Jack’s injury is bad news for Arsenal AND England

It was as if this was waiting to happen. The crocked ankle of Jack Wilshere continues to dog his career. The latest injury setback puts his plans for the new season in disarray.
The England international was hopeful of an injury-free season. But, he suffered an ankle injury during training just before the season opener at Wembley – the Community Shield. His persistent troubles with his ankle would mean that Wilshere is now set to miss the first three weeks of the new season.

It could also mean trouble for Roy Hodgson and his plans for England’s Euro 2016 qualification. The Arsenal midfielder could now be ruled out of the double-header against San Marino on September 5 and Switzerland on September 8.

Wilshere had surgery on his left ankle last year after a tough tackle during the game against Manchester United. Not that, this is the first time he had problems with his right ankle. He has suffered from problems with his right ankle too and had an operation in September 2011 as a result of a stress fracture.

Arsene Wenger had huge plans for the midfielder for the new season. This probably is the reason why he waived off any rumours linking the player out of the club. Manchester City was reportedly interested in taking Wilshere to Manchester but that never seemed likely in fact.

It will be a huge concern for Wenger because Wilshere is now certain to be out of the first two matches – at home to West Ham United this weekend and away to Crystal Palace a week later. It also puts him in doubt for the high profile game against Liverpool at the Emirates on August 24.

Hodgson will secretly hoping that the player gets fit for the Liverpool game because in the event of otherwise, his availability for England will be questionable. Wilshere is an important player in Hodgson’s midfield and has scored a brace against Slovenia in June.

It remains to be seen if Wenger will allow Wilshere to report for international duty if he has not played for the club from now till then. It would entirely be another issue.
But the fear among Gunners is for the player whose career has been plagued by ankle problems. Wilshere was sidelined for longer periods of time and would have given anything in return for a season free of injuries. It wasn’t meant to be and the ankle flared up already.

Hopefully things will improve one day… very, very soon.


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    1. We really need him? No he is a bench warmer anyway,I just regret the 45M we could take from M city,good luck to you Willdiaby

      1. Jack is a marginal player at arsenal
        Always was, and still remain one.
        It is only here that you read about how important he is to arsenal.
        His record of intersections,completed passes ,goals,assist , win percentage says otherwise.
        A great loss for England but definitely not arsenal.

  1. Feel sorry for the lad. wenger been pretty bad in press lately i must say. wilsher out 2-5 days next we here a month to be safe? What?..akpom wont go on loan…hull signs him great opportunity for playing time? What? Im just hoping this is the case for some of the rumours we’re all following. BENZEMA…. Why arent we in for drax if his price is cut? We have room and money. Fingers crossed


    1. Hmm so you’re saying we’ve loaned out Sanogo and Akpom… And at one point Wenger thought Akpom may have a role to play but a loan move is more important??

      Our numbers seem to be thinning quite a lot up front.. Podolski, Akpom, Sanogo, Campbell… No pre-season appearances from Gnabry or Silva, who of our youngsters were my tip for first-team evaluations.
      Just ignore the press for a minute and take a cheeky look at these movements?? 😉

      1. No I’m saying he not keeping his word. Plain and simple that’s the evidence for you but ok. I’m happy with our transfers this summer poldi needed to go diaby didn’t cut it. Like some of the youngster moving up too but think if we got a lot money it wouldn’t hurt to spend a lil

  2. ‘It will be a huge concern for Wenger because Wilshere is now certain to be out of the first two matches – at home to West Ham United this weekend and away to Crystal Palace a week later. It also puts him in doubt for the high profile game against Liverpool at the Emirates on August 24.’

    Sorry, but no. Oxie, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Coquelin, Theo, Giroud. Think they’ll do just fine with one game a week. And whoever isn’t starting will surely want to leave a big impression when they come on!
    That other guy…. hmmm what’s his name again.. Oh yeah Sanchez!! He’s back in training as well

    Damn it’s good not having CL play-offs to worry about!! I will literally be the happiest man in the world if united slip up 🙂 would be hillarious!!

    1. they will not slip up….UEFALona will not allow it to happpen…

      they are addiing Pedro to their squad

      we better act fast to strengthen our team…

      1. They’re adding Pedro because they failed to utilize the second best player in the previous seasons Champions league winning squad……

      2. Ahh conspiracy theories… Who would’ve guessed you’d be one to subscribe to those??
        If they get outplayed on the pitch there’s nothing the ref’s or officials can do. It’s 99.8% in their hands

  3. Costa Rican striker Joel Campbell this afternoon travelled to England to join up with Arsenal

    Campbell “In my mind is to stay at Arsenal, there I have a contract for a long time, I know I must have patience and these days I hope to get a physical tone to fight for a field into alignment so they can play,”

    1. hes not good enough and theres no space for him…..

      lets get the DM and Striker that we need…

      1. arsenal are looking to sell him & they value him at around 7m no clubs want to pay that & they moan & complain about us eg Palermo idiots did the same with us over dybala & now they say we are hard to deal with they can just f*ck off

    1. I was surprised he wasn’t given first-team opportunities to evaluate any possible input for the coming season. (Silva)
      He was incredible vs the big teams in La Liga last season. Deadly crosser, rapid, direct with a big ole bag of tricks.
      As far as 70th minute subs go, he’d definitely shake the opposition.

      1. Good thing we axed Ramsey and Coquelin when they weren’t up to standard at 22…
        And those other players Henry and Viera, never should’ve given them a chance when they weren’t world-class at 22. Good on Wenger for being so ruthless and not seeing the big picture!!
        Hmmm and that defender Koscielny? being the error prone CB in the league, one of which cost us a trophy. Good thing we scrapped him, he was never going to be any good!!

  4. Silva, Bielk and co are not good enough….we need to spend and bring in some quality players

    1. Hafiz… You’re evaluations of players are..
      How to put this kindly, I would have more trust in someone who’d never watched the sport in their entire life, actually, a person who had never seen a football before let alone someone kicking it. And it wasn’t actually a person at all…. It was a salmon trying to get up stream.
      I would listen to that salmon’s opinion with less scepticism than yours…

  5. no new d.m if cog. gets injured we will be in the same bloody boat as last year and if the boss thinks we are not going to get any injures he’s in dream world. just lost jack who’s next

  6. He is injured most of the season.

    But he comes back at the end and scores goal of the season.

    He is a key player for England even though he doesn’t play for Arsenal until he needs the goal of the season award.


  7. The big reason WHY Jack gets injured so often is because of how direct he is as a player. He’s not injury prone, I think it’s because he’ll plunge head-on into opposing players area and their natural reaction is obviously to tackle.

    If you watch the best creative CM’s in the world – Goetze, Reus, Pirlo, Isco, Iniesta – they will take risks on the pitch but not every single time they have the ball. They also maneuver out of collisions much better. With Wilshere Ive never seen a player on the ground so many times during one match. Needs to adjust his game and let the opportunities come to him. Just my opinion tho

    1. Messi neymar hazard bale all direct not injured as much dont think thats the total answer. Think wilshere plays a tad out of control or i guess wreckless. i love his late pass and go move but he can be to late at times and as we all know he pays for it.

  8. Danny Welbeck is back so i expect a bit of breathing space considering the news on jack,again i am not sure whether jack would have helped the team in beating chelsea cause Ramsey,Cazorla and Coquelin formed a 3 man midfield that gave the back 4 good time to settle. On other news giroud misses easy chances and Wenger would have surely done a evaluation of players performance using the chelsea game and he is on the ropes. Expect Benzema news hitting heights in the transfer zone.

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