Jack Wilshere worried about his Arsenal future – Should he be?

Jack Wilshere has always seemed to be one of Arsene Wenger’s favourites, and Le Prof usually is prepared to drop better performing Arsenal midfielders to make room for the English terrier. But Jack has been out injured for most of the season (again!) and this year has played just two half-hour stints against Swansea and Man United before being in the starting XI against Sunderland.

The arrivals of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil and the re-emergence of Coquelin and Ramsey has made competition for a place in the starting midfield much more intense, especially with the likes of Mikel Arteta, Theo Walcott, Tomas Rosicky, Santi Cazorla, Danny Welbeck and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain also fighting for a place as well. Wenger has such an abundance of talent at his disposal that it is no wonder that Wilshere is worried about breaking back into the starting line-up, and also whether lack of playing time will affect his England future as well. In fact he is worried that Wenger may even deem him to be surplus to requirements completely!

‘I would be hurt if they sold me,’ Wilshere said in an interview with the Mail. ‘I want Arsenal to want me. So if they didn’t want me, it would hurt. It would be strange playing for another club. I went to Bolton on loan and that was strange.

‘I feel like I’m ready to play now and that’s not going to change. I want to play more minutes before the end of the season and then I’ll have to wait until next season and see what the boss’s plans are for me, for the team.

‘I want to play first-team football. I want to play in the Premier League, the Champions League and I want to continue playing for England. If I’m going to do that, I have to play for my club and put in good performances for my club because there are other English midfielders who are doing that in the Premier League.

‘You can’t stop the speculation or do anything about it. I have not spoken to the boss about it at all. He has not mentioned it to me. I’ve not mentioned anything to him. At the moment, I need to get back in the team. The speculation about my future started when I was injured. You just want to get back out there and get back to what you love doing and just concentrate on that.’

Wenger has often talked in the past about how Wilshere is pencilled in to be part of Arsenal’s “English core”, but the constant injury problems and worries about his ability in comparison to his team-mates may make it harder for him to be a regular starter. There is also a growing feeling amongst the fans that Arsenal are unlikely to win if Wilshere plays (not helped by not winning any of the three games he has been involved with since his return).

Could it be possible that Jack may consider leaving Arsenal to seek more first-team opportunities. I am thinking that Wenger has been making him wait so that he tries harder when he finally gets on the pitch, which certainly seems to have been proved last night.

So after that performance, SHOULD he be worried on that score?

VIDEO – Santi Cazorla’s brilliant FA Cup Final freekick!!

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  1. Wenger has shown more faith in Wilshere than most fans so I don’t see a problem from the management perspective.

    If Jack wants guaranteed regular 1st team football he needs to prove himself able to stay injury free and/or move to a lower-table club.

    Jack’s biggest worry SHOULD be staying healthy. His talent and desire should take care of the rest.

  2. yes he should be really worried, one great performance doesnt guarantee a thing. we all know he has potential, really huge potential but that will count for nothing if there is no performance to go with it. i love wilshear but am not yet confident like i was when he first broke out. its like diaby, he has huge potential but without play it all counts for nothing and so my advise to jack is try to put in your shift before all the gooners loose faith in u coz some of us still loves u.

  3. I am shocked by all the talk/worry about Ospina. To my knowledge this is his first weak game as a Gunner.

    If one poor game is enough to cast doubt then most keepers are in big trouble. Everybody has one bad day at least.

    1. Arsenal fans are hard to please my friend.
      They score 4 goals, we want a clean sheet
      They win with a clean sheet, we want 5 goals
      Ramsey is too greedy while Ozil is very unselfish
      We played in champions league for the last 17 years and yet we have no ambition.
      I cant believe that at a point in time, some of us wanted Rodgers over Wenger..

      and what saddens me is, inspite of the humiliating loss last night, Liverpool fans are still sticking with Rodgers. Arsenal fans can never be pleased.

      We need to realize that we are not in the same league of Barca, RM, Bayern or chelsea. We will get there but with time. Wenger knows that.

  4. A couple of good games
    as the season closes
    don’t make up for
    injuries and poor performances through out the rest of the season.
    Its not just this season but 5 previous seasons.
    Oceans of injuries + poor performances.
    Jack is not alone he is part of the
    The “Trophyless” years generation.
    The “unrealized potential” years.
    The “Wenger in Wenger out” years.
    Jack sums up the clubs last ten years.
    Great promise, too many injuries
    too many poor performances
    too many excuses.

    1. I read something above like “Arsenal fans are never satisfied” ..well I would say if there is any criticism about us it should be that we are a “fickle” lot. One game and everyone is jumping up and down. What I would like everyone to understand and take note of before they jump to conclusions is a) consistency and b) big game temperament. How consistent has been the player? Has he played 30 games a season for the last 2/3 seasons and proven himself against all kinds of teams? Can he play against the ones who are willing to play and the ones hell bent on parking the bus? Every week, I read supporters infighting while discussing Giroud/Ozil/Wilshere. All these players are good when the opposition are less than world class and are willing to play free flowing football but all of them collectively seem bereft of ideas when the opposition parks the bus like Chelsea/Sunderland did! What do we do then? None of the above players seem to have any clue what to do then? Ozil keeps passing sideways- Wilshere tries to dribble through the middle and loses the ball, Giroud inspite of all the huffinf and puffing is either muscled away or misses the few opportunities he gets!

