Jamie Carragher definitely not a fan of Shkodran Mustafi

Jamie Carragher slams Arsenal defender Shkodran Mustafi and claims he is not Premier League standard.

Arsenal endured a terrible time defensively at Anfield yet again in last nights Carabao Cup.

Unai Emery’s men were dumped out of the competition by a Liverpool side that could easily be considered a U21 side, and no other position was the spotlight on more than the Arsenal defence.

Arsenal conceded five goals despite scoring the same amount, but the floodgates were opened by Mustafi’s own goal.

The German diverted an Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain cross into the net to hand Liverpool the lead and the tone of the game was set from then on.

That wasn’t the first own goal of Mustafi’s Arsenal career and neither has he had many error-free games. Carragher now believes the Gunners should cut their losses and get rid of the German.

According to the former Liverpool star, Mustafi is not up to the required standard to play in the Premier League and he is the sort of player that forces his teammates to make mistakes around him.

Mustafi not good enough for Premier League.

“I think those days are gone, Mustafi playing in the Premier League,” Carragher told Sky Sports.

“I don’t think how well he played here tonight would change that.

“He’s just one of those defenders who makes mistakes and it affects other people.

“When you play with someone like that it makes you nervous.

“Your goalkeeper, your full-backs… you can’t play your own game because you’re always worried he’s going to make a mistake and are half-covering him.

“I think probably for Arsenal the quicker he’s gone the better for everyone.”

Mustafi joined the Gunners for £35m from Valencia in 2016 but has never been good enough to be considered a top-class Premier League defender.

He has fallen further down the pecking order this season after the arrival of David Luiz. The performance against Liverpool has probably ruined any chance of a first-team comeback.


    1. What a frankly idiotic comment. You do not surely believe that Mustafi is world class AND IF BY ANY CHANCE YOU DO , YOU REALLY NEED HELP! Anyone who can seriously convince themself that Mustafi ia anything other than a rank bad player is not thinking as normal folk should do.

  1. Mustafi has to be sold, we’ll take a hit on it but we should still get 15 to 20n for him. It was a really lackadaisical goal to give away, he missed with his foot before it bounced off the other one and went in, he went with the wrong foot and he could have waited for it with the correct foot, dud defending.

    Bould tending to the academy. This might turn out to be a shrewd move, blessing in disguise. You can always buy forwards, the game has many forwards on big, big monies. Defenders are a bit tougher, you might find one or two top ones but partnerships and being all one unit is more important at the back than front, individuality can still do wonder up front from time, or some can have off days with one stepping up. At the back that can’t happen, so having Bould in our academy – we might finally raise a rearguard, one we can liken to well oiled outfits.

  2. We already knew this. And objective fans have been saying he is bad and just because he was taken out of the firing line in EPL and was keeping clean sheets in easier games didn’t mean he was picking up form. Is still a poor defender and was right to be dropped from matches and put on the transfer list. Hopefully yesterday will keep everybody quiet about wanting him back in lineups.

  3. I agree that Mustafi has errors in his game. Jamie Carragher who is criticising Mustafi for an own goal himself scored seven own goals during his career.

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