James Benge reacts to Arsenal’s October performance after they beat Nottingham Forest

CBS Sports journalist James Benge hailed Arsenal for their incredible run of form in October despite facing some tough opponents.

The Gunners rounded up the month with a 5-0 win against Nottingham Forest this afternoon, which means this month has been very good for them.

They won all but one of their Premier League games and lost none despite facing Liverpool.

Not everyone thinks they can win the league, but if they win all of their November games and go to the World Cup break at the top of the league table, then maybe Arsenal will be taken seriously.

Benge writes on Twitter:

Just Arsenal Opinion

Our October form has been superb. We just need to repeat it next month and the one after.

We should take the season one game at a time. That will make it easier for us to get the points we need to at least secure a top-four finish.

It could also earn us the league title, which would be surprising, but a pleasant surprise.

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  1. Whoever would have thought that we should “take the season one game at a time!

    What a novel idea and one that no one can have ever heard before, surely!

  2. That’s actually quite funny saying “We should take the season one game at a time” right after saying:

    “We just need to repeat it [October form] next month and the one after.”

    So we should take the season two months at a time then?

    1. IDKWIC, Yes I also noticed that amusing contradiction. I notice so much about how certain people misuse words in general, which tends to muddle what they are really attempting to make “clear”!

      A top class English education, which I received, can however be a curse at times, as it puts me apart from most others. And that does not help me, in many ways.

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