Jack’s back hoping to help Arsenal finish strongest title challenge

Jack Wilshere has been a part of Arsenal Football Club since he was nine years old and he made his first team debut when he was just 16-years old, breaking the club record. This season will be his 8th in the first team, even though he has yet to appear this time and also missed the whole of the 2011-12 campaign with injury, so Jack has seen a lot of Arsenal title challenges and is well qualified to judge how well the current season is going compared to the seven before.

The 24-year old has been speaking to Arsenal Player about this and about his imminent comeback from another spell in the Arsenal treatment room. The England star is clearly desperate to be back and not just in order to get his fitness and form going before the international Euro 2016 tournament this summer. No, the midfielder clearly believes that the current crop of Gunners has matured and improved and with the addition of Petr Cech to steady the ship at the back he feels that we are now much more capable of becoming champions of England.

Wilshere said, “We’ve had a strong season and we’re in a position this year where we can really go for it.

“In the past we’ve struggled around Christmas and before we’ve given ourselves no chance really, but this year we’re [close to the top] with important players coming back. Hopefully they can help us.

“We’ve added a world-class goalkeeper and he’s been massive for us with his experience. Apart from that, the team’s the same and I think a big part of [us challenging] is because we’ve been together for a few years and the younger British players have started to mature a bit and that’s really helped.

“[My recovery is] going well. I’m back on the pitch and I’m just trying to build my fitness up because everyone knows how tough it is to play in the Premier League. I’m working on it and I’m slowly getting there.

“Sometimes it’s been difficult to stay positive, especially after the injuries that I’ve had which have been frustrating, but as the injury goes, you get closer to full fitness and you see the light at the end of the tunnel, then you start to think about coming back and getting involved in the team.”

With our title challenge having hit problems recently we could really do with Jack back as soon as possible and I’m sure he wants to get involved before it is too late and the chance has slipped away again. But will he be back in time?

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    1. Btw does anybody else think Koeman would be a good candidate to replacing Wenger ? Tactically smart, plays high pressing football and as a former Barca player he knows the pressure that comes playing at the top level.

      1. Wenger’s time is up he needs to be dragged out of Arsenal by pressure being piled on him by fans it seems like he won’t leave of his own accord,he’s busy renewing his contract which shows we’ll suffer more years of his nonsense!

      2. @Goonerlad, I was thinking about that very thing after watching the game. However I do not think he has made a big enough impact or mark up in performances since he has got the job. Don’t get me wrong I do think he is a good manager and should be considered but I would like to see two more seasons of him so I can get an idea of the type of players he targets and bringing through Youngsters and such. I like his counter attack style but at Arsenal that would have to change with teams mostly not willing to over commit. Against us they do show a mark up in performance/effort but that is the case for allot of teams playing top clubs. Actually one manager I was thinking along same lines was Mark Hughes, I like how he has taken sto further and showed a real mark up in style and results. I also get a better idea of the type of players and philosophy he want’s, I like how he got a DM for 18m, sto have players who can fit in there but Hughes wanted a professional DM and payed over the odds to get him.
        Still, whether either can succeed at top is a tough one.

  1. He would not make my team as a manager, trust me. All those English players. They’ve been spoilt with money. Wacot too can’t make my team, Weback no, they’re all lazy and not improving at all.

    1. This is why England as a national team will never win the world cup or Euros their players are just not good enough,they don’t have a single world class player,even Wayne Rooney is poor it took him 12 years at Man United to do what Henry did in 8 years at Arsenal that’s to score 175 goals!

      1. And its only going to get worse. Kids are spoiled these days with gadgets money porn etc and are not in love with the game in the same way as the older generation were. Growing up for me all there was was sport, for me football ..and then a girl down in the disco on the weekend nights. The reason why I back our British players more than some of you is because I don’t compare them to foreign players, like you said England are nowhere near the very top. So I compare our British players to the other teams British, the quota states that everybody must have them. So when I do that then I come up with us having one of the top crops of British players, only problem is the attacking ones don’t have the same will power and hunger than the defensive ones do.

  2. All our english players are over rated,injury prone,overpaid and contribute nothing to Arsenal,if it wasn’t for the homegrown rule there would be no reason to keep Walcott,Wilshere,Welbeck,Gibbs even Jenkinson who’s equally not good enough

    1. You can add the clueless chamberlain to that list. I can only spare chambers because he’s yet to get a rare chances and he’s not over hyped by the media no by the fans and he’s versatile.

  3. Wow not a lot of love for Jack. Me personally, if he could somehow not manage to get injured or even injure himself for a longer period of time, he’s the best CM we have for the foreseeable future. He may not score number the goals needed but technically, he’s a level above Ramsey. His passing range is better, his vision is better and he hardly loses the ball. He plays the Pirlo role for England and so far looks promising playing that role
    He’s obviously Cazorla’s heir apparent.
    Him and Le Coq in the middle looks good for me.

  4. The problem of Arsenal is Arsene Wenger. As far as Arsene Wenger continues as d manager of Arsenal, Arsenal will not make any progress than already done…
    Change Arsene Wenger, then motivate the players to fight… Simple!!!!!

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