Jackson Martinez could STILL choose Arsenal

The Porto striker Jackson Martinez has been linked with Arsenal for nearly a year, but it was recently thought that the Gunners had lost any chance of signing him as his agent and his club had begun discussions with AC Milan regarding a move to Serie A.

But now it appears that Martinez is stalling on completing the move as he is still considering other available options, and with more than two months left of the transfer window there is no reason to rush into making any concrete decisions yet.

Jackson’s agent Luiz Pompeo tried to put the uncertainty into words yeterday: “It’s very hard to say exactly where we stand,” Pompeo told Tuttomercatoweb. “Milan were here, and we talked to them, but we haven’t found a definitive agreement. It could come in a few days.

“Jackson is a top player, there are a lot of teams after him, not just Milan. We’re open to all teams.

“Every opportunity is important for Jackson, because we respect everyone who wants to talk to us. Nothing is certain, though Milan is a huge club, everyone would like to play there.”

“It’s normal,” he concluded. “It’s not just about money, but how important of a player Jackson is.

“It’s not a money problem, it’s normal that in a deal like this there has to be time to reflect, to think, to decide.

“If Milan were to take Jackson, it would be for him to become Serie A top scorer, therefore, taking a long time over it is normal. But there’s no problem between us.”

It is well-known that Serie A clubs are currently struggling to compete with the financial firepower of other leagues right now, so I could imagine Milan maybe not offering anywhere near what Arsenal could afford. Has Wenger finally moved in to try and get Martinez to the Emirates?

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  1. He goes Milano, accept it!!! Higuins can take return flights too. We go for young and potential: LACCAZZETTI

    1. Every time I see you name, a beautiful picture of big butts flapping comes to mind. Awesome!!!

  2. Well if they haven’t contacted him yet they bloody well should have.

    Securing the services of a self confessed fan who can bang in goals for fun should be the 1st thing we do after (or even before) winning the FA cup.

    He should have had the grand tour by now, with complimentary champagne and Steve bound deep tissue massage..and be a AFC player.

    Slowly, slowly does it though eh.

  3. This is just for facts purposes.  You need to take into consideration factors like strength of team, league, injuries, finishing statistics, goal rate.

    Name….Lg App…Lg Gls..Total App..Total Gls

    I would go for 
    Cech £10 million
    Martinez £25 million
    Kondogbia £25 million
    Total £60 million

    If we subtract selling Jenkison (£6 million), Sanogo (£2 million) Campbell (£5 million) Podolski (£10 million) around £20-23 million from that it would even cheaper at £40 million and well under our supposed £70 million war chest

    1. Wellbeck 8 goals in 39 appearances.

      Dare I suggest we could sell him also. I know his a utility man and all but if it could help us get a CF who scores goals.?

      Just putting it out there..

      1. It was odd getting him in the first place. Just a panic buy
        I guess

        Martinez was very happy to come last summer

        1. I’m still intrigued as to what Wenger said when he stated that if he (Wenger) had been in the country, Arsenal wouldn’t have signed him. Wenger has said he’ll explain what he meant one day, probably after he’s retired I would guess.

          1. That’s really odd too

            I’m interested in that answer as well

            Was there confusion?

            I’m not a manager so don’t know how the system works but don’t understand why his location makes a difference To whether they loan or purchase? Can’t they use phones?

            £16 millIon is a decent size figure

          2. Did you not know?

            At the Emirates there is a chair with a big red button on it that says ‘BUY’.

            Wenger left the keys to that room in his office and the cleaner who had been drinking heavily that day pressed it when the offer came through.

            As was said Wenger will confirm this in his book one day.

      2. We should never have bought him in the 1st place. We all knew exactly the type of player we’re getting.
        And the most ridiculous thing is that people were saying 16 mil is a bargain for welbeck!

        1. bet you wasn’t saying that wen he scored the winner against united wen no one else looked like putting the ball in the back of the net , welbeck is a work horse he don’t stop fair enough he aint the best in the world but maybe wenger will put him on wing for a couple of season with a few games upfront and then eventually move him to cf , plus he’s better than sangogo ,polski, campbell , rosicky , arteta ,

          1. Rosicky?!
            I have no idea how u could compare rosicky and welbeck! and if u could there is no position in which welbeck is better than rosicky.

