Jamie Carragher warns Arsenal that their unbeaten record is now under threat

Jamie Carragher has warned Arsenal that their unbeaten record is under more threat now than ever before.

The former Liverpool defender had earlier claimed that Arsenal’s invincible team of the 2003/2004 season was the toughest team he faced as a footballer.

However, he has now sent a warning to the Gunners that teams are getting closer to finishing the season unbeaten.

In recent years Liverpool and Manchester City have almost won the title without being defeated.

Pep Guardiola’s side was unbeaten until the turn of the year when they visited Liverpool, while the Reds were unbeaten until they met their waterloo at Watford a few months back.

With the Premier League becoming more competitive, Carragher reckons that a team in this modern era would soon break Arsenal’s unbeaten record.

He, however, claimed that Liverpool losing their run to Watford this season shows just how difficult it can be for a team to achieve that, but it is getting closer than ever.

‘The unbeaten achievement – you are always going to lose games in a Premier League season,’ Carragher said on the Sky Sports Football Show as quoted in the Mail.

‘You can get so close like Liverpool did this season and the Watford thing happened. I do feel like the last couple of years, teams are getting closer. 

‘We know how tough it is, but I feel like the rules of winning the Premier League have changed from losing five or six games to two or three.

‘So, I think teams are getting closer to it, but what happened with Liverpool shows how tough it is.

‘How strong Liverpool have been this season – they go to a team near the bottom of the league and get beat convincingly.

‘Arsenal Twitter that night was pretty pleased and rightly so, that’s something very special associated with that club and that team.’

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  1. Liverpool losing to Watford proves how difficult it is to replicate the Invincibles’ achievement but to say it’s getting closer and closer is just a meaningless statement in my mind.

  2. If the prem is becoming more competitive surely that makes it harder to go unbeaten. Or did this twit just mean that Liverpool are getting more competitive?

  3. But he was a Liverpool legend so he has to say some thing that can support the team but the reality is that it is not going to be easy for teams to break the record since EPL is becoming more competitive. For those who think it is easy we shall see.

  4. He summed everything up saying “The League is getting more Competitive”.
    Now am wondering ” How is it Easy to archive 🤔 if the league is getting more tougher and tougher!.

    I think J. Carragher is confuse or something.

  5. Well he does tell the truth, man city and Liverpool were damn close to that unbeaten season. That’s 2 season in a row with only 1 loss.

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