Jack Wilshere will miss Walcott and Coquelin – but not Alexis?

The new Mr Arsenal, Jack Wilshere, is another Gunner that is out of contract this summer, but is very unlikely to leave as he is working with the club towards a new extension to his deal. Yesterday was Arsenal’s first win of the 2018, and he was asked if the transfer window had disrupted the dressing room in January and he agreed for these reasons…

“It’s difficult when people like Theo and Francis leave,” Jack said. “They’re big characters in the dressing room and I’ve known them for a long time. We’re going to miss them and wish them all the best. But as a team and as a club we need to move on. Whoever comes in, whoever leaves, we’re strong enough to deal with it as we have in the past. We need to put in performances like we did today and start climbing up the table.”

So there is no mention of Alexis at all, but he did emphasise that Arsenal play better when they are acting as a team…”Yes and that’s what’s frustrating because we don’t do it enough. We need to keep it going now. We’re at our best when we’re playing collectively, passing and moving. We did that today, especially in the first half, where we killed the game. In the second half they came out and made it difficult for us but the game was over and we’re happy with the three points.”

So Arsenal were fine without Sanchez in the side, but what about our other player that is close to the end of his contract, Mesut Ozil?.. “I’ve said before that he understands football so well, and that’s what makes him one of the best. He knows when to play it to you, what side to pass to, and everything he does is quality. He makes it easy. I really enjoyed that little spell in the first half.”

So he is liking the new setup, so he was then asked if he thought Arsenal have now turned the corner…”Yeah I think so, and that’s what we can do. We can do our talking on the pitch. As I said, we haven’t been good enough – we have to accept that and hopefully now we have that result we can really push on.”

We’ve had a result on the pitch, and maybe we have had one off the pitch with Alexis gone as well. It certainly doesn’t sound like Wilshere is worried that Sanchez is leaving at all!

Sam P


  1. Durand says:

    Keep it going Jack; you’ve been delivering the quality we’ve been missing from Santi. Hope you stay in lineup, and stay healthy.
    I won’t mention other rumors about players; prefer to wait until i see them on pitch.
    Line-up or formation changes should be interesting. Hopefully competition for starting spots heats up.

  2. Phil says:

    Let’s get real here.It is very unlikely that ANY professional player will ever say anything derogatory about a teammate that has just left the club.If Jack had said about Coq-“Grew up playing with him in the Youth Team and have fond memories of a player they though he had very limited ability he always gave his all.Very surprised and disappointed the club never invested in a World Class defensive midfielder that we have quite obviously been lacking for a number of seasons and would no doubt have improved the defensive weakness we have shown over a number of seasons”we would have echoed his thoughts entirely.If he had said about Theo-“A player who should have been so much better than he ended up being.He had everything needed to be a prolific player for our club but I can understand the fans frustrations with his continued lack-lustre performances and total lack of a football brain.I think this is best explained by the managers preference to play a player of such limited ability as Alex Iwobi in front of Theo pretty much says it all” we again would have all nodded our agreement.Although Jack never mentioned Alexis Sanchez I would imagine something along the lines of “If the Manager had not persisted with players with such limited ability such as Francis and Theo and instead bought the world class players needed into the club then Sanchez would still most likely be here.The fans must wonder what the hell goes on at the club as they pay fortunes for the privalage of following our club but it seems the millions generated ends up purchasing a new Texas Ranch for the Owner or in a yearly renumeration of £9million pounds to our manager”.but he never mentioned that at all.

    1. eezee says:

      The difference between this week aNd last week stood out a mile on the pitch, nobody giving the ball away and the passing game was back. Fabulous first half performance now that the team are playing for each other again. Most of what you have written is tripe , And if you think keeping the mercenary Sanchez was a good option when all he is interested in is money, give him six months at old Trafford and then see what he,s like. Mourinho will never win the premier league with a player that only plays for himself and as soon as the players see what he,s like you will see Man Utd struggle in much the same way Arsenal have with him in the side. When you have a player who is consistently losing possession the opposition always have a chance

      1. Phil says:

        Really so you would rather have players of the ability of Coq and Walcott than Sanchez?Do you seriously believe Jack would rather play with Coq and Walcott than Sanchez.Get real pal.I wrote in reply to the Topic.Read the headline and see what a pathetic reply you have posted.

  3. adi says:

    I think letting go of Sanchez, Wilshere and Coquelin was a huge statement for Arsene and the club. It was long overdue. There clearly is no privilege anymore at the club. Whether you are the superstar or a long term academy veteran, if you are NOT performing or committed you will be shown the door.

    Sanchez is one player I admire but also hated. Its well known that he doesn’t get along with his teammates even at National level. He doesnt spend time off the pitch with the boys, the club is literrally a job to him.

  4. Kedar Damle says:

    Why are we so anti Alexis in recent times?? Interesting to understand…

  5. Aussie Jack says:

    “if you are not performing or committed you will be shown the door” Well, those words surely can`t apply to Sanchez. No player can perform better or be more committed on the pitch.

    1. Dom says:

      Have you watched arsenal this season? He’s been way off his usual performance level, other players have shown more commitment and put in better performances than him regularly.

  6. Adeyemi Royalman says:

    Why are we so anti Alexis in recent times?? Interesting to understand…

    Bcos , Sanchez is anti Arsenal

    1. Chamber says:

      Stop acting like a child.That’s nonsense and you know it..

  7. Maks says:

    Jack didn’t like him.
    I would never sign Alexis in the first place.
    He was selfish and egomaniac in Barcelona, and Guardiola was putting him in for the last 15-20 minutes. He was a sub there. He was not happy, cos as you all did see at Arsenal he wanted to play non-stop and atop of that he was unhappy if he was not a goalscorer every single game.
    I know we are living in capitalism where hard workers without private life are on demand but for me his behavior was littlebit sick from time to time… also in Chile National Team.
    The fact that he s gone to ManUtd proves everything. Sometimes future affect the past (and present) and in this case it so evident.

    Bye Alexis, break a leg!

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