            1. so you only disagree with rosicky then lol div, yeah rosicky is good can u actually tell me when he has a great whole season or wen he actuall played a whole season and we won anything , i admire rosicky , wilshire ,sanchez and couple of players have hunger and fight for the club , but rosicky has never been wold class either so should we have sold him aswell ,my dad is a united fan and he hates the fact that arsenal brought welbeck because he’s a good player and has the potential

    2. Higuain or Benz for me, both on a level above all the others bar Ibra but he’s not giving us much more than a couple of seasons at 33.

    3. I don’t get the connection, what is the point of shining a light on Sanogo (free, U-21 and loaned) and Bentner (ex-AFC) against the striking elite of Europe (not including Benteke or Lacazette not in that category yet)?

          1. Choice comes from options a lack of options means a lack of choice a lack of choice reveals A lack of interest a lack of interest reveals a worth.

  4. Even if they have financial power, I’m not sure that AC Milan is still attractive enough for world class footballers. They finished mid table and will absent from any European tournament. They remind me of L’pool. Lucky for them the England side still have the money. Arsenal shouldn’t lost biding war against Milan, unless he feel Jackson is not in the right value for money.

  5. Fresh quote from JM’s agent according to talk sport:

    “I am optimistic on Jackson’s move to Milan, but we’re not quite there yet”


    It’ll be a shame if we lose out on him. Then again we don’t really KNOW if Arsenal were seriously interested in the first place. There are very few reliable news sources when it comes to the transfer window. I just hope Wenger has a clear idea of who he wants and is ruthless in his approach to get them.

    1. Doesn’t this tell us something about what all the top clubs in Europe think of JM? At least 12 teams ahead of Milan could have picked him up anytime in the last 3 years if he was someone who they genuinely thought was going to translate his Premiera Liga exploits in to a harder league. AC Milan, a fallen giant of both Serie A and Europe, mid table and 17 points off UCL qualification – either JM loves a challenge or he has found his level.

  6. Not going to be a popular suggestion but maybe try buying RVP? One year left in the contract so should be cheap and definitely knows the way Arsenal play.

    1. Yeh your right, not popular, not popular at all.

      Let’s buy back the guy who jumped ship because he thought he couldn’t win anything with us!

      Nasri anyone!?

  7. Today he said this,

    “I am optimistic on Jackson’s move to Milan, but we’re not quite there yet,” Luiz Henrique Pompeo told EuroStadio.it . “There is a good possibility we’ll conclude the transfer, but we are not yet at the all-clear moment.

    “What I can say with certainty is that Martinez is a player worthy of a top club like Milan who wrote history. The Rossoneri are not just a big club, but a huge one.

    “Will they pay the €35 million release clause? You’d have to ask Milan that, it is not something that regards us. As for the wages, I cannot discuss figures at the moment. There’s no deal with the player yet.”

    So he is going to Milan.

    1. A massive club no doubt but a club that’s not doing great 10th in the league no champions league not a great squad at all far from where they once were. From what I’ve seen he looks a very good player but hard to judge on if he’s what we really need and a massive improvement. If he does end up at Milan it speaks volumes. Plenty of teams want strikes. We’ll see but people are making him out the be the saviour at the moment no so sure myself. If he did join us however he’d get my full backing.

  8. Martinez is ok but his age is an issue. He will not give us more than 2 good seasons. I suggest we go for someone younger who will give us many years of top flight performance. And if we must buy an experienced striker it must not be someone as old as Martinez. For me Cavani and Higuain are most ideal and are available for a move.

  9. Looks to be confirmed by Porto’s president – he’s off to Milan.

    “Jackson Martinez has chosen Milan,” Pinto da Costa told Porto Canal.

    “Before going on holiday, Jackson announced he wanted to leave.

    “The €35m clause is not up for debate and must be paid. I learned just now that Jackson has chosen Milan.

    “This is what he wants, the destination is irrelevant as far as I am concerned. I want him to be happy.

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