Jamie Carragher gives a critical opinion on the Arsenal defence

Jamie Carragher advises Arsenal on one key area they have to work on to change their situation.

Arsenal’s 3-0 battering at the hands of Manchester City over the weekend has put the club back into the limelight for the wrong reasons.

Arsenal has now won none of their last six home games in all competitions, but Carragher believes it would be different if the Gunners do better work on their defending.

The former Liverpool defender reckons the way Arsenal press their opponents when they are without the ball is very poor and allows their opponents to hurt them.

In their game against City, Fernandinho was allowed to stroll with the ball from City’s defence into midfield before producing a defence-splitting pass that Gabriel Jesus used to setup Kevin de Bruyne for the opener, this was just two minutes into the game and it set the tone for how both teams played for the rest of the game.

Caragher also criticised Arsenal’s off-the-ball movements and marking and insisted that they have to do better when they want to win back possession.

“From Arsenal’s point of view, it’s so bad,” he said per The Express.

“Using Callum Chambers as a shield and bend it round him, but Arsenal can’t defend like that.

“They just drop off and drop off. Go to the ball.

“Every time I watch them play, every time the ball comes in on the attack they just drop off.

“Remember the Norwich goal where Mustafi and Luiz let Pukki get it and turn?

“It’s something that needs to change on the training ground.

“Keep the line and press. I said on commentary about it.

“They drop off when they should press, they press when they should drop off. It’s like they don’t know what they’re doing.”

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Well, not for the Arsenal defence it seems. I mean, this is really basic stuff and yet for some reason it is beyond the grasp of the Arsenal players.


  1. Off topic:
    Carlo Ancelotti agrees Everton deal in principle
    51 minutes ago 20:55
    Carlo Ancelotti has agreed a deal in principle to become the new Everton manager, according to Sky Sports.

    The Italian boss has been heavily linked with a move to Goodison Park after initially being an outside runner for the job.

    Following his sacking from Napoli last week, the veteran looks to have agreed a deal with the Merseyside club.

  2. Another dick jumping on the stick the knife in bandwagon, telling us everything we all ready know. They aren’t really that clever, i could go on telly and state the obvious just like spit the dog.

  3. Arteta set to meet Arsenal director
    2 hours ago 19:45

    Mikel Arteta looks likely to become the next manager at the Emirates as is set to meet with director Josh Kroenke, reports the Telegraph.

    The former Arsenal midfielder has already spoken with club director Stan Kroenke on a potential move to the Gunners.

    Manchester City will be looking for compensation if the Spaniard is to leave.

    1. Olaitan, YOU ASK “WHY NOT….”! I’ll tell you “why not,” arrogance boy! It is because this is a fan site open to all opinions and Sue has a perfect right to her opinion too. Get that sonny? It DID come over as you imparting news that most of us will have already been well aware of. You have a perfect right to impart it but NOT to slag off others who pull you up on it for being a “commentator”. Which you ARE trying to be!

  4. Transfers I would make for the summer.

    -If the rumours of Real Madrid wanting Auba for Jovic & cash we must take it. Or try to get Jovic and Cellabos with no cash.

    -Sell Laca for $50m+

    -Sell Xhaka (& Torreira if he wants to leave) to anyone to buy Thomas Partey & Ibrahim Sangare/Denis Zakaria

    -Buy Upamencano & another CB (Kamara)
    -Buy a right back
    -Sell the deadwood – Ozil, Miki, Elneny etc

    We need a complete reset with players who are hungry and desperate and play for the badge. We don’t need an Big Egos.

    1st team
    Bellerin Upamencano Salilba Tierney
    Partey Sangare/Zakaria
    Martinelli Cellabos Pepe

    2nd team
    NewRB Holding Chambers Kolasinac
    Guendozi Willock
    Saka ESR Nelson

    1. no spine/core of the team

      your team will be too young and inexperience

      some of them will need time to settle to a new club and country

      you will be complaining soon

    2. Why does everyone keep assuming cellebos will stay. He has quite clearly said he doesn’t want to and hasn’t been that impressive

      1. I remember the ONE match he played well then faded. Overrated and dribbles too much, slows the game down. Not strong enough for the EPL in my opinion.

  5. Everton bring in Ancelotti.
    What is it with Football clubs who pay mega to hire “elite” failures?
    These genius managers promise miracles and trophies expounding mathematical formulas
    and tactical theory so complex to bamboozle Stephen Hawking.
    The coach then talks the club into buying mega expensive “elite” footballers
    and pay them mega to play poorly for years.
    Their excuse file allows them to explain why they play soulless football
    and lost to 3 relegation teams in a row.
    Then when these coaches get the sack they just go fail at the next club.
    Arsenal however are not going down the path of the failed elite manager.
    No because we are hiring a coach who has never coached at a club before.
    His record is unblemished.
    He has taken copious notes at training and also puts the cones out
    He comes cheap and never asks questions.
    He also has a great head of hair.

    1. ANCELLOTI IS SOME “FAILURE” THEN! 3 CL’S, 4 LEAGUE TITLES IN SEPARATE COUNTRIES AND SEVERAL FA CUPS(EQUIVALENT OF OUR COMP). Though I too would rather have Arteta, it is quite a call of yours to call Ancelloti an elite falure. “Elite” is a word that comes through having had much success. Think on, very strange lad! Oh and “great hair” is a uniquely useful weapon in any title seeking manager. NOT!

  6. maybe we should try Bellerin/ANM, Mustafi, Holding, Kols with Chambers and Luiz in front of them providing cover in a 4-2-3-1…

    1. Or “maybe” we should be actively seeking to get all these failures in defence out of the club, with the exceptions of AMN who has not yet had a proper chance in his OWN midfield position AND Holding, who cannot stay fit for long but did look promising before his long term injury

  7. Of course I was being sarcastic, but these players couldn’t hide from criticism if they couldn’t defend even with every single healthy defender on the field at the same time…

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