Jack Wilshere will go to the Euros – but can he perform?

The Arsenal legend Thierry Henry is well aware of Jack Wilshere’s latent talent as a fiery midfielder, but he is worried that his long absence from the game through injury means that he will not be ready to set Europe on fire in France next month, as a lack of competitive football may be his undoing.

Thierry admitted that Roy Hodgson may feel that he simply has to take such a “special” player in the squad,but has his recervations. “It was a case of him getting back to a certain fitness so that he can go, based on his talent I don’t think there is a question,” Henry said.

“When a guy is special he is treated in a special way.

“He needs to have some match fitness. It is one thing to go but can you play? If you go and you can’t perform, well that is another thing.

“You can train for eight months and think you are fit but once you play that first game, you sometimes need a month to get back to that level.”

Jack played for an hour against Australia in the Lions last warm-up game, and the England boss thinks that both he and Jordan Hnderson, who is also returning from injury, have proved that they can handle themselves on the pitch. Hodgson said: “They’ve played games.

“Both of them are a little bit short of match fitness but certainly Jack Wilshere the last couple of games shows that lack of match fitness isn’t very evident. I thought he was very good in the first half he played today.

“And Jordan got through part of the game against Turkey and the whole game today without any particular problems. I will be pretty confident in two weeks’ time they’ll be even fitter than they are today.”

So it looks like Jack will be going to the Euros, but will he match-fit enough to do justice to his ability?

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  1. OT: I’m looking at all the links and rumours to centre backs, which is understandable given the form of mertesacker and Gabriel last season. However, having watched every match of the toulon tournament, I think England’s captain could be the answer. Wether he is up to the job next season from the off is another story, but he certainly showed leadership and composure in this tournament. Chambers and Koscielny would be my choice to Start next season in between bellerin and Monreal. A back up defence of Jenkinson mertesacker Gabriel gibbs is not too shabby either.

    As for wilshire, I am sure he is going. I think Delph is a certainty to miss out, but it’s hard to call the other 2 places between rashford, sturridge (bcos of injury), townsend, Lallana, Henderson, drinkwater.

    1. @atid..

      Have been saying the same thing on here, I want Chambers to start next to Kos next season..
      He really suffered last season as he didn’t get much minutes under his belt…

      And if Wenger can’t trust him for all the games,what about at least 10 home games depending on the opposition…

      Last seaso,our defence really tried,twas coqzorla’s injury that left us opened…
      We may buy the Holding guy but he shouldn’t start ahead of Chambers…

      I am more concerned about our attack, that attack cannot win BIG trophies,we need more than a striker…we need a prolific and dangerous winger….

      1. For Chambers to be Arsenals first choice cb I believe he needs more experience. There is only one way of getting it, by playing. I think Wenger is going the right way about it, by slowly introducing him. Either this or loan are the best alternatives in my opinion.. Next season is too big a season, just like this last one was. New CBs have learning curves, there will be mistakes, it’s expected. But it’s better he makes those mistakes in the allotted time, when everyone is concentrated on defending a lead. I think we could try him out more in our home games against newly promoted teams and there about’s. But I wouldn’t put him ahead of any of the other three if we are playing for massive points. I haven’t seen anything yet which suggests he’s ahead of them. That’s probably the point, he hasn’t done anything yet, while others where seen to be not good enough for silverware. We need a new CB, that’s were we are.

      2. Next year Chambers should be given more opportunities, for sure. But he is not first team material as of yet. Koscielny should have someone like Koulibali or Manolas as a partner, while Chambers and Gabriel can be our back ups at the CB position. This way we can sell Mertesacker (free up some wages and cash) and make Jenkinson as 2nd choice RB. I think that’s the way AW should go ahead.

      3. Dude!!!
        He’s like Gabriel…accident waiting to happen …just like I have told you when Gab replaced Merte…
        You all were like….oh why Gabriel is not playing…cmon Merte out Gabzz In…cant wait for Gabz to start alongside Kosthe boss………bla bla bla…etc etc..
        Now what???

    2. All I know for sure… Based on the games last season Gabriel is nowhere near ready for a starting CB in a team challenging for the title. His judgement and ability 1v1 was simply problematic. Koscielny was the same when he joined the league in his first few seasons so in no way am I writing him off… He just isn’t ready!
      For me. It’s currently Kos>Mertz>Chambers>Gabriel. I have more faith in Mertz than a lot of people on here. His bad games are few and far between though his mistakes last season were in a couple of important games so were very memorable.

