Jamie Carragher declares training grounds the safest place to be as teams return to training

Jamie Carragher has assured worried Premier League stars that the training ground is the safest place to be right now as teams return to small groups training.

His response came about after Troy Deeney and some relegation-threatened Watford players refused to return to training as one player and two members of staff at the club tested positive for the virus.

The Premier League is looking to restart the campaign before the end of next month and in the phase one of their restart plans, teams have been asked to return to small groups training as they look to get them all fit for the restart.

However, several footballers from clubs in danger of the drop or with nothing to play for are worried that they are being asked to return to train when the virus is still ravaging the world and causing deaths all around.

Troy Deeney has been outspoken about the matter as he considers the health of his son who has had breathing issues in the past.

However, Carragher believes that footballers shouldn’t be among those who are worried for their safety as they would be working in environments that have been disinfected and with players who have been tested and passed negative for the virus.

‘The problem is, it is about getting players onside and go with the flow of the Premier League’, he said as quoted by the Mail.

‘Deeney has spoken about his worries, mainly with his son but also BAME people throughout society. 

‘You go into a barbers shop, you don’t know who is there but the people you are training with and playing against have all been tested so the training grounds are safer. 

‘If people are picking up Covid-19 through going into football clubs then it is a big worry – something wrong with testing or people not dealing with government protocols. 

‘The training grounds are safe. Players who tested positive have picked it up outside. 

‘I would get confidence as a Watford player going back to training knowing that the people who have got it are self-isolating. 

‘Yes I understand we all have different worries and concerns but in the main I would as a player feel confident going back if I was at Watford.’

Carragher, as usual, speaks sense and it is very hard to argue with the points he has made. 

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  1. Roachie says:

    As long as Carragher says it’s ok then we have nothing to worry about, unless he decides to spit at opposing fans on the way home….

    1. ken1945 says:

      Brilliant Roachie, absolutely BRILLIANT comment 👍😆

  2. Declan says:

    Yeah Carragher the expert and just as another Watford player tests positive for the virus.

  3. jon fox says:

    Yes, it is hard to argue with Carragher, provided YOU AGREE. If you totally disagree, as I do it, is very easy to argue and for all the reasons I HAVE MANY TIMES AIRED ON HERE. Such a one sided article with no balance nor even any attempt at it.

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