James Maddison defends Declan Rice’s shooting after EA FC24 ratings revealed

James Maddison expressed his surprise at the shooting rating assigned to Declan Rice in the latest edition of the EA FC24 game, which is set to be released.

While Rice is widely recognised as one of the Premier League’s top midfielders, he is not known for his frequent shooting or goal-scoring prowess. His primary role involves other aspects of the game, and he consistently fulfils his responsibilities, earning praise from his manager and teammates.

In the EA FC24 game, Rice was assigned a shooting rating of 65, which reflects his limited use of this particular attribute. Maddison, who plays for Tottenham, appears to disagree with this rating. He suggested that players should not receive higher shooting ratings only when they shoot frequently, implying that other factors should be considered in assessing a player’s shooting ability.

He tells the England YouTube channel:

“I don’t think you have higher shooting, just because you don’t shoot that much, his little far-post whips are a joke, but you don’t shoot that much.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Rice does not shoot or score often, but he delivers when he plays, and that is all that matters.

We also know that FC24 is just a game, their ratings are not exactly a reflection of real life, and Rice will hardly care what they think of his shooting.

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  1. Never quite understood posters whinging about articles on a footbal website that is reporting everything about said club they supposedly support,this is the news section it’s obviously a filler part of JA ,honestly just don’t read it if it’s not your JAM .
    Pretty Fcking simple IMO

  2. We are not one of EA’s partners rather we are partners with their major rival in football gaming industry KONAMI makers of efootball /if you take note of the ad-board and bench seats at the emirates/. so it’s normal for biased ratings to kinda weaken the in game abilities of non-partnering clubs, just business strategy 101.

  3. There was once a great midfielder by the name of Makelele, one has twice many fingers on one hand that the legendary Frenchman had goals score for the blues.

    Rice baby will just be alright.

    1. Actually mate Maddison was’nt praising Decs, he was defending EA’s decision to hand decs a shooting rating of 65 by saying “you don’t shoot that much” which means he thinks it’s fair enough.

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