Jamie O’Hara pinpoints the week that “Arsenal will bottle the title”

With a 5-point lead and 11 games remaining, I’m expected to think Arsenal will win the Premier League in 2022-23. Of course, Arteta and his team winning the league title will not be as simple as we fans may think.

There are still hurdles for them to get over before they stroll away with the league title on May 28th. According to Jamie O’Hara, Arsenal may have an easy time in their next six Premier League games, but they may struggle when they reach the stage where there are only five games remaining before the season concludes. It is at that point where the Gunners could see themselves dropping with games against Manchester City, Chelsea, and Newcastle lined up.

“You stay in touching distance with Arsenal; five points, three points; they’ve got to play each other. Man City need to beat Arsenal; that’s in six games’ time. After that, you’ve got five games left. O’Hara argues on TalkSport, “If Man City beat Arsenal, they’re in touching distance with five games to go. Who’s going to have the experience, who’s going to have the bottle? Man City have been there all before.

“There’s a lot of football still to play. They’ve still got to play Man City, and then after they play Man City, they’ve got to play Chelsea, who have pulled it together, then they’ve got to play Newcastle away.

“Alright, three huge games, where, in my opinion, Arsenal will bottle the title. That week there, 29th April to 6th May, that is when Arsenal are going to lose the league.

“Arsenal have lost both of their matches against Manchester City this season, 3-1 in the Premier League and 1-0 in the FA Cup, meaning the odds are stacked against them.”

Arsenal has this season defied all odds to be where they are. O’Hara’s points are justified; the three games he has mentioned will be tough, no doubt about it, but with what would be at stake, I don’t see Arsenal bottling the PL title race as easily as many claim they will.

Darren N

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  1. I fear he’s right
    We often get heavily beat at the Ethiad and Anfield
    So what’s the odd we win there when pressure is massive ?

    1. But what this “pundit” fails to recognise, is that city have failed under pressure in the CL since they started qualifying for it – liverpool have been failing under pressure in both the PL and the CL, while newcastle have never been under pressure, so who’s to say how they’ll perform as they press for a top four finish?

      All The Arsenal can do, is carry on getting the results, not worry about an ex spud players views and shut all these pundits up at the end of the season.

    2. Rubbish, this team has answered every question thrown at them, we lost to City through defensive errors, we had City time wasting and had more possession, and Liverpool is all over the place, ye of little faith. I am looking forward to this run-in. I am hoping the FA move our game against City closer to the end of the season, with their FA Cup run in. Imagine going to City and winning the title there. If any team can do we can, we did against Spurs twice, Man Utd, Liverpool, and Chelsea, why not complete the set and do it there

  2. Think o’ Hara is wetting the bed at the thought of Arsenal winning the title.The 3 games in question.Well on paper they look difficult.But Chelsea hitting form? Nah don’t h think so.We have them at home.Big difference.Next up ,the barcodes,if they play the way they did at the Emirates,their own crowd will soon be on their backs.So Will NOT be parking the bus this time.They are there for the taking.Lastly the oilers.They we’re very fortunate with our errors.I don’t expect a repeat.?plus we were without Partey AND Jesus.The pressure all on them.

  3. It’s a funny old game won on the pitch & not on paper.

    We can beat City, Pool & Chelsea & still loose the league. Every game is like a final for both City & Arsenal, luckily its been like this for Arsenal since the 2nd week of the season & the Team, Managers & Funs have been taking it as such so far.

    Who doesn’t love an underdog story

  4. Ironically the Citizens seems to be under more pressure, if you listen to Pep Guardiola mind games.

    He claims the beautiful actress from the movie pretty woman (Julia Roberts) never visited the Citizens but visited his neighbors instead and not even winning the champion league in succession will dampen his disappointment a total irrelevant statement at his press conference.

    But to make matters worst Haaland said after netting five goals in the champions league only the Legendary Frenchman (Henry) knows how to score plenty goals.

    The mind games could be going to a different level, as the minds here different voices

  5. I have never been confident we could carry this great form we are having until now. Hearing that clown say this has given me the belief we will do it. If we can win away to Palace which will be tough but we will go into the international break with an 8 point gap. Massive pressure on city to win all of their remaining games of the season alongside Champions league. Come in you gooners!!!

  6. Man you can smell the fear, terror and hate coming from idiots like ohara and neville. “Arsenal will bottle the title” is such a loser thing to say.

    Yes Arsenal can lose to the title to a superior team/squad (on paper) with vastly more experience while most of our young team have never been in a title fight before. A coach in his 1st title fight in his 1st bloody job vs one of the greatest coach ever. The only way we bottle it is if we drop the lead in the last 2 matches after having come through that hellish 4 matches starting with city and ending with brighton.

    Terrified at the thought of a sleeping giant waking up aren’t they.

    1. The fear will grow even bigger when we beat Palce in the office.

      O’hara claims we will lose against the Citizens, Newcastle and Pool, but if you should ask him to put his money where is mouth is, he won’t guess he’s blinded by hate

  7. Hi AdPat

    I have tried several methods of posting and each time my efforts fail -whether I use my phone or my laptop. I re wrote one and that failed as well.

    There was nothing untoward

  8. I’m not expecting Arsenal to bottle it. There is a much stronger mindset this season than last and Jamie O’Hara only hopes we will but that is a different matter.

    That doesn’t mean that I think the league is ours, but our chances- based on the improvement in personnel and those who were in the team that lost out last year learning from their mistakes – I think our chances are much better.

    Reckoning that teams who have beaten us previously are going to do so again is defeatist. They may do, but until we play them then what’s the point of stressing? Do we assume that City are going to win all their games just because they thrashed Leipzig?

    I’m not being thoughtlessly optimistic as there are still too many variables, but I don’t think they will bottle it.

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