      Clearly arsenal doesn’t like that and the msg has gone across and more teams next season will do the same against us.

      And that is why Wenger must find a solution. Are these players good enough to make the difference in such crunch situations? At the end of the day it is not about individuals but the team. If anyone out there can make this difference, we should buy. If yes I say spend 70-80 million on that player (but before that plz get a DM). But I do not see such a player who is in the market. May be Bale- I don’t know!

      Hoping the injury curse is behind us now, we have enough quality and depth to challenge for the PL title now- all we need is that 1 difference maker + Schneiderlin. Everything else is a waste of money

  5. arsene is in crisis and he digs his own grave because Wenger can play a striker as a defender just as to make sure he accommodates all his favourite players invone team.
    now, here’s the real problem.if wenger buys vidal, kondobgia or schnederline,or any b2b player, then he will be buying a first 11 player…both wilshire ramsey carzola and arteta play in that position..so who plays among them and in what position? does this mean le coq is in trouble aswell?
    does this mean that wenger is planning to sell some of his players(midfielders) this season?

    1. Well that is what beats common sense. We have midfielders who do all kinds of jobs other than play in their preferred position. Playing Wilshere and Ramsey in the wings makes no sense at all. Why don’t we have specialists there who can stretch the opposition? I do not see how we can afford to still have rosicky and arteta in the team. With all due respect to Arteta, he is a huge step down from Coq in the DM position, and his stay can mean only 1 thing- we are not buying anyone.

  6. No he shouldn’t!!! If the rumors of Vidal are true and I wish to GOD they are, then the midfielder that needs to give way for me is Flamini… Point blank

  7. ‘An abundance of talent’

    (Wellbeck – a forward who does not score goals) included in this statement?

  8. I wouldn’t like to see Wilshere leave us too I see am legendary midfielder in him like Gerrard, Lampard or Pirlo he needs to balance his head and work on his character. Put the success of the team above himself and he will get there. Wilshere is a great player we someone who can play his entire career in arsenal like Scholes of Man utd, Gerrard of Liverpool, Terry of chelsea and most likely Jack Wilshere of Arsenal.

  9. Having Flamini, Arteta, Wellbeck and the brilliant but ageing Mozart is not an abundance of talent IMO.

    Rambo – yes, Jack – yes, santi – yes, Roza – yes

    The rest no, and can be replaced by younger and better quality.

    1. Have you any concept of team and squad? Decent option off the bench whatever you think. If you want to continue ragging on Welbeck then at least learn how to spell his name. He is a squad player who hasn’t played CF this year. 8 goals is modest but the the same as Remy, more than other forwards like Balotelli, Falcao, Jovetic, Dzeko, Drogba, Sturridge and way better return than other players in comparable wide right/left starting positions like Willian, Young, Nasri. Maybe he will improve in his second season but guess you’ll tell me he won’t.

  10. It is always good to want more after haven one. I don’t fault the Gooners that asked for another tumbler after drinking the last one. The Gunners had a good 1st half outing and led the Black Cats by 4-0. But later collapsed in the 2nd half by 4-1 to the team they dominated so well in the 1st half. The Gunners conceded a goal from headed crossed ball again and Ospina failed to save the header. Time and time again had the Gunners defenders failed to block a headed crossed ball and the keeper failing to save it. And the Gunners failed to increase the tally after conceding that goal. This weakness must not be carried over to next season. Let Jack Wilshere say if Man City tempt him with the departing James Millner’s £165K weekly wages and Arsenal failed to match the offer for Jack, Wilshere will be a super faithful Gunner and stayed at Arsenal. That’s the reason the Boss in his press conference had said, he hope Jack Wilshere will remain at Arsenal. Let’s take note of the usage of the word ”hope” by the Boss.

    1. We drew with the Black Cats 0 – 0. We beat the ‘Baggies’ 4 – 1. And who or what is ‘haven one’? Not sure of what point you are trying to make.

  11. We have a lot of talent and depth in central midfield. The only reason they all get to play is because we have so many injuries (Wilshere, Ramsey and Ozil all missed a lot games). If our players were like Barcelona’s starters and never got hurt, we’d have too many guys in that position.

    So, yes, Jack has to worry about playing time when everyone is healthy.

  12. Arteta and flamini fot vidal is a good upgrade
    free transfer for both them
    and get vidal .He can play CDM

    wilshire can’t leave arsenal
    years of energy has been put into him
    when fit the kid is a alien

    cazaorla will leave arsenal in 2 -3 seasons .He will be 33 or around that Nummer
    wilshire will be 25—26 prime age
    he needs to stay

    wilshire Ramsey ox and coq
    that will be our midfield in 2020 if the board rewards real loyal players

    how can they sell a player who stated thay he will l stay at arsenal for life .
    Unrequested loyalty. He doesn’t have to say that .But he did
    we wanted nasri to stay .cesq .van pay slip to stay
    when they wanted to leave for money
    but we don’t fight for players who wants to stay and be burried in the kixk off spot
    Just for being loyal .A new contract
    If wilshire go or Ramsey or ox or ozil or walcott
    then I will never forgive wenger .The board .and I will write a hate /anger letter

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