James Maddison’s ‘camp’ claimed to have made contact with Arsenal

James Maddison is claimed to be on Arsenal’s shortlist this summer, and the Leicester man is claimed to have sounded out our club over a possible move.

The English midfielder has supposedly had his ‘camp’ make contact with the Gunners to tell them of his willing to leave for a new challenge, although his current club may well have other ideas.

The above translates to: ‘Despite signing a new contract last summer, James Madison’s camp is not closing the door to the idea of ​​him leaving Leicester City this summer. #ArsenalBell understands that members of the player’s camp have informed Arsenal that the player is open to a new challenge if a suitable offer arrives this summer.’

Leicester have shown in recent seasons that they are willing to sell their best players for the right price, with N’Golo Kante, Ben Chilwell, Harry Maguire and Riyad Mahrez all having moved on to bigger clubs previously.

Their asking price for Maddison is unknown however, and they will be under no pressure to sell having only signed him down to a new deal last summer.

The AFCBell is known to get their scoops, and can usually be relied on to share information which proves to be true, as they were the ones to first announce of the club’s interest in Maddison, but it remains to be seen whether we will actually make our move to sign the 24 year-old.


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  1. He’s a top player. I think he would fit in well here at Arsenal. He is used to playing Leicester’s high tempo game and is still young enough to play for many years. A step up over our usual signings.

  2. way better than anyone we have in midfield currently. Is it realistic for Arsenal to get this done? Probably not. Ben White seems to be a big target and will cost a lot. I will have to believe it to see it that Aresnal is gonna splash the cash for real this summer. Right now it’s just rumors and interest. Same thing we have seen 10million summers…

  3. Leicester are renowned for playing hard ball poker with transfer fees and even if Maddison wanted to leave a top 4 challenging team playing European football again next season the transfer fee which is reported as always 95% cash upfront looking at their previous dealings with Man City, Utd and Chelsea and would be eye watering and too rich for Arsenal to risk. Let’s me honest the fee will be in excess of £70M+ with additions….

  4. James Maddison is ALWAYS a great idea. Even when Arsenal’s under a rock (which they are) always buy Maddison.

    I doubt that he’ll leave Leicester City, though, considering that they’re actually in Europe, unlike a certain team. (Hint: they start with A and end with L and may have R, S, E, N and A in the middle as well.)

    Up the Gunners.

  5. DO NOT RULE OUT A SIGNING OF MAGNITUDE, no one saw Arsenal splashing £72m on Pepe…
    There’s a possibility in this, fingers crossed.

  6. DO NOT RULE OUT A SIGNING OF THIS MAGNITUDE, no one saw Arsenal splashing £72m on Pepe…
    There’s a possibility in this, fingers crossed.

  7. Ben White is IMO an overrated player. James Maddison is a quality midfielder. Sorry, but I don’t believe it’s going to happen. Would be surprised if we sign Maddison. We are not going to get Maddison on the cheap. Therefore Arsenal do not have any chance to get him.

  8. What exactly IS Maddisons camp!

    REALITY and Prem regulations state that IF AFC wish to initiate contact for negotiations for Maddison, we FIRST need to contact Leicester City directly.

    I’d call LFC his club, NOT HIS CAMP, whatever you meant by that misleading and incorrect word(in rather silly quote marks!)
    I have noted that you say it is translated but it remains NOT a camp at all but LFC that we need to contact . As you are well aware!

    1. Nowhere in the article does it say that Arsenal contacted Maddison’s camp (his representatives) but the other way around also in case you weren’t aware nowadays most PL players are represented by sports agencies/agents/media companies… I’m pretty sure clubs have to tell a player when a bid has been submitted if not one way or the other his “CAMP”would be aware of it and only a naive person would think/believe otherwise players get tapped all the time remember Cole ? Gnabry?what about Partey who had a meeting with Emery and some of Arsenal executives i doubt AM knew anything about it or they would never have given permission.

      1. Sorry Siamois but that just does not wash! I have no doubt that tapping up goes on and we all know that but the facts remain that to make contact WITHIN THE RULES, which I have to assume our club still does, then we are not allowed to speak to any representatives of MADDISON in an OFFICIAL capacity, UNTIL WE have initiated contact with his relevant club directly.

        All knowing fans realise that agents contact clubs on behalf of their “clients”, but, within the existing RULES, all bidding or interested clubs are obliged to go directly through the club. Those are facts, not opinion.

        To quote, as you have , certain examples of where clubs have broken the rules does NOT make any sort of a case for a usual illegal approach.
        There are in life many people who willlingly break rules but unless you have firm evidence of AFC having done so, then you ought not to allege what you cannot prove!

        1. Jon i would be lying if i were to say that i could prove AFC Bell claim!i agree with you about the rules being followed going through the right channels…and i hope as a club we do but let’s not kid ourselves players being tapped up leaks rumours from player’s agents…are sadly still happening.

          1. siamois, They do happen, as we all know. But you in your post have assumed they happened this time and that is why I chided you. Unless you have proof of an illegal approach in THIS case, which you now admit you do not have, then it is wise and sensible not to allege underhand play.

  9. Since when as players camp been the source of information for transfer,?
    Who are the people that make up the camp?
    Are we to negotiate with the camp or LFC?
    This are questions that need answers before a news can be called reliable, so better still just call it a rumor then we all read and chose either to dream or trash it.

    1. Every time a player is trying to engineer/force a move his camp leaks infos to the press and as for who are the people in his camp players are brands like i explained above they are represented by agencies/super agents these are the player’s people/camp/advisers.. whatever you want to call them.

      1. Good explanation. I dont think these transfers happen as formally as people think they do. Club and players can pretty easily talk indirectly, and since everyone does it tapping up players doesn’t really get reported too much. Pretty sure its just a general interest with Maddison right now anyways and very light contact. Wouldn’t read too much into it right now. Arsenal notoriously take forever to make a move. Tomorrow we will find out City are in advanced talks with him and we miss out.

  10. Maddison is an intriguing proposition…worry a bit about his injury history, but when you dig a little deeper he hasn’t missed a boatload of matches, minus the first 6 to start this past season…I do worry about the massive difference in tactics between LC and Arsenal under Arteta and how this might negatively effect his ability to positively impact a match…now if we’re planning on adopting a much more aggressive counter-attacking approach, which should be in the offing if you’re setting up in a 4-2-3-1, then he might be the kind of player who could unlock opposing defences, albeit from a little deeper position than he’s been accustomed to at Leicester…all that said, I’m still not convinced he’s really on our management team’s radar

    1. TRVL, I believe that once we have the right personnel and MA ‘s own choice sinstilled and are no longer lumbered with virtual statues like tortoise Xhaka,and crab Elneny we will see a complete change in midfield pace of passing and fluidity.

      If you think about it, MA was highly valued at City , where pace and fluidity were cornerstones of their play and all their players plus PEP WANTED HIMTO STAY.
      The fact is when he arrived here he was lumbered with vastly inferior and in some case uncoachable players- meaning Xhaka again – plus a diabolical defence, which meant having a midfield defensive solidity to protect leaking goals.

      I see a complete change being actively sought and players chased who will fit MA ‘s preferred fluid, pacy style. The REAL problem is persuading Scrooge Kroenke to stump up enough funds to make a MAJOR team change in getting all the statues out. We have already got many useless players out, thank God.

      IF I NEVER SEE XHAKA WEAR OUR SHIRT EVER AGAIN , as now looks likely, I will open up that champagne bottle and get drunk with joy! And if Elneny and Bellerin leave too, as also looks likely, then watch us go!

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