

          1. RSH says:

            (and walcott)

        2. RSH says:

          And when did I say we accomplished nothing under Wenger? Read again my friend

  4. Fab says:

    Dan Welbeck has score for Colombian, Is he a Colombian or my eyes deceived me?

    1. Fab says:

      Ooh, no he is Barca floppy Terry Mina

  5. RSH says:

    he can go to MLS, Real Madrid… doesn’t matter.

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