Is Jack Wilshere more likely to stay at Arsenal after new injury?

When it was revealed that Arsenal’s on-loan midfielder Jack Wilshere had sustained another fractured bone in his fibula against Tottenham last week, we all thought he would be due for another long extended period in the treatment room, but the latest news, according to Arsene Wenger, is that the Englishman will not need surgery to repair it and it will have no effect on

“This injury has nothing to do with the extension of Jack’s contract,” Wenger told SkySports. “I don’t know, we haven’t entered into any negotiations.

“I think for all these cases where there is only one year to go, we will enter into negotiations during the break.”

“It’s sad because Jack is a great football player, has a great football brain and his career has been stopped by many injuries,”

Le Prof was then asked if he had spoken to Wilshere since the incident, and he replied: “Not recently no. I follow the situation closely because he sees a specialist. We think it’s a very simple fracture which doesn’t need any surgery at all, hopefully he’ll be back in July for normal training.

“I think it’s a very simple fracture of the fibula and that we need patience, and let’s hope that all goes well.

“Well until the end of the season he’s a player of Bournemouth but we have a good understanding with the medical staff [at Bournemouth].

“I had a meeting with our medical staff to see how we can liaise and if we have to bring him back but because it’s a fracture so there’s not a lot to do, just wait until when he can move again. His rehab will certainly be here because the season will be over.

“His loan spell ends at the end of the season so during the break all the rehab will be done here.”

So it’s not such bad news after all! It may not affect the Wilshere contract talks, but it would certainly serve as a warning to other clubs who were considering trying to tempt Jack away from the Emirates. Does this injury make it more likely that he will still be an Arsenal player next season?



  1. Janssen says:

    I think most of us had high hopes for Wilshire when he first came on the scene. I rate him higher than Ramsey but that does not say a lot.

    For me, it is time to let Jack go. We can not carry injury prone players on our books like we are used to. If he was a Messi or another world class player one could consider it but he is not. He had a decent season out on loan but despite being fit most of the season he did not set the PL on fire with his performances. if you can’t be the best player at Bournemouth, chances are you will not be a key player at Arsenal, or you should not.

    I would consider renewing his contract at a wage level where you can easily sell him on for. and then let him go.

    1. John0711 says:

      How can anyone thumb u down

      1. Janssen says:

        not clear to me either 🙂

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    After Wilshere’s injury I commented on here, jokingly saying that Spurs fans were laughing at the situation, not the injury. The situation being – Wenger will definitely offer Jack a new contract, probably with a pay raise, now that he’s not available to play for us for a long time. Wenger confirms today that Jack’s injury will not affect negotiations…I rest my case!

    Wenger yet again, doesn’t learn from his mistakes! We had the same issues with Rosicky, Diaby, and now it seems Wenger wants to keep paying Wilshere a big wage, and keep him around forever, despite the fact he’s rarely available.

    After a very brief change with the formation, it looks like Wenger’s up to his old tricks! And we’ll probably have at least another two years of these delusional decisions. Next up, a new contract, and pay raise for Ramsey I’m guessing.

    1. Janssen says:

      I agree ThirdMan.

    2. Vinie2000 says:

      1000000000000% agree with you buddy. Those thumbing down are the same sticking in favour of Wenger. the sentimentalism goes far beyond believe and this is one of the reasons we as club has staled. loyalty is great but performance is today’s cup of tea. We had many players in the past Diaby just to mention one who we paid millions over years being crocked or sitting in the table room . yes, most of the time it is not their fault but when you do not actively contribute to nothing for many years then it is time to let go no matter who it is. We should focus in tying our top two players and then couple of those whose contracts are up after summer than carry on keeping the deadwood and injury prones. this do not happen in another team just US and then do not complaint about not challenging titles cos of injuries.ENOUGH is ENOUGH..change management needed and a cull is needed to start from zero again. if you are a real arsenal fan..STOP BEING SUBJECTIVE AND START BEEN OBJECTIVE. Arsenal and we the fans will never be defeated but Just If we get UNITED.

  3. frustrated gunner says:

    sell list( acc priority): Wilshire >Ramsey >gibbs>ox>cech>coq>Walcott >ozil

    1. Janssen says:

      I have to say I am not sold on selling Ox, he might be a useful player under another manager. In fact, even under Wenger he has improved this season IMO. Doesn’t make him world class but makes him a good option at the moment.

  4. John0711 says:

    There’s a lot of trolls on here today

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Yeah people hate the truth about Wenger

    2. Janssen says:

      yes, strange.

  5. Guneal says:

    He signed Kim Mikael Kallstrom………………..
    It’s no biggie!
    It’s no topic to debate!

  6. JPS_AFC1 says:

    I love Jack he is Arsenal through and through , unfortunately though i think its time to cut and run. We have another Abu Diaby on our hands here and the longer we persist and pay top wages for him to sit in the medical room the more frustrated us fans will get. Let him go he has glass bones and its time to say goodbye. Knowing the deluded one he will probably extend his contract for 5 years and give him $150,000 a week. The British core has failed time to move on New Manager, New Owner, New Players.

  7. Ignasi says:

    True or False:

    Deli Alli has done more for Spurs in one season (2016/2017) than Jack Wilshere has done for Arsenal in his entire career.

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