      1. I agree with you about Mertesacker Josh…

        IMO,Mert makes Kos better,he brings organisation to that defence..
        If he partners Gabriel, am sure Gab will look better but not in the EPL for now, maybe in those COC games..

        Mert is a very good defender,am sure if he hasn’t retired internationally,Germany would still call him…

        We all complain about his pace and rightly so, but Gabriel has pace and still not convincing…Chambers should start replacing him from next season though….

        1. We need new CB that’s for sure…
          For now Kos & Merte = the best pair for sure!!!!
          BTW..I Agree with you Josh!!

    3. I don’t like this!!!
      1st comment and already off topic…Do your own article or Get a life man…wtf?

  2. Its a good thing for him and I wish him well, he plays well for England these days, I think he will be match fit given he has been back for almost 2months now…..

    That said,one will also hope he comes through the tournament unscathed..

  3. A fit J. Wilshere is a rarity
    so play him while he is fit.
    Hope he plays great + stays
    fit past the end of the Euro’s.
    But because I just don’t believe Jack
    will ever be fit for more than a month sell him.
    We could get 30 mill and help buy a decent striker and CB.

    1. Sell Walcott too + get 25 mill
      to help buy striker + CB.
      Keep Ox 5 years younger
      and on 80k less p/w.
      Campbell and Ox on the right
      and Sanchez and Iwobi on the left.

    2. If wenger gets Ricardo, expect him to sometimes select a front three of Ricardo, ozil , sanchez

      like he used to play gibbs there in the last few minutes of game (seeing as Ricardo is presumed to be good an attacking threat i.e wing-back)

      we wait and see…

  4. Euros are going to be great for a lot of our players…
    Ramsey – has a lot of responsibility for Wales and always seems to bang in a few goals. A big tournament for him could do wonders for his confidence, and hopefully bring him back to somewhere near his best (which was non-existent second half of last season)
    Wilshere – can bypass midfields with ease at his best. I’m still mulling over in my head who could be the best fit next to Xhaka. Most signs point to Santi… Though i don’t think it’s guaranteed.
    Giroud – Big-man-Benz is out. Giroud has a lot of capable providers and scorers around him in the French squad. They’re a very strong team and my personal dark-horse.

  5. The holding midfield role isn’t for Willshere – It limits his attacking ability and he is not the best defensively. An in-form Willshere is capable of creating and scoring good goals.

  6. *Higuain wants out of NapoLi and Bayern are keeping tabs on him

    *R.madrid is negotiating a bid for Lewy

    *R.madrid are prepared to Let go of Benzema if the get Lewy

    *Apparently Arsenal are in need of a striker (Not benzema i pray)

    *Auba may be Looking to Leave B.dortmund, but manure and R,mad are front runners in the race….. He won’t want Manure cuz they won’t be in the UCL, R.mad are making Lewy their number1 target…and Auba have ruled out a return to france (psg ruled out),Barca? (what are they gonna do with MSN?)… chelski? (No UCL) , Citeh? (they have Aguero and de bruyne), Pool? (No UCL and really not a place of dreams)

    then i wonder, where does Arsenal in all of this?….. If we put forward a better bid and conviction, Auba won’t have second thought on Joining us

    1. Whatever the title of the article the discussion is about strikers and usually Aubameyang.

      Aubameyang has made it clear, he has extended his contract to 2020 at Borussia Dordmund, he says he is happy there, it is a safe city for his family, they have largest game attendances in europe. He also said he would like to play for Real Madrid.

      Borussia Dortmund value their strikers staying at the club, they kept lewandowski until his contract ran out (compare this to arsenal and RVP, we sold to a rival, BD did not).

      We should not be wasting our time talking about aubameyang, chances are he will stay at BD or move to RM. Other possibility is a mega mega money move to the likes of PSG, Manc or Chelsea. He is not coming to Arsenal.

  7. I don’t think ManU will get Auba too as it seems Ibrahimovic is heading there…

    If Auba changes his mind about Spain and Madrid,I will be so surprised..

    “I promised my Father I will
    play for Madrid”…………

    Even if he signs for us now, what if Madrid comes calling in 2years time?????

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